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Genre / musical style: Jazz/Blues/R&B
Norwalk, Connecticut, United States
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Mike Ladd (Artist)
Negrophilia (CD)

Label: Thirsty Ear
Catalog #:00435
UPC: 700435715622

Musical Style Jazz/Blues/R&B
Influences Petrine Archer-Straw’s book, Negrophilia

Item Description
Plastic jewel case, color booklet

Liner Notes, Credits, Other Details
Mike Ladd is regarded as one of the urban world’s most creative and diverse entities. Inspired by Petrine Archer-Straw’s book, Negrophilia, Ladd has sculpted a truly entrancing recording. The word “Negrophilia” (taken literally,” the love of negroes”) was originally intended to insult, but later served to describe a movement that seemed to affect every aspect of life in Paris during the 20’s, from fashion and literature to art. Melding lyricism with sounds both natural and synthetic, this album puts the listener directly into this atmosphere of creative energy and adventurism. Ladd is joined by renowned drummer Guillermo E. Brown and pianist Vijay Iyer, who returns to work with Ladd on the heels of last years critically acclaimed In What Language? record. What emerges is an avant/jazz/hip-hop minded sound excursion melded to echo the ideas presented in Archer-Straw’s book about life in France during what we now call “The Jazz Age”. Much like a strange back alleyway, this record beckons you through thought provoking imagery and sonic textures to wonder what lies beyond the shadow and light.

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