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 • Entertainment Complex Listen to this song
2 part track with crazy funky breaks/IDM with edited drums ala DJ Shadow and a John Zorn inspired sax solo. The tune then moves to a Groove Armada inspired downtempo dub outro.
 • Digirap Listen to this song
Remix of Digital rape with more electronic beats and tighter breaks, a prominent distorted bass and synthesizers.
 • Tim & Tony Listen to this song
Tim & Tony is a spaced out acoustic guitar extravaganza to chill out to. Get swamped in the delay & the wall of beautiful ringing chiming guitars. Tortoise esthetics on this track.
 • Summer Listen to this song
Written and recorded on one very hot day due to it being too warm to venture outdoors. Plenty of lush acoustic guitars and saxophones over a downtempo hip hop beats. A very Summery track for fans of Groove Armada.
 • Tomorrow Listen to this song
Tomorrow features the sublime vocals of Rachael Hawkins over a multilayered Massive Attack inspired smoldering IDM groove featuring ambient guitars, flutes & strings with the signature Apell bass.
 • Suit Up Listen to this song
Uptempo breaks/IDM track with Jazzy Bass & samples galore and dueling drums. The party track of the album.
 • Wrinkle Listen to this song
Heavy distorted bass dub music featuring Sam Geoghegan's drums and a fantastic trumpet solo. Asian Dub Foundation meets Count Dracula! This tune placed Apell in the final of the Youthweeks RockIT comp for the 2nd year running (2001).
 • Underscore Listen to this song
12 tone electronica, making Schoenberg proud!
 • Unorthodox Listen to this song
Orthodox Russian Church music used in a very unorthodox way with downtempo drums and bass. It features exquisite vocal harmonies.
 • Spokes Remix Listen to this song
Industrial tinged breaks remix of the action music from the movie “Spokes”. The distorted guitars are actually acoustic guitars - Nine Inch Nails meets Squarepusher.
 • Lust Listen to this song
More music from a failed film soundtrack. Originally the “baddies” theme, but reworked with GroverJ's lustful themes. Featuring brass ashtray drumming with delay in 5/4.
 • Exciting Soul Cock of the Stirring North Listen to this song
"With Exciting Soul Cock Of The Stirring North, it is safe to say that Apell has invented the latest sub-genre of syncopated Scottish flamenco." -
 • Crying Over a Cut Onion Listen to this song
An ambient Radiohead inspired spaceout track which was developed from music originally intended for a film soundtrack.

For more info visit the Apell Page

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