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Label - Bloodshot
Bobby Bare Jr From The End Of Your Leash CD Pop/Rock 
Scott H. Biram The Dirty Old One Man Band CD Pop/Rock 
Devil In A Woodpile In Your Lonesome Town CD Blues / R&B 
Rex Hobart And The Misery Boys Empty House CD Country 
Jon Langford All The Fame Of Lofty Deeds CD Pop/Rock 
The Meat Purveyors Pain By Numbers CD Pop/Rock 
Nora O'connor Til The Dawn CD Pop/Rock 
Graham Parker Your Country CD Pop/Rock 
Jon Rauhouse Steel Guitar Rodeo Feat. Tommy Connell CD Country 
The Sadies PURE DIAMOND GOLD CD Rock - Roots/Country  (Toronto, Canada)
The Sadies PRECIOUS MOMENTS CD Rock - Roots/Country  (Toronto, Canada)
Split Lip Rayfield Should Have Seen It Coming CD Pop/Rock 
Various Artists Hard CD Pop/Rock  (Various, United States)

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