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MUSIC REVIEW (Alternative)
Sea and Cake, The
The Fawn

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Label: Thrill Jockey Released: 3/25/1997

The Sea and Cake is salty sweetness. It's the sound track of a generation. It's love of a life. It's the breakfast of a champion and has swell packaging.

Actually I have no idea what I'm talking about and I'm sure no one else does either.

The Sea and Cake's 1997 album The Fawn is essentially Tortoise with vocals. Which is to say it's kind of like a spacey Enrico Morricone spaghetti western soundtrack with lyrics. The music isn't for everyone but is for many. It's very atmospheric with interesting melodic keyboards, bass and guitars backed up by a combination of loopy electronic and "real" drums. This music is at times danceable, often singable and always good for smoking drugs to. Not that I endorse the smoking of drugs. In fact maybe we should throw these guys in jail for creating trippy music that might put someone in the frame of mind to embiggen themselves with a controled substance. The Fawn is good but as the great Nancy 'Mommy' Reagan would say "Don't do drugs, unless they help you look as fabulous as me." (Oh come now, Nancy never said that but she might of thought it. You never know.)

Mike Lawson ( Staff) Email WWW


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