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BROWSING BY LOCATION Unfortunately we do not have geographic information for all artists. Only artists with known locations are listed on this page.
Argentina - buenos aires julián murias Electronic 
  Krunai Grunge 
  Majesty Pop/Rock 
  Morfeo Pop 
Armenia - VooDoo City USA SHOCKOPERA Metal 
Australia - Brisbane The Front Porch Perverts Alternative 
Australia - Canberra Aseptin Metal 
Australia - Charlton Caillech Metal 
Australia - Hobart Argus Rock - Pop 
  DaCapo Alternative 
Australia - Melbourne Apell Electronic 
  BX748 Electronic 
  Elam Ambient 
Australia - Newtown KIRSCH Electronic 
Australia - Sydney Cha Cha Cohen Alternative 
  deciBELLE Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Highroad No. 28 Alternative 
  Huske Hip-Hop 
  The Zen Genies Alternative 
Austria - Vienna Suneral Punk / Hardcore 
Barbados - Bridgetown Young Dynasty Hip-Hop 
Barbados - US gangstarr Hip-Hop 
Belgium - Brugge Mark Van Overmeire World 
Brazil - Joao Pessoa Leo Noronha Electronic 
Bulgaria - Plovdiv Project Mission Techno/Dance 
Canada - almonte the hard times theory Pop/Rock 
Canada - Aylmer Anni Pop/Rock 
  Archer Micro Space Patrol Alternative 
  Merlin Alternative 
Canada - Bancroft Aetherius Electronic 
Canada - Belledune Bernard Taylor Alternative 
Canada - belleville Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin Rock 
Canada - Brantford YOUTHINASIA Punk / Hardcore 
Canada - Burlington Out of Options Punk / Hardcore 
  The Next Best Thing Ska/Reggae 
Canada - Calgary Chixdiggit! Punk 
  Misguided Acrobat Pop/Rock 
Canada - Cambridge Tugnut Punk / Hardcore 
Canada - Cannington Benjamin Nicholas Folk 
Canada - Cantley Steve Durand Alternative 
Canada - Chelsea ENDENSA Industrial 
Canada - Edmonton A-Jo Alternative 
  Bebop Cortez Hip-Hop 
  Captain Tractor Pop/Rock 
  Mike McDonald Band Rock - Roots/Country 
  Naomi Carmack Pop/Rock 
  Psyche Electronic 
Canada - Edmonton Alberta Jenae Pop/Rock 
Canada - Eganville Julie Larocque Ambient 
Canada - fassifern 52% Blind Punk / Hardcore 
Canada - Fergus Tara Rice Alternative 
Canada - Fitzroy Harbour Terry Tufts Folk 
Canada - Gatineau A Plot Against Me Pop/Rock 
  Outnumbered Punk / Hardcore 
Canada - Guelph The Constantines Alternative 
  Tim Tibbitts Pop/Rock 
Canada - Halifax Cellar Door Rock 
  the sycamores Alternative 
Canada - Hamilton MONDAY Alternative 
  Scott Orr Rock - Acoustic 
  The Infinite Machine Rock 
Canada - Kenora Hit and Run Punk / Hardcore 
Canada - Kentville Kevin Perkins Instrumental 
Canada - Kingston Betablokka Pop/Rock 
  self Delusion Electronic 
Canada - Kirkland Lake The Deefons Alternative 
Canada - Kitchener Casper Underground Hip-Hop 
Canada - LONDON 1000 Dead Rock Stars Alternative 
Canada - Meaford Metol Tek Pop 
Canada - Midland Scott Cooper Pop/Rock 
Canada - Mississauga Blake Punk / Hardcore 
  THE BASSTERDS Alternative 
Canada - Moncton The Amazing Catfish Alternative 
Canada - Montreal Geoff Lapp Trio Jazz 
  The New International Standards Pop/Rock 
  AGENDA The Rock Band Alternative 
  Arseniq33 Pop/Rock 
  Augury Metal 
  Beat in Fractions Experimental 
  Bullfrog Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Bullmoose Alternative 
  Deweare Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Diemusus_Infection Electronic 
  ELECTRONÈGRO Electronic 
  Et Sans Avant Rock 
  Flotilla Pop/Rock 
  FRANTIC Alternative 
  God:zero Metal 
  Hrsta Avant Rock 
  Kid Koala Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Lederhosen Lucil Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Maybe Next Year Rock - Pop 
  NAM:LIVE! Alternative 
  Paradise Rock 
  Potion 13 Metal 
  Rèdrock Pop/Rock 
  Rosebuddy Pop/Rock 
  SHOOTING RUBYS Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
Canada - Montreal, Vancouver and Oxford (UK) mark crozer Pop/Rock 
Canada - Moose Jaw Go Jeff!!! Punk 
Canada - Nepean Dmitry Berger Classical 
  The Grate Profets Pop/Rock 
Canada - Oakville Clear Voyage Jazz 
  Summerside Rock 
Canada - Orangeville Joe Mama Alternative 
Canada - Orillia Gordon Lightfoot Folk 
Canada - Orleans Murray Soehn Pop/Rock 
Canada - Ottawa Andrew & the Pirates Vincent Pop/Rock 
  Dynasty Pop/Rock 
  Sean Peever Rock - Acoustic 
  Susan O Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Acorn Alternative 
  The Grey Punk / Hardcore 
  The Setbacks Pop/Rock the Poets affirm Instrumental 
  30 Second Motion Picture Punk 
  Alabaster Jar Ambient 
  Alex Houghton Instrumental 
  Anastasia Filippova Pop 
  Andrew Vincent Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Belly Hip-Hop 
  Ben Cooper Rock - Acoustic 
  Big Jeezus Truck Pop/Rock 
  Big Meteor Rock - Acoustic 
  Big Newton Pop/Rock 
  Billy Boone Rock - Funk 
  Black Boot Trio Rock - Roots/Country 
  Blake Walters Pop/Rock 
  Brooklyn Punk / Hardcore 
  Butterflies & Zebras Experimental 
  Cappuccino Beatniks Pop/Rock 
  Chris Page Alternative 
  Christine Graves Folk 
  Circuit Pop/Rock 
  Daisy Ella Mojo Crew Pop/Rock 
  Dale Waterman Pop/Rock 
  Danny Michel Pop/Rock 
  Deamon Metal 
  Divinity Burst Pop/Rock 
  Dopamine Alternative 
  DoubleDown Rock - Acoustic 
  Dr. Squish Alternative 
  endgame Punk / Hardcore 
  Eric Eggleston Band Pop/Rock 
  Everender Pop/Rock 
  factor eight Alternative 
  Fiftymen Rock - Roots/Country 
  Forty Cent Fix Punk / Hardcore 
  Freudhammer Alternative 
  Furnaceface Alternative 
  Giant Squid March On Washington Alternative 
  Good 2 Go Alternative 
  GordonGartrell Pop/Rock 
  GoSquad! Ska/Reggae 
  Greenfield Main Country 
  Harrison Pop/Rock 
  Hennessey Pop/Rock 
  Ignition Pop/Rock 
  Janice Hall Pop/Rock 
  Ji'BeenaRoc Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Jim Bryson Folk 
  Jimmy George Celtic 
  Joe August Folk 
  John Allaire Alternative 
  Johnny Vegas Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Julie Perrault Folk 
  Kathleen Edwards Rock - Acoustic 
  Katie B. Pop/Rock 
  Katie Leigh Rock - Acoustic 
  Ken Workman Rock - Roots/Country 
  Kepler Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  King Kung Alternative 
  Kingston Fog Rock - Acoustic 
  Laguna Alternative 
  Megan Jerome Trio Folk 
  Meracus Rock 
  Mike Yates Pop/Rock 
  Mumbleweed Alternative 
  My Dad vs Yours Instrumental 
  Navy Blue Rock - Funk 
  Nectar Alternative 
  nero Instrumental 
  NeSsMaN Rock - Acoustic 
  nineteenseventyeight Alternative 
  Ninety Pounds of Ugly Country 
  Okara Punk / Hardcore 
  Outcry World 
  Paperjack Alternative 
  Phantom Shifters Punk 
  Picklecatz Rock - Roots/Country 
  Polaris! Surf 
  Psyris Alternative 
  Punchbuggy Alternative 
  quivertwist Instrumental 
  Raking In The Pinecones Experimental 
  Recoilers Alternative 
  Rhume Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Robert Jansen Pop/Rock 
  Sandmouth Alternative 
  Scratch Pop/Rock 
  Seppuku Experimental 
  SKYTONE Pop/Rock 
  Slo' Tom Country 
  Soul Harvest Pop/Rock 
  Stalemate Alternative 
  Steve Wildesmith Alternative 
  Stolen Kneecap Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Sugarbush Pop/Rock 
  Susan Beyer (a.k.a. Zuzu) Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Adopted Alternative 
  The Ak Project Rock 
  The A-Tease Pop/Rock 
  The Bible All-Stars Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Grackles Alternative 
  The Haunting Pop/Rock 
  The Josee Deschenes Group Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  The Kingmakers Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Lowbellies Rock - Acoustic 
  The MoonMovement Experimental 
  The Mother Parkas Alternative 
  The Mudpouts Pop/Rock 
  the patsies Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  The Prototype Pop/Rock 
  The Sawdogs Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Wellwishers Pop/Rock 
  The Woken Alternative 
  things fall apart Alternative 
  Thirteen Pop/Rock 
  Three Penny Opera Punk / Hardcore 
  Toque Pop/Rock 
  Transitaural Experimental 
  treebeard Alternative 
  Tweak Pop/Rock 
  twelve34 Pop/Rock 
  Understorey Pop/Rock 
  Various Artists - "Fine By Us" Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Various Artists - "I Am Shorter..." Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Various Artists - "Ottawa City Speedway" Alternative 
  Various Artists - "Plug" Alternative 
  Various Artists - "Tuberider" Surf 
  Various Artists - Never Been To Ottawa Alternative 
  Vasoline Dogs Alternative 
  Veronica Charnley Folk 
  Volga Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Werbo Alternative 
  Wooden Stars Indie 
Canada - Ottawa/Almonte The Transit Punk / Hardcore 
Canada - Ottawa/Montreal TOPSYTURVY Industrial 
Canada - Pembroke bluechannelfun Punk / Hardcore 
Canada - Peterborough Anderson Briefcase Rock - Acoustic 
  Hot Piss Metal 
Canada - Picton Jerry Foster Country 
Canada - Quebec Mathieu Soucy Instrumental 
Canada - Radway Janelle Spiritual & Gospel 
Canada - Red Deer Darwin’s Engine Pop/Rock 
Canada - Saint John Civilize Hip-Hop 
Canada - Sherbrooke Sledge Therapy Electronic 
Canada - St. Catharines Den Of Thieves Pop/Rock 
  MDM (Martyr Diabolos Martyr) Industrial 
  The Sweater Girls Alternative 
Canada - St. George Rose Reiter Pop/Rock 
Canada - St. John’s gearbox Pop/Rock 
Canada - St. Paul Randy Bruce Country 
Canada - St.Catharines Prez Hip-Hop 
Canada - Sudbury John Newlands Pop/Rock 
  Kate Maki Folk 
  Acousticah Alternative 
  Elephant Band Pop/Rock 
Canada - SURREY The Blue Voodoo Jazz/Blues/R&B 
Canada - Terence Bay Dave Carmichael Rock - Roots/Country 
Canada - Toronto Emm Gryner Pop/Rock 
  KARL MOHR Electronic 
  Karyn Ellis Pop 
  Lee Aaron Pop/Rock 
  Afflatus Rock - Funk 
  Alun Piggins Pop/Rock 
  Art I Miss Hip-Hop 
  BROOMFILLER Alternative 
  Burst Pop/Rock 
  Clayton Denwood Rock - Roots/Country 
  Cousins of the Moose Folk 
  CRUSH49 Pop/Rock 
  Dada Pogrom Electronic 
  Ditch Alternative 
  earrl Alternative 
  Ebony Run Alternative 
  Endless Blockade Hardcore 
  Final Fantasy Pop/Rock 
  Flashing Lights Pop/Rock 
  Greg Hobbs Rock - Acoustic 
  Hacksaw Punk / Hardcore 
  Harry Manx Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Hypnotix-2000 Electronic 
  In the Absence Punk / Hardcore 
  Jane Siberry Alternative 
  Kellylee Evans Jazz 
  Ken Dirschl Rock - Roots/Country 
  Latte D. Kyd Hip-Hop 
  Luke Vajsar Instrumental 
  Minefield Alternative 
  More Or Les Hip-Hop 
  Paintbox Pop/Rock 
  Paul Reddick and the Sidemen Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Penetrator Metal 
  Phleg Camp Punk 
  Random Order Ska/Reggae 
  Rita Chiarelli Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Rita Chiarelli Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Ron-21 Pop/Rock 
  Royal City Alternative 
  Royal Wood Pop/Rock 
  Shannon Weir Pop/Rock 
  Sleeper Set Sail Punk 
  Steaming Toolie Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Steven Dall Pop/Rock 
  The Hellz Kitchen Show Metal 
  The New Deal Electronic 
  The Sadies Rock - Roots/Country 
  the silk demise Electronic 
  The Weekend Pop/Rock 
  Thirty Three Pop/Rock 
  usra leedham Pop/Rock 
  Zak Peters Alternative 
Canada - Toronto/New York Simon Vallee Pop/Rock 
Canada - Truro Faith Rising Rock - Pop 
Canada - Vancouver Andre Chrys Rock - Roots/Country 
  Lane Price Spiritual & Gospel 
  Bend Sinister Pop/Rock 
  Coal Alternative 
  Danny Balkwill Pop/Rock 
  droom Alternative 
  DSK Pop/Rock 
  Go It Alone Hardcore 
  Maximillian Alternative 
  No Plan B. Entertainment R&B 
  Profusio Jazz 
  Q-Theory Electronic 
  Readymade Pop/Rock 
  Sally Snow Rock - Acoustic 
  SHINE Pop/Rock 
  Social Deviantz Hip Hop/Rap 
  Sons Of Freedom Pop/Rock 
  Sparkmarker Punk / Hardcore 
  Str8jackit Punk / Hardcore 
  The Dirt Rock - Roots/Country 
  The New Pornographers Pop/Rock 
  Tourist Rock 
Canada - Varies Ronin King Industrial 
Canada - Vernon Upbringing Pop/Rock 
Canada - Victoria Carolyn Mark Pop/Rock 
Canada - Waterloo Firefly Rock - Roots/Country 
Canada - waterloo-alliston wonderland The Raoul Santodomingo Experience Experimental 
Canada - Waterloo-Stratford-Alliston Chrome Hearts Alternative 
Canada - Windsor dropping poppies Alternative 
  Mark Hewer Alternative 
Canada - Wingham ShRooM JaW Alternative 
Canada - Winnipeg 9nyne Hip Hop/Rap 
  Anarkill Punk / Hardcore 
  b.u.m.p. Rock 
  Duotang Alternative 
  Tangent Project Pop/Rock 
  The Chocolate Bunnies from Hell Rock 
  The Jills Rock 
Canada - Yarmouth Jason Saulnier Project Pop/Rock 
Colombia - Bogota La Gamba Pop/Rock 
Croatia - Dubrovnik Ivana Marija Vidovic Classical 
Croatia - Pula Messerschmitt Rock 
Croatia - zagreb ivan kapec Jazz/Blues/R&B 
Cyprus - Aksstudio Kamuran Ebeoglu Instrumental 
Czech Republic - Tabor WAAWE Alternative 
Denmark - Copenhagen Sugarmoon Pop 
Denmark - Holstebro Attila Kovacs Alternative 
Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo Darkmiracle Alternative 
Ecuador - Quito Amigos De Lo Ajeno Punk / Hardcore 
  Sudakaya Ska/Reggae 
  Tanque Punk / Hardcore 
Egypt - Alexandria THRASHENIZER Metal 
Finland - Helsinki Dr. Drunkenstein Pop/Rock 
Finland - Seinäjoki Julia´s Window Alternative 
France - Montpellier CJM Cris Jo Mirale Pop/Rock 
France - Paris TTC Francophone: Hip Hop 
  Wajdi Cherif: Acoustic Tunisian Jazz World 
France - Saint Prix Benjamin Popp World 
Germany - Berlin Funkstörung Electronic 
  Fuzzy Love Lounge 
Germany - berlin fx10243 Electronic 
Germany - Berlin Pete Rock Hip-Hop 
Germany - Eckernfoerde Eschberg Industrial 
Germany - Frankfurt Eftos Industrial 
  Rapture Electronic 
Germany - Hamburg Girls Under Glass Alternative 
  Ohcy-êspé Electronic 
Germany - Karlsruhe Corporal Punishment Metal 
Germany - London / Berlin, UK Charlson Ximenes Pop/Rock 
Germany - Nürnberg MM & T Techno/Dance 
Germany - regensburg reisswolvf Industrial 
Germany - Woerth Urban Suburbs Pop/Rock 
Greece - alexandroupolis Ink(greece) Alternative 
  Psycharmonica Experimental 
Iceland - Reykjavík Thingtak Alternative 
Iceland - Westman Islands Trycorp Rock 
Ireland - Belfast Patrick Mckeown Rock - Acoustic 
Italy - ... Marco Esu Classical 
Italy - Catania Insout Jazz/Blues/R&B 
Italy - Modena Stop? Alternative 
Italy - Padova Jennifer Gentle Pop/Rock 
Italy - Siracusa/Roma Soul Basement R&B 
Netherlands - Amsterdam Carma Dance 
Netherlands - Haaksbergen Anti Ear Drum Techno/Dance 
New Zealand - Auckland Last Flight out Alternative 
New Zealand - Dunedin Jae Bedford Country 
Norway - Oslo POP GOES THE WORLD Pop/Rock 
Norway - Tromso Hangface Rock 
Norway - Vinstra & Ringebu Page 9 Jazz/Blues/R&B 
Pakistan - Peshawar Marauderz Electronic 
Poland - lodz L.stadt Alternative 
Poland - Wroclaw Skalpel Electronic 
Portugal - Almada Wintermoon Metal 
Portugal - Porto BedNoise Rock 
  Djzleite Electronic 
Portugal - Vila do Conde Defuze Metal 
Russian Federation - Khabarovsk [sistra] Alternative 
Russian Federation - Moscow Roman Matin Jazz 
Scotland - Bathgate Andrew J Anderson Rock - Pop 
Scotland - dunfermline Legion Electronic 
Scotland - Glasgow Sluts of Trust Pop/Rock 
Singapore - Singapore The Analog Girl Alternative 
South Africa - Johannesburg Brandon October Pop 
South Africa - Pretoria Ch2 Instrumental 
  Triangular Regression Pop/Rock 
South Africa - Stellenbosch, South Africa Dna Strings World 
Spain - Madrid Pablo Sciuto World 
  Prince Shaddy Hip Hop/Rap 
Spain - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Canary Islands The Mistake Alternative 
Spain - Valencia Sergio Cócera Pop 
Sweden - Göteborg Jens Lekman Pop/Rock 
Sweden - Linkoping Everybody Used To Call Me Joe Pop/Rock 
Sweden - Stockholm krajn Punk / Hardcore 
  Sheriff Electronic 
  The Tiny Alternative 
Sweden - sundsvall H E C T O R I T E Metal 
Sweden - Uppsala Dislife Pop/Rock 
Switzerland - GENEVA Reel Pop/Rock 
Switzerland - La Chaux-de-Fonds Bacalao Electronic 
Switzerland - Zurich Secondfunction Grunge 
Thailand - bangkok Stretchout Ambient 
Trinidad and Tobago - POS Tony Guppy Jazz 
Turkey - Izmir Ziggurat Experimental 
Ukraine - Kyiv Freeky Cleen Rock - Roots/Country 
United Kingdom - Ashington The Harrison Line Pop/Rock 
United Kingdom - Barnet North London The Ukrainian Rock 
United Kingdom - Belfast Catoan Alternative 
United Kingdom - birmingham Stu..m Electronic 
United Kingdom - Boone Thulcandra Project Alternative 
United Kingdom - Brighton Amon Tobin Electronic 
  Flevans Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Fuji Heavy Pop/Rock 
United Kingdom - Brighton, UK DJ MuzikAL Dance 
United Kingdom - CROYDON Frankynero Blues / R&B 
  Kitty Hudson Rock 
  Payback Rock - Funk 
  Wav Clah Rock - Funk 
United Kingdom - East Side Tino Attila Hip-Hop 
United Kingdom - Edinburgh Boards of Canada Electronic 
United Kingdom - Edinburgh,Scotland Othelio Electronic 
United Kingdom - England Cary Grace Pop/Rock 
United Kingdom - glasgow joe-f Alternative 
  The Coolective Rock - Funk 
United Kingdom - Liverpool Pete Moor Rock - Acoustic 
United Kingdom - Liverpool rebelfox Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
United Kingdom - London Billy Bragg Folk 
  Coldcut Electronic 
  Cultural Amnesia Electronic 
  Death by Visitation of God Alternative 
  DJ Danger Mouse Hip-Hop 
  DJ Food Electronic 
  DJ Vadim Hip-Hop 
  Dobie Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Keshco Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Magoo Alternative 
  Mark De Clive-Lowe Soul 
  Matias Electronic 
  Suckle Alternative 
  The Southern Electrics Alternative 
  Tom Fox Jazz/Blues/R&B 
United Kingdom - London, UK The Gonads Punk / Hardcore 
United Kingdom - LUTON DARRYL=REAL Hip-Hop 
United Kingdom - Manchester A Guy Called Gerald Electronic 
  Morgueazm Metal 
  pacific Alternative 
United Kingdom - Oxfordshire, UK Breaking Taboo Metal 
United Kingdom - Preston Kid Kutz Hip-Hop 
United Kingdom - Reading Louise Setara Pop 
  Team Punishment Electronic 
United Kingdom - Slough (near London, UK) Butterfly Island Pop/Rock 
United Kingdom - Southport Heifervescent Alternative 
United States - - Cursed Punk / Hardcore 
United States - Aberdeen Jessica Leigh Jazz/Blues/R&B 
United States - Aberdeen, South Dakota Nathan Payant Rock - Acoustic 
United States - Albany Rob Skane Pop/Rock 
United States - Alexandria Neko Case Country 
United States - Amarillo Subtle Kaos Rock 
United States - Amesbury Lone Wolf James Rock - Acoustic 
United States - Anacortes James and Betty Tartas Folk 
United States - Anchorage Dan Booth Bluegrass 
United States - Arlington Cr R&B 
United States - Asheville The Monkey Mind Alternative 
United States - Athens Rubberband Racecar Go Pop/Rock 
United States - Atlanta Atlantic Alternative 
  Bill Campbell Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Guadalcanal Diary Pop/Rock 
  Honey Brown R&B 
  Kchari Alternative 
  Kimberly Holloway R&B 
  Xaviera R&B 
United States - Augusta Lo Ki Hip-Hop 
  Technica Projections Electronic 
United States - Austin Cocaine Diamond Ring Pop/Rock 
  dj di2a2ter Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
United States - Baltimore Diamond K Hip-Hop 
United States - Baltimore Entrance (Guy Blakeslee) Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
United States - Barnard ENORMO Comedy 
United States - Baton Rouge Mr. Mysterious Hip-Hop 
  Mysterious Hip Hop/Rap 
United States - Battle Creek Killissimo Hip-Hop 
United States - Bellefontaine, OH As I Fail Punk / Hardcore 
United States - Bemidji Liquid Element Alternative 
United States - Berkeley NOFX Punk / Hardcore 
  Rancid Punk / Hardcore 
United States - Birdsboro Empty Space Industrial 
United States - Bloomington Daveski Blues / R&B 
  Reinquest Reciprical Electronic 
United States - Boston Hyptonic Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Los Diablos Folk 
  LYDIA Electronic 
  Rob Klamka Pop/Rock 
  Sarah Brindell Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  The Dysmal Pop/Rock 
  tinyHUGE Rock - Roots/Country 
United States - Boulder 3rd Degree Pop/Rock 
United States - Bronks NY Mckinney and Briand-d Hip-Hop 
United States - Bronx Freddie Young Pop/Rock 
  Natasia Pena Pop 
  Nicki Nova Spoken Word 
  Polanck Electronic 
United States - Brookfield, WI Sony Toaster Oven Alternative 
United States - Brooklyn Bethany Yarrow Alternative 
  Eddie Hazel Pop/Rock 
  GQ Hip-Hop 
  nailedgod Electronic 
  Respect (tha God) Hip-Hop 
  Supa Nova Slom Hip Hop/Rap 
  Synthetic Muse Electronic 
  Tanya Thillet Rock - Funk 
  Throcke Experimental 
United States - Brunswick Subversive Intentions Experimental 
United States - Buffalo Junior Varsity Flea Circus Pop/Rock 
United States - Buffalo Locked UP Hip-Hop 
United States - Buffalo Odiorne Alternative 
  Sudden Urge Pop/Rock 
United States - Cadillac Fresh Funky Fingaz Techno/Dance 
United States - Calabasas Steven Messenger Instrumental 
United States - Canton The Distance Fighters Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
United States - carbondale Richard J Baysinger Instrumental 
United States - Casa Grande Animals of Evolution Alternative 
United States - cerro gordo 1,000 P.s.i. Instrumental 
United States - Charlotte MadCash Records Hip-Hop 
United States - Chattanooga Uncle Lightnin Country 
United States - Chesapeake Billy Michael Davis Country 
United States - Chicago Alluring Eve Pop/Rock 
  Baby Southside Hip Hop/Rap 
  Beatnik Turtle Pop/Rock 
  Ben Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Benjamin Spiritual & Gospel 
  Bigg Jigg Hip Hop/Rap 
  Cmint Ft. Low "c" Hip Hop/Rap 
  EuroCloud9 Pop/Rock 
  Exstasis Electronic 
  KC Taylor Pop/Rock 
  KNOX Hip-Hop 
  Mysteriam Rock 
  Noisebird Electronic 
  Offwhyte Hip-Hop 
  Rayne Electronic 
  The Locals Pop/Rock 
  The Mwm Alternative 
  Trauma Hip-Hop 
  Wilco Alternative 
United States - Chickamauga Circle of Willis Pop/Rock 
United States - Chico The Pyrx Band Rock - Funk 
United States - CIncinnati Big Whiskey Rock - Acoustic 
  N/a - Ohio Rock 
United States - Cocoa Beach Vance Lee Country 
United States - College Park Velvet Pop/Rock 
United States - Columbia Known Hip-Hop 
United States - Columbus Only Flesh Metal 
  Pimp Daddy Welfare Hip-Hop 
  Sparrowhawk Electronic 
  The Bloody Irish Boys Punk / Hardcore 
United States - Dallas Pherigo Pop/Rock 
  Ravencroft Electronic 
  Sinsect Experimental 
  Texas Jake Lee Blues / R&B 
United States - Dayton Jeremy Atkins Spiritual & Gospel 
United States - Decatur Cliquetight Hip-Hop 
United States - Delaware kyle mcmahon Pop/Rock 
United States - Denton Warren Jackson Hearne Alternative 
  Record Hop Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
United States - Denver Murder Mansin Hip-Hop 
  Weather the Storm Punk / Hardcore 
United States - DesMoines ROZE Pop/Rock 
United States - Detroit Bazooka Jones Pop/Rock 
  LIL ROC Hip-Hop 
  Liquid Motor Commission Pop/Rock 
  Nathaniel Mayer Blues / R&B 
United States - dix hills Azwel Alternative 
United States - Dogville Deadicated Hip-Hop 
United States - East Brunswick Afterthem Rock - Funk 
United States - East Dummerston Derrik Jordan Pop/Rock 
United States - El Paso All Ites Severed Industrial 
United States - Elk River Derek Mccorkell Country 
United States - Englewood Cliffs Lillie Kae Jazz 
  Zdon Paporrella Hip Hop/Rap 
United States - Evansville Robert A. Wolf Electronic 
United States - Fairbury Keith Trimm Rock 
United States - Fairhope Saving Saul Rock 
United States - Fairview Vicki Genfan Folk 
United States - Fayetteville Entell Hip Hop/Rap 
  SnailhuntR Alternative 
United States - Ferndale Eliza Neals Rock 
United States - Florence Stevarion Punk / Hardcore 
United States - Fort Washington Inject Industrial 
United States - Fort Wayne Mark Paul Smith Country 
  Lee Miles Rock - Acoustic 
United States - fortuna/ferndale Crossover Pop/Rock 
United States - Fountain Valley Brandon Douglas Rock - Acoustic 
United States - Fresno Nneji Kalu Pop/Rock 
United States - Ft Lauderdale Jason Sweet Alternative 
United States - Ft Wayne Tony Marino’s Latin Jazz Sounds Jazz/Blues/R&B 
United States - ft. walton beach slick kid and the family Electronic 
United States - Ft.Lauderdale The Spirit Ensemble World 
United States - Fullerton Anything Box Electronic 
United States - Gary 2WYCE Hip-Hop 
United States - Gatlinburg Michael G Mcgee Rock 
United States - georgetown Miss Ashley Smith Country 
United States - Glastonbury Dragonspoon Metal 
United States - Glendale Paul Thomas Yoder Jazz 
United States - Grand Rapids New York Grudge Pop/Rock 
United States - Gravette Patrick Hall Pop 
United States - Gray K360 Hip Hop/Rap 
United States - greencastle Meleniumx World 
United States - Greensboro Crap Alternative 
United States - Hacienda Heights Days Adrift Pop/Rock 
United States - Harlem Los Don Hip-Hop 
United States - Hartford Endiya Rock 
United States - Haverhill Dave Adams Soundtrack 
United States - Hendersonville The Porch Daddies Rock - Acoustic 
United States - highland park space avocado Alternative 
United States - Hilton Head M-area B.k.a M Dash Hip-Hop 
United States - Houston Engulf Rock 
  Imperfect Experimental 
United States - huntington thE sounD oF dirT Electronic 
  Bennett/Berner Project Pop/Rock 
United States - Huntsville $ouf$yde Ghettofyde Hip-Hop 
United States - Iowa City DETHSTRYKE Pop/Rock 
United States - Jacksonville The Vicki Lee Show Country 
United States - Jeffersonville Brach Lee Comedy 
United States - Johnson City Janie Short Folk 
  Sober Otis Pop/Rock 
United States - Juneau Volitar Pop/Rock 
United States - Kansas City Five Star Reject Industrial 
  Jack Driver Metal 
  Steve Walsh Rock 
United States - Kearney PURGE Metal 
United States - Kingston WithinAnotheR Metal 
United States - Knoxville Jaystorm R&B 
United States - Kona Shadawmon ~ Dao Boyz Pop/Rock 
United States - Las Vegas Dustin Plumb Rock - Pop 
  Ronnie Rathers Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Ryan Thomas Bell Pop/Rock 
United States - Lauderhill cacno R&B 
United States - Lebanon Cool Beans Rock 
United States - Leland Tobin Sprout Indie 
United States - lemont Y-LUK-O Industrial 
United States - Lewiston DocVonRock Dance 
United States - Lexington Skullcap Metal 
United States - Linden Assembly Required Punk / Hardcore 
United States - Linton Virgil Soundtrack 
United States - Little Rock Sara Thomas Pop/Rock 
United States - Long Beach Raised Under Reagan Punk / Hardcore 
  ZachAaron Pop/Rock 
United States - Long Island Spacedive Ambient 
United States - Los Alamitos Transformers Pop/Rock 
United States - Los Angeles The Pass Line Pop/Rock 
  Andrae Crouch Spiritual & Gospel 
  Arden Kaywin Pop/Rock 
  At Risk Teen Alternative 
  Box of Stuff Pop/Rock 
  Cherry Bikini Electronic 
  Dale Turner Rock - Acoustic 
  DJ Hiatus Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Isaac Simons Pop/Rock 
  James Hunter Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Jefferson Denim Pop/Rock 
  Jill Palmer Classical 
  John Wicks and the Records Rock 
  Kelley Stoltz Rock 
  Kim Koschka Experimental 
  Kirsten Candy Pop/Rock 
  Laughing With Lulu Pop/Rock 
  Marilyn Scott Jazz 
  Michael Mangia Alternative 
  Money Mark Hip-Hop 
  Orange Monkey.Net Comedy 
  Pom Pom Diary Pop 
  Smart Brown Handbag Pop/Rock 
  The Dominators Alternative 
  The Eggman Hip Hop/Rap 
  The Tories Pop/Rock 
  Todd Handley Country 
  Walter Trout and the Radicals Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  WEBSLiNGER Pop/Rock 
  Young Bo Hip-Hop 
United States - Louisville Harmony Folk 
United States - Madison BODYFARM Metal 
  Teflaun Hip-Hop 
United States - manasquan thisDAYnow Pop/Rock 
United States - Manhattan Beach Suzy K Pop/Rock 
United States - Marietta Melanie Denard Blues / R&B 
United States - Marion Nathan Metz and Nick Bosworth Folk 
United States - McMinnville Life in Overtime Pop/Rock 
United States - McMurray Tom Paul Pop/Rock 
United States - MD, USA and Canada Natalie Brown Pop 
United States - Melbourne The Sacred Metal 
United States - Memphis El Buho Rock - Funk 
United States - Mesa Earth Born Hip-Hop 
  Steven Maxwell Pop/Rock 
United States - Miami CTRAFFIK Hip-Hop 
  Shauna Burns Folk 
  Sherese R&B 
  Slo-v and Retro Hip Hop/Rap 
  The Taco Gangsta Hip-Hop 
United States - Miami (by Way of Trinidad) Giel Ska/Reggae 
United States - Michigan City Attention Deficet Disorder Instrumental 
United States - Milwaukee Pete Moss Hip Hop/Rap 
United States - Minneapolis Cinema Reject Alternative 
  Fastest Turbo Fire Engine Pop/Rock 
  Taconite Haven Country 
  The Royal We Alternative 
United States - Mission Viejo Glenn Erickson Country 
United States - Mitchell Christina Bulatao Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Two Stars for Stella Alternative 
United States - Mobile Abandoned Brain Alternative 
United States - Montclair Emily Jackson R&B 
United States - Mountain Home Bob Ketchum Pop/Rock 
United States - mpls Dr.Smoke Rock - Funk 
United States - Muncie Rick Sitgreaves Pop/Rock 
United States - Naperville Augmentum Metal 
United States - NAPTOWN GhettoBooster Ska/Reggae 
United States - Nashville Hemingway Alternative 
  Jackson Deerfield Country 
  Johnny Rodes Country 
  Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band Rock - Roots/Country 
  Serena Matthews Rock - Acoustic 
  Take 6 Spiritual & Gospel 
United States - New Haven Kayzure Sakar Hip Hop/Rap 
United States - New Jersery Skull Session Metal 
United States - New Jersey Tom Kafafian Pop/Rock 
United States - new orleans Jahbo Jazz/Blues/R&B 
United States - New York Basque Ambient 
  BK Groove Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  DJ Logic Hip-Hop 
  Eric Kamen World 
  HotSocky Alternative 
  Mothers Favorite Child Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Next Big Thing Pop/Rock 
  Paul Collins' Beat Rock - Pop 
  Shah Bailey R&B 
  Sheer Terror Hardcore 
  Suga Bush Rock - Funk 
  Wreckless Beats Instrumental 
United States - New York City aalacho Electronic 
  Ben Rogers Band Pop/Rock 
  Dave Fitzhugh Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Reh Dogg Hip-Hop 
  Sarah Fimm Alternative 
  Temptress Punk / Hardcore 
United States - Newark Brene Wilson Pop/Rock 
United States - Newnan Anthony Zsler Rock - Acoustic 
  Valerie Lynn Country 
United States - NewYork Hawk en HiLL Pop/Rock 
United States - Norman valvedrifter Alternative 
United States - North Hills James McClam Instrumental 
United States - northampton Steve Westfield Alternative 
United States - Norwalk Mike Ladd Jazz/Blues/R&B 
United States - Novi Jeffrey Michael Instrumental 
United States - NY Jay Hansen Project Pop/Rock 
United States - NYC dondomusic Metal 
United States - Oak Park Jamal Windfall Experimental 
United States - Oakland Loren Davidson Folk 
  Time Flys Rock 
United States - OMAHA Cheshire Grin Pop/Rock 
  Mushroom Bruize Rock 
United States - Orlando STIFFFF KITTIES Alternative 
United States - Oxnard Dj Klypsche Electronic 
  InnerVoices Jazz/Blues/R&B 
United States - Ozark Foothills Fink l. Stiltskin Hip-Hop 
United States - Pasadina Drunken Disciples Hip-Hop 
United States - Peoria Sprung Metal 
United States - Philadelphia Franklin Punk / Hardcore 
  Low2behold Hip-Hop 
United States - Philadelphia Area The Irreversible Groove Rock - Funk 
United States - Philedelphia Cranked Up! Punk 
United States - Pickerington Canvas Pop/Rock 
United States - Plainfield Of Dreams and Madness Metal 
United States - Plano Follow the Leader Alternative 
United States - Poolesville Fallen Pop/Rock 
United States - Poplar Bluff Toni Becker Rock - Acoustic 
United States - Portland Amir Khalifa Rock 
United States - Portland Dead Poets Society Electronic 
United States - Portland Pre Electronic 
  Trifecta Pop/Rock 
United States - providence A New Hope Punk / Hardcore 
  Zox Pop/Rock 
United States - queens Yung Onyx Hip-Hop 
United States - Raleigh GREEN Pop/Rock 
  Loman Alternative 
  Tramping Ground Pop/Rock 
United States - Reno Spirit Wind Band Rock - Acoustic 
United States - Richmond House Of Freaks Alternative 
  John Rixey Rock - Acoustic 
United States - Ridgefield Jeremy Scott Pop/Rock 
United States - Rifle JavaMusiK Instrumental 
United States - Rochester Shawn Berry R&B 
United States - Rolling Meadows Nick Zepp Rock - Acoustic 
United States - Rutherford LongRoad Alternative 
United States - Sacramento Amadeus Pop/Rock 
  Jon Robert Quinn Pop/Rock 
  Modifyde Instrumental 
United States - Saint Louis Alvin Zamudio Electronic 
  Die Symphony Industrial 
United States - Salt Lake City Dimension Zero Industrial 
United States - San Antonio Exponential Electronic 
  Mentally Out of Focus Metal 
  The Beerleaders Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
United States - San Diego Kelly Keeling Pop/Rock 
  Blink 182 Punk 
  Indefinable Hip-Hop 
  Sven-Erik Seaholm Pop/Rock 
  The Locust Hardcore 
  Vegitation Ska/Reggae 
United States - San Francisco Phil Frazier Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Sky Balla Hip-Hop 
United States - San Francisco Metro Area - East Bay Secrecy Blues / R&B 
United States - San Jose Catchpenny Celtic 
United States - San Rafael Key Lime Pie Rock - Funk 
United States - Sandusky Chris Castle Rock - Acoustic 
  RAUM Pop/Rock 
United States - Sandy Defender Alternative 
United States - Santa Barbara D. Malcolm Anderson Pop/Rock 
  Jason Campbell Pop/Rock 
United States - Scottsdale Murasko Rock - Acoustic 
United States - Seatle Jcsilk the Designer Hip Hop/Rap 
United States - Seattle John Schuller Experimental 
  avandguard Alternative 
  bend Alternative 
  Lucy Lunchmouth Alternative 
  PoLiTiKo Hip-Hop 
  Shawn Perry Electronic 
  The Postal Service Alternative 
United States - snellville TURFWAR Punk / Hardcore 
United States - Snohomish County. Wa. Lucky Stiff Pop/Rock 
United States - somerville MangDub Ska/Reggae 
United States - South River The Rhythmic Revolution Pop/Rock 
United States - South Seattle -mash Hall- Hip-Hop 
United States - Southern California Underling Metal 
United States - Spartanburg Big Dixon Pop/Rock 
United States - Spotsylvania The Majestic Pinheads Instrumental 
United States - St Louis John Trower Alternative 
United States - St Louis Park Jeffery Goodson Pop/Rock 
United States - St. Louis AutoCad Electronic 
  Hairtrigger Pop/Rock 
United States - St.Joseph Kanibul Hip-Hop 
United States - Stamford Effervescence Hip-Hop 
United States - State College Halaka Experimental 
United States - Stillwater 4th Order Alternative 
United States - Stone Mountain Prince EQ Hip-Hop 
United States - Storm Lake Bradley C. Mariska Instrumental 
United States - Stratford omeil Ska/Reggae 
United States - Surprise Michael Mage World 
United States - Sylvania Missed Chance Alternative 
United States - Tacoma Ahedarexia Rock 
  Da Ghetto Baby Hip-Hop 
  JM Cruiz Jazz 
United States - Tampa Jeremy Gloff Alternative 
United States - Tarpon Springs Culpepper Rock - Roots/Country 
United States - Tarrytown Daemoon Pop/Rock 
United States - Telluride Otis Taylor Jazz/Blues/R&B 
United States - Tempe Jonzer Jackson Alternative 
United States - Toledo Web Slinger Metal 
United States - tome Captain_primo Pop 
United States - Toronto/New York Simon Vallee Pop/Rock 
United States - Trenton SpLiT ViZiOnZ Hip-Hop 
United States - Tucson Broken Romeo Pop/Rock 
  Danny Groff Spiritual & Gospel 
  Howe Gelb Alternative 
United States - Urbana Bent-Til-Broken Pop/Rock 
United States - Vacaville Xcarnation Alternative 
United States - Valencia Wounded by Honesty Alternative 
United States - Various Soundtrack - Original Pop/Rock 
  Various Artists Pop/Rock 
  Various Artists - Vans Warped Tour 2003 Punk / Hardcore 
United States - venice Emperor Guillotine Alternative 
United States - Virginia Beach Lucky Town Alternative 
United States - Walston PA Derek Keller Folk 
United States - Waltham Mark Joyce Pop/Rock 
United States - Washington Blu Rum 13 Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Jim Steed Pop/Rock 
United States - Washington, DC The Geeks Hip Hop/Rap 
United States - Waterbury Phenetiks Hip-Hop 
United States - Watertown Sassure Dance 
United States - West Chester Alison Ranger Punk / Hardcore 
United States - West Newton Fred Moolten Jazz/Blues/R&B 
United States - Westminster The GC Sound Rock - Acoustic 
United States - Whitehall Actinoid Classical 
United States - Wilmington Distant Harmony Punk / Hardcore 
United States - Wynona Randy Lane Country 
United States - yantis Atomic Brain Electronic 
United States - Ypsilanti The Monkey Power Trio Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
USA - Athens R.E.M. Rock 
USA - Minneapolis Atmosphere Hip Hop 
USA - New York Mindless Self Indulgence Industrial 
Venezuela - Lecheria Alfred Gomez, Jr. World 
  Unco Rock - Roots/Country 
Venezuela - Porlamar RHIGO Pop/Rock 

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