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 • I Can See The Light Listen to this song
a very uplifting dance club electronic song with very cool lyrics and well produced/remixed by othelio
 • Do You Really Want Me Listen to this song
a great song with saffire singing do you really want me (woah), with a cool high energy dance bassline makin u wanna dance! disco is back, so is the voice of othelio,Saffire
 • DJ Lover Listen to this song
great for DJs and dance lovers in general
 • Free Runner (Into The Wind) Listen to this song
dedicated to free runners in france and worldwide, express yourself
 • Glitter People Listen to this song
new wave for the new era from dance electro’s Othelio, oh and those glitter prople....
 • I Have The Voice (fussin’) Listen to this song
euro, echo synth dance cool song with great lyrics stating that she has the voice and yes she has..saffire and zedd in da’ house
 • Bring The Dreams Listen to this song
cracking club tune that brings othelio to the top
 • bring the dreams remix Listen to this song
cool club track

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