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The Acorn Ottawa, Canada
The Analog Girl Singapore, Singapore
The Deefons Kirkland Lake, Canada
[sistra] Khabarovsk, Russian Federation
1000 Dead Rock Stars LONDON, Canada
3rd Degree Boulder, United States
Abandoned Brain Mobile, United States
Actinoid Whitehall, United States
A-Jo Edmonton, Canada
Anderson Briefcase Peterborough, Canada
Archer Micro Space Patrol Aylmer, Canada
At Risk Teen LOS ANGELES, United States
Atlantic Atlanta, United States
Basque New York, United States
Body for Soul Brooklyn, United States
BROOMFILLER Toronto, Canada
Canvas Pickerington, United States
Chris Page Ottawa, Canada
Coal Vancouver, Canada
Crap Greensboro, United States
DaCapo Hobart, Australia
Dario-V- Milano, Italy
Darkmiracle Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Defender Sandy, United States
Ditch Toronto, Canada
earrl Toronto, Canada
Edgar Roock Valencia, Spain
Emperor Guillotine venice, United States
factor eight Ottawa, Canada
Faking David Naramata, Canada
Follow the Leader Plano, United States
FRANTIC Montreal, Canada
Furnaceface Ottawa, Canada
Giant Squid March On Washington Ottawa, Canada
Good 2 Go Ottawa, Canada
Heather Braverman Englewood Cliffs, United States
Hemingway Nashville, United States
Ink(greece) alexandroupolis, Greece
Jefferson Denim Los Angeles, United States
Jeremy Gloff Tampa, United States
Joe Mama Orangeville, Canada
joe-f glasgow, United Kingdom
John Allaire Ottawa, Canada
Jonny Canuck Band Toronto, Canada
Jonzer Jackson Tempe, United States
Julia´s Window Seinäjoki, Finland
Julie Perrault Ottawa, Canada
Kchari Atlanta, United States
King Kung Ottawa, Canada
Kingston Fog Ottawa, Canada
Laguna Ottawa, Canada
Last Flight out Auckland, New Zealand
Lucky Town Virginia Beach, United States
Lucy Lunchmouth Seattle, United States
Makromark Santiago, Chile
Merlin Aylmer, Canada
Minnesota Sex Junkies Virginia, United States
multiply san francisco, United States
Nakedown Miami, United States
Nectar Ottawa, Canada
Of Dreams and Madness Plainfield, United States
pacific Manchester, United Kingdom
Paperjack Ottawa, Canada
Paul Collins' Beat New York, United States
Psyris Ottawa, Canada
Punchbuggy Ottawa, Canada
Recoilers Ottawa, Canada
Sandmouth Ottawa, Canada
Sarah Fimm New York City, United States
self Delusion Kingston, Canada
Solaris Northampton, United Kingdom
Steve Wildesmith Ottawa, Canada
Suneral Vienna, Austria
THE BASSTERDS Mississauga, Canada
The Grackles Ottawa, Canada
The Mwm Chicago, United States
The New Pornographers Vancouver, Canada
The Royal We Minneapolis, United States
The Southern Electrics London, United Kingdom
The Sweater Girls St. Catharines, Canada
The Tiny Stockholm, Sweden
The Ukrainian Barnet North London, United Kingdom
The Woken Ottawa, Canada
The Zen Genies SYDNEY, Australia
Thingtak Reykjavík, Iceland
treebeard Ottawa, Canada
Various Artists - Never Been To Ottawa Ottawa, Canada
WAAWE Tabor, Czech Republic
Werbo Ottawa, Canada
Wounded by Honesty Valencia, United States
Xcarnation Vacaville, United States
Zak Peters Toronto, Canada
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