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MP3 Songs

 • Dark Diddy Listen to this song
Slow dirty diddy type beat. Youíll break your neck to this one. Spit your crazy shit to this one!
 • This I Know Listen to this song
Bad Ass Salsa Type Beat with lead and rhythm piano tracks. Hard core beat behind everything. You can really rock this one.
 • Full Clip Listen to this song
Up & Down Tempo Club Beat. It starts off slow so you can rip off something simple or really complicated. Then when the hook drops itís off the chain.
 • Smoke Somthin Listen to this song
Hot Club Track that will have your neck breaking by the 16th bar.
 • Reflections Listen to this song
Sweet 2pac type beat...Makes you want to spit some true life...
 • Light Skin Listen to this song
Nice slow track with a catchy melody and a solid beat to make this one worth listening to.
 • Back in the Day Listen to this song
Real rhythm and lead guitars make this one sweet. A tight laid back beat with a real 6-string hard core bass line
 • All For God Listen to this song
Nice and smooth piano beat with an 808 keeping the beat
 • I Made It Listen to this song
Hardcore DMX type beat. You can spit on this one all day
 • Crazy Listen to this song
Medium tempo beat with a killer bass line
 • Survivor of Death Listen to this song
Hard Core beat!!! Sounds like something Outkast would get on!
 • Belly of the Beast Listen to this song
Slow bangin hard core killin beat. Youíll wanna rap your murder type shit to this one.
 • Ghetto Piano Listen to this song
This is a slower Pastor Troy type beat. If you like slow dark beats this oneís for you.
 • Dirty Skip Listen to this song
Dirty Skip beat with sweet ass break downs and drops. This one will definitely keep your head bangin.
 • No (You Canít) Listen to this song
Slow Eminem type beat...Marshall in the hizzel..
 • Movin On Listen to this song
Hot reggae beat. I let my roots shine through on this one.
 • Soldier Ni**az Listen to this song
Another Pastor Troy type beat with a marching drum intro and a killer beat.
 • People Unite Listen to this song
Another Outkast type beat with a killer intro

For more info visit the MadCash Records Page

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