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Red Eye
Cillian Murphy, Rachel McAdams

The Official Site

Label: Wes Craven Released: 9/1/2005

Cillian Murphy plays the hilariously named Jackson Rippner in this mile-high club drama. Murphy very effectively portrays the charmingly creepy Rippner as he befriends Lisa Reisert (McAdams) and slowly draws her into his plot, not realizing that she senses something is wrong right from the start.

Although initially set up as a taught psychological thriller as the protagonists try to outwit each other in the claustrophobic confines of an airplane in flight, the film soon devolves into a cookie-cutter thriller replete with all the requisite cliches, chase scenes, and killers hiding in closets, while relative newcomer Jayma Mays adds some welcome humour throughout as the distraught hotel clerk.

Overall there are enough plot twists and turns to keep the film from becoming just another stalker/slasher film, so it is worth a viewing.

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