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Hasil Adkins What the Hell Was I Thinking CD Blues / R&B 
Hans And Douglas Dave Bennink Serpentine CD Jazz 
Harold Brian Eno Daniel Lanois Budd Pearl, The CD Electronic 
Harold Budd Pavilion Of Dreams CD Electronic 
Holger / Jah Wobble / Jaki Leibezeit Czukay Full Circle CD Pop/Rock 
Hovia Edwards Morning Star CD First Nations 
Hugo Fleury Soudure Mexicaine CD Francophone: Rock 
Habanasax Ultrasonido CD World: Latin 
Hamell On Trial Tough Love CD Rock 
Hamell On Trial Songs For Parents Who Enjoy Drugs CD Rock 
Hangar 18 The Multi CD Hip-Hop 
Hanzel Und Gretyl Scheissmessiah! CD Industrial 
Hardfloor X CD Electronic 
Hardship Post Somebody Spoke CD Pop/Rock 
Harmonic 33 Music For TV/Film And Radio Vol. 1 CD Electronic 
Harmonica Shah Tell It to Your Landlord CD Blues 
Harmonica Shah Listen At Me Good CD Blues 
Hassenpfeffer Songs Of Convenience CD Pop/Rock 
Hatfield & The North Hatfield & The North CD Pop/Rock 
Hatfield & The North Rotters Club CD Pop/Rock 
Haujobb Matrix CDx2 Industrial 
Hazel Are You Going To Eat That? CD Pop/Rock 
Hazel Toreador Of Love CD Pop/Rock 
Heartless Bastards Stairs And Elevators CD Pop/Rock 
Hearts Of Darknesses Music For Drunk Driving CD Electronic 
Heaven 17 Penthouse And Pavement CD Pop/Rock 
Heavy Meadows Heavy Meadows CD Pop/Rock 
Hellacopters Payin' Dues CD Pop/Rock 
Hennessey Dig It Up CD Pop/Rock  (Ottawa, Canada)
Hennessey Life On AM Radio CD Pop/Rock  (Ottawa, Canada)
Henri Faberg㉠& The Adorables Henri FabergĂ© & The Adorables CD Rock 
Herbaliser With Latryx 8 POINT AGENDA CD Hip-Hop 
Herbaliser. The Solid Steel Presents Herbal Blend CD Electronic 
Herbert Around The House CD Electronic 
Herbert Bodily Functions CD Electronic 
Heritage Tell Tae Me CD Celtic 
Heroic Doses Heroic Doses CD Pop/Rock 
Hexes & Ohs Bedroom Madness CD Electronic 
Hexes & Ohs Goodbye Friend Welcome Lover [with Bonus Sampler D CDx2 Electronic 
Hexstatic MASTER VIEW CD+DVD Electronic 
Hexstatic Solid Steel Presents ""Listen & Learn"" CD Electronic 
Hexstatic Rewind (2cd) CD Electronic 
Hidden Cameras. The Mississauga Goddam CD Pop/Rock 
High Noon Have Drum CD First Nations 
High Noon Songs for our People CD First Nations 
High Noon The Way It All Began CD First Nations 
Hint Portacabin Fever CD Electronic 
Hocico Wrack And Ruin CD Industrial 
Hocico A Traves De Mundos Que Arden DVD Industrial 
Hole Pretty On The Inside CD Pop/Rock 
Hole Ask For It CD Pop/Rock 
Holopaw Holopaw CD Pop/Rock 
Holy Fuck Holy Fuck CD Rock 
Home Video Dusty CD Electronic 
Home Video Citizen CDEP Electronic 
Honeymoon Suite 13 Live CD Pop/Rock 
Hood Outside Closer CD Pop/Rock 
Hood The Lost You CDEP Pop/Rock 
Hospital Bombers Footnotes CD Rock 
Hot Hot Heat Knock Knock Knock CDEP Pop/Rock 
Hothouse Flowers Into Your Heart CD Pop/Rock 
Huevos Rancheros Get Outta Dodge CD Pop/Rock 
Huevos Rancheros Dig In CD Pop/Rock 
Huevos Rancheros Muerte Del Toro CD Pop/Rock 
Human Feel Speak to It CD Jazz 
Hutchinson Andrew Trio Lost But Not Forgotten CD Jazz 
Hymie's Basement Hymie's Basement CD Hip-Hop 
Hilmar Jensson Tyft CD Jazz 
Hilmar Jensson Ditty Blei SACD Jazz 
Harrison Kennedy High Country Blues CD Blues 
Harry And Breit, Kevin Manx Jubilee CD Blues 
Harry Soundtrack - Original - Gregson-williams Sherk Forever After CD Soundtrack 
Hans Soundtrack - Original - Zimmer Frost / Nixon CD Soundtracks 
Hong Ting Chinese Traditional Zheng Music CD World 

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