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kyle mcmahon Delaware, United States
Sara Thomas Little Rock, United States
The Harrison Line Ashington, United Kingdom
The Setbacks Ottawa, Canada
Tim Tibbitts Guelph, Canada
Alluring Eve Chicago, United States
Anastasia Filippova Ottawa, Canada
Arden Kaywin Los Angeles, United States
b.u.m.p. Winnipeg, Canada
Bazooka Jones Detroit, United States
Bennett/Berner Project Huntington, United States
Betablokka Kingston, Canada
Blake Walters Ottawa, Canada
Butterfly Island Slough (near London, UK), United Kingdom
Captain Tractor Edmonton, Canada
Charlson Ximenes London / Berlin, UK, Germany
Dustin Plumb Las Vegas, United States
Escape Velocity Lynchburg, United States
Faith Rising Truro, Canada
Flotilla Montreal, Canada
Gogofoundation bergen, Norway
Hennessey Ottawa, Canada
Janice Hall Ottawa, Canada
Jenae Edmonton Alberta , Canada
Jim Steed Washington, United States
KC Taylor Chicago, United States
Kirsten Candy Los Angeles, United States
Maybe Next Year Montreal, Canada
Mike Yates Ottawa, Canada
Paintbox Toronto, Canada
Pherigo Dallas, United States
Rob Klamka Boston, United States
Robert Jansen Ottawa, Canada
Rosebuddy Montreal, Canada
Rubberband Racecar Go Athens, United States
Scott Cooper Midland, Canada
Shannon Weir Toronto, Canada
Sudden Urge Buffalo, United States
Sugarbush Ottawa, Canada
The Tories Los Angeles, United States
The Wellwishers Ottawa, Canada
Thirty Three Toronto, Canada
Transformers Los Alamitos, United States
Zox Providence, United States
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