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Danny Michel: In The Belly of A Whale Image
Genre / musical style: Pop/Rock
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Danny Michel (Artist)
In The Belly of A Whale (CD)

Producer: Danny Michel

Musical Style Pop/Rock
Influences Bowie, Elvis Costello, The Rheostatics, The Skydiggers

Item Description
Plastic jewel case, color booklet, 14 tracks

1. Newton’s apple
2. In the belly of a whale MP3
3. I don’t wanna hear it
4. We’re gonna be alright
5. Toledo
6. Bones
7. Beautiful nothing
8. Snowglobe
9. Down with the ship
10. Myself & I
11. King of fools
12. Jonathan gull
13. Fireworks
14. Elgin Avenue (2001)

Liner Notes, Credits, Other Details
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Danny Michel at home & at CBC studio 211 Toronto, ON. Mastered by Ron Skinner at CBC studio 211 Toronto, ON. Musicians: Danny Michel, Rob Carli, Glenn Milchem, Alexandra Slate, Andy Stochansky, Lindy Vopnfjord Josh Hicks, Bridget Hunt, Luke Doucet, Roberta Janzen, Maury Lafoy, Ian Lefeuvre, Angelique Toews, Dave Willms, Peter Von Althen.

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