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Recent Additions
Type Brand Model Color Location View
Guitar Goodall Brazilan Rosewood Grand Concert Cutaway Spruce top, Rosewood back/side Chatsworth, United States Details
Guitar Sigma/martin Sigma SDR-28H Korea Acoustic Natural with red patina Covington, United States Details
Woodwind Yamaha YAS 62 SILVER Chicago, United States Details
Other marshall 1959SLP Black Fremont, United States Details
Woodwind Selmer Series Iii Soprano Sax Brass San Jose, United States Details

Recently Recovered
Type Brand Model Color Location View
Woodwind Selmer AS500 Alto Sax Gold/Brass Chesapeake Beach, United States Details
Computer / digital Clone PC Grey Ottawa, Canada Details
Guitar Fender Stratocaster Tobacco sunburst Ottawa, Canada Details
Stats and Facts

Cities with most reported items:

San Francisco, United States : 6
Van Nuys, United States : 4
Henrico County, United States : 4
Ottawa, Canada : 4
Chicago, United States : 3
Fitchburg, United States : 3

Most popular brands:

Gibson : 14
Fender : 7
Martin : 6
Laney guitar Amplifier : 4
Yamaha : 3
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