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Dave Alvin Ashgrove CD Pop/Rock 
Duane Andrews Raindrops CD Jazz 
Duane Andrews Crocus CD Jazz 
Dave Angel X-Mix-4 / Beyond The Heavens CD Electronic 
Darol Anger Heritage CD Folk 
Dr. M Balamuralikrishna Vocal CD World 
Daniel Blanchet Les Voiliers De L'espace CD New Age 
Daniel Blanchet Chemin De L' Ermite CD New Age 
Daniel Blanchet L' Harmonie Des Mondes CD New Age 
Diana And Whiteley, Chris Braithwaite Morning Sun CD Blues 
Doyle Bramhall Fitchburg Street CD Pop/Rock 
Dan Bryk Lover's Leap CD Pop/Rock 
Danny And Petrie, Robin Carnahan Cut and Run CD Rock 
Dave Clarke X CD Electronic 
Doug And Bhatt, Salil Cox Slide to Freedom CD Blues 
Doug And Hurrie, Sam Cox Hungry Ghosts CD Blues 
David Cross ShutUpYouFuckingBaby! CDx2 Comedy 
David Cross It's Not Funny CD Comedy 
David Cross Let America Laugh DVD Comedy 
D. Rangers The Paw CD Bluegrass 
D.e.w. East Meets Nick Brignola CD Jazz 
D.e.w. East Introducing D.E.W. East CD Jazz 
Daddy G [from Massive Attack] DJ CD Hip-Hop 
Daedelus Exquisite Corpse CD Hip-Hop 
Damon & Naomi Wondrous World Of… CD Pop/Rock 
Damon & Naomi More Sad Hits CD Pop/Rock 
Damon & Naomi Playback Singers CD Pop/Rock 
Damon & Naomi With Ghost CD Pop/Rock 
Damon Aaron Highlands CD Pop/Rock 
Dandi Wind Yolk Of The Golden Egg CD Pop/Rock 
Dandi Wind Bait The Traps [Enhanced CD] CD Pop/Rock 
Danger Mouse & Jemini Ghetto Pop Life CD Hip-Hop 
Danger Mouse & Jemini Twenty Six Inch EP CDEP Hip-Hop 
Das Damen High Anxiety CDEP Pop/Rock 
Das Ich Lava CD Industrial 
Dd/mm/yyyy Are They Masks? CD Rock 
Dd/mm/yyyy Blue Screen Of Death CD Rock 
Donna De Lory Lover and The Beloved CD Ambient 
Dead Poets Society The Electric Haze CD Electronic  (Portland , United States)
Deaf Heights Cajun Aces Les Flammes D'Enfer CD World 
Death Cab For Cutie Something About Airplanes CDx2 Alternative 
Death Vessel Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us LP Rock 
Death Vessel Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us CD Rock 
Decoded Feedback Evolution CD Industrial 
Decoded Feedback Mechanical Horizon CD Industrial 
Decoded Feedback Technophoby CD Industrial 
Decoded Feedback Bio-Vital CD Industrial 
Decree Moment Of Silence CD Industrial 
Delhi 2 Dublin Delhi 2 Dublin CD World 
Damien Dempsey The Rocky Road [Covers of the Pogues and Christy M CD Rock 
Depth Charge Electro Boogie Volume 3: Shape Generator CD Electronic 
Derelicts Don't Wanna Live CD Pop/Rock 
Dena Derose Live At Jazz Standard Volume Two CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
Desaparecidos Read Music CD Pop/Rock 
Desert Dwellers Down Temple Dub: Flames CD Ambient 
Desert Dwellers DownTemple Dub: Waves CD Ambient 
Desert Dwellers Gypsy Trails CD Ambient 
Deva Premal And Miten More Than Music CD Ambient 
Devil In A Woodpile In Your Lonesome Town CD Blues / R&B 
Dianno [from Iron Maiden] Live In London DVD Music DVD 
Diary Of Dreams Nigredo CD Industrial 
Diary Of Dreams Mensch Feind CDEP Industrial 
Die Form Inhuman CD Industrial 
Die Form AKT (Best Of The Side Projects) CD Industrial 
Die Form Histories CDx2 Industrial 
Die Form Archives & Documents III CDx2 Industrial 
Dierdre [from Ekova] One CD Pop/Rock 
Din Fiv Escape To Reality CD Industrial 
Din-st Yamu D'din CD Electronic 
Diplo Florida CD Electronic 
Direction Est CD Francophone: Rock 
Dismantled Postnuclear CD Industrial 
Dismantled Breed To Death EP CDEP Industrial 
Ditch Half-Snapped? CD Alternative  (Toronto, Canada)
Ditch The Sounds of Liverpigs Dancing CD Alternative  (Toronto, Canada)
Divinity Burst Tranced CD Pop/Rock  (Ottawa, Canada)
Divo This Iz Bizness CD Hip-Hop 
Dj Cam DJ CD Electronic 
DJ Food DUB PLATE OF FOOD VOL. 2 CD Electronic  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Food with DK - Solid Steel Presents ”Now Listen!” CD Electronic  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Food Refried Food [Reissue with Extra Cd] CDx2 Electronic  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Food RECIPE FOR DISASTER CD Electronic  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Food Kaleidoscope CD Electronic  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Food Refried Food CD Electronic  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Food QUADRAPLEX E.P. CD Electronic  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Food JAZZ BRAKES VOL. 4 CD Electronic  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Food JAZZ BRAKES VOL. 5 CD Electronic  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Food RECIPE FOR DISASTER CD Electronic  (London, United Kingdom)
Dj Hell / Various Artists X CD Electronic 
Dj Jazzy Jeff The Magnificent CD Hip-Hop 
Dj Jazzy Jeff Hip Hop Forever II CD Hip-Hop 
Dj Leigh Wood / Various Artists Mantras In Motion CD Electronic 
Dj Marky Influences CDx2 Electronic 
Dj Me Dj You Simplemachinerock CDEP Electronic 
Dj Muggs Vs. Planet Asia Pain Language CD Hip Hop 
Dj Serious Dim Sum CD Hip-Hop 
Dj Signify W Sage Francis & Buck 65 Sleep No More CD Hip-Hop 
Dj Spinna Here To There CD Hip-Hop 
DJ Vadim YOUR REVOLUTION CD Hip-Hop  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Vadim Children Of Possibility CD Hip-Hop  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Vadim Ussr Reconstruction CD Hip-Hop  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Vadim Ussr Repertoire CD Hip-Hop  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Vadim CONQUEST OF THE IRRATIONAL CD Hip-Hop  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Vadim U.S.S.R. Life From The Other Side CD Hip-Hop  (London, United Kingdom)
DJ Vadim U.S.S.R. - ART OF LISTENING CD Hip-Hop  (London, United Kingdom)
Dl Incognito Life's A Collection of Experiences CD Hip-Hop 
Dl Incognito Organic Music For A Digital World CD Hip-Hop 
Dobacaracol Soley CD Francophone: Rock 
Dobacaracol Le Calme-Son CD Francophone: Rock 
Dobie The Sound of One Hand Clapping - Version 2.5 CD Jazz/Blues/R&B  (London, United Kingdom)
Dollar Store Dollar Store CD Pop/Rock 
Dolorean Violence In The Snowy Fields CD Pop/Rock 
Dolorean Not Exotic CD Pop/Rock 
Dave Dondero South Of The South CD Rock 
Dave Douglas The Tiny Bell Trio CD Jazz 
Drums & Tuba Mostly Ape CD Rock 
Drums & Tuba Vinyl Killer CD Rock 
Drunk In Public Tapped Out CD Punk 
Dsp (dynamic Syncopation Productions) In The Red CD Hip-Hop 
Dublab Presents Freeways CD Electronic 
Duguay / Robidoux Nova CD New Age 
Duo Los Compadres Llegaron Los Compadres CD World: Latin 
Duotang Smash The Ships And Raise The Beams CD Alternative  (Winnipeg, Canada)
Duotang Bright Side, The CD Alternative  (Winnipeg, Canada)
Duotang Cons And The Pros, The CD Alternative  (Winnipeg, Canada)
Dwarves Blood Guts & Pussy CD Pop/Rock 
Dynamic Syncopation Dynamism CD Hip-Hop 
Dynamite Boy Somewhere In America CD Punk 
Dynamite Boy Finders Keepers CD Punk 
Dysart And Dundonald Pipe Band Live In Concert CD Piping 
Dino Felipe I'm You CD Electronic 
Dobie Gray Drift Away And Other Classics CD Adult Contemporary 
David Jacobs-strain Stuck On the Way Back CD Blues 
David Jacobs-strain Ocean or a Teardrop CD Blues 
Damien Jurado Waters Ave E CD Pop/Rock 
Damien Jurado Ghost Of David CD Pop/Rock 
Damien & Gathered Jurado I Break Chairs CD Pop/Rock 
David And Murley,mike Liebman Day and Night CD Jazz 
Dr Angus Macdonald A' Sireadh Spors CD Celtic 
Dean Magraw Seventh One CD Folk 
Dean Magraw Broken Silence CD Folk 
Dan Mangan Postcards & Daydreaming CD Rock 
Dean Mcneill Prairie Fire: Large Jazz Ensemble CD Jazz 
Danny Michel In The Belly of A Whale CD Pop/Rock  (Ottawa, Canada)
Danny Michel Clear CD Pop/Rock  (Ottawa, Canada)
Danny Michel Fibsville CD Pop/Rock  (Ottawa, Canada)
Davis Mitchell Country Road CD First Nations 
Daniel Martin Moore Stray Age CD Rock 
Dave Moore Over My Shoulder CD Folk 
Dave Moore Jukejoints and Cantinas CD Folk 
Dave Moore Breaking Down To Three CD Folk 
Donnie Munro An Turas - The Journey CD World: Scotland 
David Nighteagle Torn From The Heart: The Journey CD First Nations 
Deva Premal Dakshina CD Ambient 
Deva Premal Sings the Moola Mantra CD Ambient 
Deva Premal Embrace CD Ambient 
Deva Premal Love is Space CD Ambient 
Deva Premal The Essence CD Ambient 
Don Pyle + Andrew Zealley The Law Of Enclosures CD Electronic 
Dave Renter Everywhere I Go CD Jazz 
David Rogers The Chase CD Folk 
Dexter Romweber Blues That Defy My Soul CD Pop/Rock 
Dani Siciliano Likes… CD Electronic 
Danny Soundtrack - Original - Elfman Hellboy II: The Golden Army CD Soundtracks 
Dave Soundtrack - Tv - Grusin The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. CD Soundtracks 
David Thompson Little Dave and Big Love CD Blues / R&B 
Dan And Lee, Frankie Treanor African Wind CD Blues 
Delphine Tsinajinnie Mother's Word CD First Nations 
Dylan Van Der Schyff The Definition of a Toy SACD Jazz 
Daniel Wang Idealism CD Electronic 
David S. Ware Quartet Alive In The World CDx3 Jazz/Blues/R&B 
Delroy Washington Rasta CD Reggae 
David Wilcox Airstream CD Rock 
Denny Zeitlin Slickrock CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 

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