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MUSIC REVIEW (Alternative)
Come Pick Me Up

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Jason's Article at Snowboarding Online
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Label: Merge Released: 8/10/1999

"What's it worth for a stupid song?" I'd say it's worth about $19.95, and instead of one stupid song you get 13 incredible ones. That opening line is just one of many quotable quirks from one of my newest favorite albums, Come Pick Me Up. Do I sound like a critic? This is my first try, I hope I'm doing it right.

Anyway, I've been listening to Superchunk for a couple of years now and their latest release has finally slapped me in the face. I mean I always enjoyed their earlier stuff, but Come Pick Me Up opened my eyes. I would say it's good enough to bring all you hip-hop bandwagoneers back to the good side... indie rock.

Vocally, the songs take on a higher pitch, which adds a new dimension to Superchunk's sound. Like J Mascis attempting a Neil Young tone (only these vocals are in key) while lyrically, the album is simply inspiring. I think by now even my neighbors know the words to "Cursed Mirror" & "Pink Clouds" and they're better for it.

Most of the Superchunk fans out there will probably look at this album with an open mind for two reasons;

1. Because I think this band attracts open minded people.
2. Because this band has successfully experimented with their sound in an undeniable way.

The first track, "So Convinced", starts off with an uprising electronically tweaked drum beat, bouncing in and out of reality and far from the traditional rock drum kit. But soon enough the bass rolls in reassuring us that Superchunk still has their roots firmly planted in good old fashioned rock and roll.

The album dares you to listen to new sounds and new arangements, like the last track "You Can Always Count On Me" - and new ways of loving the classic chord progressions we grew up on. And there's this crazy solo in "1000 Pounds" that is so off, it's on. I can't explain it but it's one of the coolest things I've heard on a guitar in a long time. I should probably say something bad about this album so my review holds validity in your mind, but I just can't. I will say that it's not as revolutionary as Radiohead's OK Computer but the songs are way better so who cares!

Thank you Jon, Mac, Jim, & Laura for making my everyday life 20 times better. Go buy this album.

(Jason Brown is a professional snowboarder and musician. He's sponsored by Burton and his band is called coloring book. We asked him if we could reprint this review from his site, and he said yes. Please visit his site for a glimpse into his world.)

Jason Brown (Professional Snowboarder) Email WWW


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