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Everender: Ten Minute Monster Image
Genre / musical style: Pop/Rock
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Everender (Artist)
Ten Minute Monster (CD)

Producer: Everender and Jason Jaknunas

Musical Style Pop/Rock
Influences The Cranberries, Happy Mondays, Portishead?

Item Description
Plastic jewel case, full-color booklet.

1. Anxious
2. Before I Knock MP3
3. Purchase
4. Paris-Brest
5. Breathing
6. To: Hate
7. Sympathy and Respect

Liner Notes, Credits, Other Details
Engineered by Jason Jaknunas. Produced by Everender and Jason Jaknunas. Recorded at Raven Street Studios except drums on Purchase recorded at Stacks Pub & Grill, Ottawa. All songs by Everender except: megaphone rant on Breathing gleaned from Bob Mannseichner's writings and lyrics for Before I Knock a Dylan Place/Genevieve Rochon collaboration. P and 1997 Jaknunas / Jaknunas / Jurgutis / McGrath / Rochon Music.

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Everender has rapidly developed into one of the best live bands in Capital City and this seven-song CD serves as a fine introduction to some of the band's better tunes. You'll find fine power pop stuff ("Anxious"), loud and intense rock ("Breathing") and some more contemplative material too ("Before I Knock"). Of course, one drawback to capturing a rapidly developing band on disc is that, as recent live shows have demonstrated, everender has already evolved beyond the constraints of this release. Certainly worth having, if only as a primer for the live experience -- Gerry Mulvagh, The Ottawa X-Press -February 12, 1998

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