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Mission Statement | More Information strives to empower and connect independent musicians and fans.

Musicians are empowered by:
- free web pages: create a free online presence including biography, discography, calendar, and photo
- free international distribution: sell products online with no setup charge or maintenance fees
- online ticket sales: sell e-tickets to shows at absolutely no cost
- stolen instrument database

Musicians and fans alike are connected via:
- free artist web pages and calendars which fans and friends can view
- free message boards where they can post questions and chat with other artists

Fans are empowered by being able to:
- find information on independent artists
- contact the artist directly via their page
- find music they like based on bands with similar influences, instruments etc.
- buy difficult-to-find products from independent and interesting artists and labels
- buy e-tickets for concerts with low surcharges
- post and read messages, reviews, articles etc.

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