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Label - Cellar Live
Coat Trio Cooke Up Down Down Up CD Jazz 
James Group Danderfer Run With It CD Jazz 
Mike Quartet Featuring Harold Mabern Dirubbo New York Accent: Live at the Kitano CD Jazz 
Jane Fair Chances Are CD Jazz 
Fraser Macpherson Trio Live at Puccini's 1977 CD Jazz 
Oliver And Coon, Bill Gannon Two Much Guitar CD Jazz 
Oliver Quartet Gannon That's What CD Jazz 
Linton Trio Garner Quiet Nights CD Jazz 
Joel Trio Haynes Transitions (with Seamus Blake) CD Jazz 
Joel Trio Haynes The Time Is Now CD Jazz 
Ian Hendrickson-smith Blues in the Basement CD Jazz 
Bruno Hubert Trio Live @ The Cellar CD Jazz 
Bruno Trio And The B3 Kings Hubert A Cellar Live Christmas CD Holiday 
Brian Quartet Lynch Fuchsia CD Jazz 
Chad Quartet Makela Flicker CD Jazz 
Jeremy Manasia Witchery CD Jazz 
Dean Mcneill Prairie Fire: Large Jazz Ensemble CD Jazz 
Miles Black Trio Some Enchanted Evening CD Jazz 
Sharon Quintet Minemoto Side A CD Jazz 
Muhledy Muhledy CD Jazz 
Night Crawlers Presenting CD Jazz 
Pj / Ryga, Campbell Quintet Perry Joined at the Hip CD Jazz 
Jodi Proznick Foundations CD Jazz 
Rabnett 5 Dan's Party CD Jazz 
Mike Rud Live From Lotusland CD Jazz 
Jennifer Quartet Scott Live at the Cellar CD Jazz 
Fred Jazz Orchestra Stride Forward Motion CD Jazz 
Chris Tarry Sorry To Be Strange CD Jazz 
Chris Tarry Almost Certainly Dreaming CD Jazz 
Amanda Tosoff Quartet Wait And See CD Jazz 
Ugetsu Live at the Cellar CD Jazz 
The Uptown Quintet Live In New York CD Jazz 
Various Artists Cellar Live: The First Five Years CDx2 Pop/Rock  (Various, United States)
Tilden Trio With Fathead Newman Webb Cellar Groove CD Jazz 
Zapato Negro Zapato Negro CD Latin 

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