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Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me - Read it

• Music Movie •
20 Feet From Stardom - Read it

• Sci-Fi Movie •
Avatar - Read it

• Alternative Music •
Everclear - In A Different Light Read it

• CD Music •
The Bushpilots - Seven Ways To Broadway Read it

• Live Music •
Craig Cardiff, Matthew Barber, Julie Fader - Live at Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield Quebec Read it

• Drama Movie •
Capote - Read it

• Drama Movie •
Brokeback Mountain - Read it

• Drama Movie •
Syriana - Read it

• Live Music •
Jim Bryson, Justin Rutledge - Live at the Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield QC Read it

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(Author:Alex Mortimer, Author / Musician) Slo' Tom - Liquor's My Lover Upright Records 11/26/1999 View
(Author:Alison Kerry) Sam Roberts - Sam Roberts - Le Spectrum, Montreal 9/16/2003 View
(Author:Golden McDonald) Golden Seals, The - Storybook Endings Independent 6/1/2001 View
(Author:Gordon McDonald) Coal - Beautiful Afterburn 1/1/2002 View
(Author:Gordon McDonald) Jerry Granelli - Music Has Its Way With Me Perimeter 6/23/2001 View
(Author:Gordon McDonald) Resin Scraper - Heard Mentality Birdman 6/23/2001 View
(Author:Gordon McDonald) Various Artists - Changed: Tribute to Change of Heart 6/23/2001 View
(Author:Gruntar (Contributing Alien)) Fountains of Wayne - Utopia Parkway WEA/Atlantic 6/6/1999 View
(Author:Jason Brown (Professional Snowboarder)) Superchunk - Come Pick Me Up Merge 8/10/1999 View
(Author:John Cormier) Edwards, Kathleen - Failer 6/19/2002 View
(Author:Madeleine Giguere) The Pixies - Robert Guertin Arena, Gatineau Hull Ottawa Canada 11/28/2004 View
(Author:Mike "Spike" "Lawless" Lawson) Mike O'Neill - What Happens Now Perimeter 1/1/2000 View
(Author:Mike "Spikey" Lawson) Joel Plaskett - In Need of Medical Attention No Alternative View
(Author:Mike Lawson) American Football - American Football Polyvinyl 8/22/2000 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Elf Power - the winter is coming Sugar Free/Elephant Six 9/1/2000 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Giant Sand - Chore of Enchantment Thrill Jockey 12/31/1999 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Gifted Children - Chinese Food Takeover Independent 3/17/2001 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Jets to Brazil - four cornered night Jade Tree 9/1/2000 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Katie B. - Christmas Day Jaminrain Records 12/10/2000 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) New Pornographers, The - Mass Romantic Blue Curtain / Mint 11/7/2000 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Paw - Home is a Strange Place Koch Records 8/22/2000 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Pedro the Lion - Winners Never Quit Jade Tree 3/1/2000 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Recoilers, The - For Decoration Only Kelp 3/1/2001 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Rhume - Snack of Choice Kelp 2/1/2000 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Vai, Steve - The 7th Son Sony/Epic 11/7/2000 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Weakerthans, The - Left and Leaving G-7 Welcoming Committee 7/25/2000 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Weezer - Weezer (2001, the green album) Geffen 3/1/2001 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Who, The - Who's Next Decca/MCA/Universal 3/1/1971 View
(Author:Mike Lawson) Yo La Tengo - And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out Matador 2/22/2000 View
(Author:Mike Lawson (TuneVault Staff)) Apples in Stereo, The - Tone Soul Evolution Spin Art 2/10/1998 View
(Author:Mike Lawson (TuneVault Staff)) Folk Implosion - One Part Lullaby Uni/Interscope 9/7/1999 View
(Author:Mike Lawson (TuneVault Staff)) Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea Merge/Touch & Go 5/5/1998 View
(Author:Mike Lawson ( Staff)) Archer Micro Space Patrol - 70 Hotel de Ville TuneVault 11/4/1998 View
(Author:Mike Lawson ( Staff)) Doiron, Julie and the Wooden Stars - (Self-titled) Sappy 11/1/1999 View
(Author:Mike Lawson ( Staff)) East River Pipe - The Gasoline Age Merge / Touch and Go 9/9/1999 View
(Author:Mike Lawson ( Staff)) Johnny Vegas - 22 Favourites Independent 11/19/1999 View
(Author:Mike Lawson ( Staff)) Magnetic Fields, The - 69 Love Songs Volume 3 Merge 6/6/1999 View
(Author:Mike Lawson ( Staff)) Music Tapes - 1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad Merge / Touch & Go 7/6/1999 View
(Author:Mike Lawson ( Staff)) Sea and Cake, The - The Fawn Thrill Jockey 3/25/1997 View
(Author:Omer Humayun (Contributing reviewer)) Ritenour, Lee - This Is Love Verve 6/6/1997 View
(Author:Omer Humayun [ ]) King, BB & Clapton, Eric - Riding With The King Reprise 4/1/2000 View
(Author:Stephen Donnelly) Bullfrog - CD EP Number 2 VSP 3/1/2001 View
(Author:Stephen Donnelly) Paul Anka - Rock Swings Universal 6/1/2005 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly) Eggleston, Eric and the Flavour Vendors - Passin' Through Independent 11/1/2001 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly) Idol, Billy - Devil's Playground 6/20/2005 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly) Michel, Danny - Fibsville 12/1/1999 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly) Northern Pikes - Truest Inspiration Independent 1/1/2001 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly) Scratching Post - This Time It's Personal Outside 8/30/2000 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly (TuneVault Staff)) Hole - Celebrity Skin DGC/Geffen 9/8/1998 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly (TuneVault Staff)) Mould, Bob - The Last Dog And Pony Show Ryko/Granary 6/6/1998 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly (TuneVault Staff)) Sloan - Between The Bridges Murder 9/23/1999 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly (TuneVault Staff)) Superdrag - Regretfully Yours Elektra 4/1/1996 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly ( Staff)) Blinker the Star - Below The Sliding Doors Uni/Dream Works Records 9/7/1999 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly ( Staff)) King Kung - Smashin' Glass/Breakin' Hearts Independent, distributed by Sonic Unyon 8/1/1999 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly [ staff ]) Ji'Beenaroc - Gravitational Pull Will Conquer The World... Independent 11/1/2000 View
(Author:Stephen K. Donnelly [ staff ]) Stand GT, The - Good On The River Slag-O-Matic Records 12/1/2000 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Big Newton - The Universe Is Falling 12/15/2001 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Blink 182, New Found Glory, Sum 41 - Edgefest II Ottawa 8/26/2001 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Burdocks & Geoff Berner - Live @ Zaphod's Ottawa 3/24/2003 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Burst - Return to Vino Island The Vault 9/1/1999 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Clash, The - Live @ Civic Centre, Ottawa, ON 5/3/1984 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Craig Cardiff, Matthew Barber, Julie Fader - Live at Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield Quebec 4/7/2007 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Everclear - Songs From An American Movie Vol. 1 Capitol 6/1/2000 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Everclear - In A Different Light 10/16/2009 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Furnaceface - Clobbering Time (15 Furnaceface Favourites...) Upright 3/1/2000 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Gloff, Jeremy - Spin Girl Spin Independent 6/1/2000 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Graves, Christine - Stray Independent 10/1/2001 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Hall, Janice - Collector's Item Leep 12/15/2001 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Hobbs, Greg - Drake Motel Independent 2/1/2001 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Jane Siberry - Live at Bronson Centre, Ottawa, ON Canada 12/9/2005 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Jim Bryson, Justin Rutledge - Live at the Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield QC 12/17/2005 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Joe "Shithead" Keithley - Beat Trash Sudden Death 1/1/2000 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Kathleen Edwards, Sam Roberts and Many More... - Canadian Tulip Festival 2003 5/19/2003 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Kid Koala, Lederhosen Lucil, Mark Robertson - Short Attention Span Theatre Ninja Tune 10/8/2003 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Lou Barlow, Flecton Bigsky, Soft Disasters - 10/4/2005 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Lubrant, Keith - Face In The Crowd Independent 5/1/2001 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Luke Doucet - Broken (& other rogue states) Six Shooter 10/9/2005 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Melissa Auf Der Maur & Blinker The Star - Babylon Club, Ottawa 10/28/2003 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Merlin - Merlin's Milkbar Stereo MCA/Universal 9/25/2001 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Michel, Danny - In The Belly of a Whale Independent 8/1/2001 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Mike McDonald Band - Is This Thing On? Independent 4/1/2000 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Mumbleweed - EP Independent 1/2/2001 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Not By Choice, Kazzer, Live On Release - Live @ Babylon Club, Ottawa Canada 5/10/2003 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) OK GO - Self-Titled Capitol 9/17/2002 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Peter Gabriel - Growing Up Live Tour 11/28/2002 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) R.E.M. - Air Canada Centre, Toronto Canada 9/30/2003 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Raking In The Pinecones - The Summer That Never Arrived Fly Records 6/1/2000 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Shooting Rubys - Mood Swings and Cravings 12/15/2001 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Sloan - Pretty Together Murderecords 10/16/2001 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Steven Dall - Low Scan Effects 12/15/2002 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Sum 41, Swollen Members, Gob - Molson Canadian House Party 2003, Ottawa 9/30/2003 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Sweater Girls, The - Jingle Lingo Bucolic 12/25/1999 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) The Bushpilots - Seven Ways To Broadway 10/1/2009 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) The Empiricals - Empiricals Live @ The Manx & Irene's, Ottawa 1/26/2003 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) The Pogues - Live at Roseland Ballroom, New York NY USA 3/15/2007 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) The Weekend - Beatbox My Heartbeat 2/10/2005 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers) & Carolyn Mark - Live taping for CBC Radio Fuse CBC 11/29/2005 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) U2 - Live / Corel Centre / Ottawa Canada Island 11/26/2005 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Vincent, Andrew - To Thine Kelp 6/6/1999 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Vincent, Andrew - After-School Special Kelp 10/1/2000 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly) Wilco & Neko Case - Live @ Metropolis, Montreal QC Nonesuch 6/29/2003 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly ( Staff)) Avril Lavigne - Live at the Corel Centre, Ottawa, ON Canada RCA 7/14/2005 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly ( Staff)) Blu Rum 13 - The Previouslee Unreleased Recordings Of... Independent 4/1/2000 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly ( Staff)) Foo Fighters - In Your Honor RCA 6/20/2005 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly ( Staff)) Mumbleweed - The Process of Weeding Out Independent 5/1/2000 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly ( Staff)) Piggins, Alun - Balladesque Moldy Floor 1/1/2000 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly ( Staff)) Shyne Factory - Lava No Records 10/1/1999 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly ( Staff)) Treebeard - The Effect Is The Key Independent 8/1/1998 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly ( Staff)) Treebeard - Someone Lost the Map of France Independent 12/1/2001 View
(Author:Steve Donnelly ( Staff)) Various Artists - Jesus' Son (Original Soundtrack) Mammoth 6/27/2000 View
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