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 • Ooh Listen to this song
Hardhouse track designed to make you sweat.
 • Pumping Eetha Listen to this song
Pumping Beatz
 • Watchya Gonna Want Listen to this song
This I made for The eJay Collective Album entitled Hip Hop Heroes. (
 • Slow n Low Listen to this song
I made this for my girlfriend at the time but she didínt like it
 • Nameless Listen to this song
This is the very first track I ever made. Itís pumping techno vibe should keep any dancefloor alive!
 • Fire Down The Hole Listen to this song
I made this at a time when I was pretty angry at some poeople who were attacking me for all the wrong reasons. Eminem had just come out with Cleaning Out My Closet so I thought Iíd have a go!
 • Heavens Hands Listen to this song
further, here is the jam. Nice use of different elements on this track. This is one track that will pack the floor. Great production work. Iím looking forward to hearing the rest of your tracks.
 • Forgotten Bliss (feat. Strife) Listen to this song
This is one happy sound. Its an Ambient Dance track similar to Cafe De La Mar and is my first collabouration with another artist, in this case Strife.
 • Forgotten Bliss (MuzikAL In Bliss RMX) Listen to this song
A Deep Trance version of the original.

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