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MUSIC REVIEW (Alternative)
Doiron, Julie and the Wooden Stars

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Label: Sappy Released: 11/1/1999

A couple of years ago I was in this band that played a festival with Julie Doiron's old band Eric's Trip. While I was on stage some guys from the Dayglo Abortions started feeding me drinks and by the time we were done I was stumbling and slurring all over the place. By the time Eric's Trip hit the stage I had been filled with alcohol induced machismo and decided I was going to hit on and pick up Julie Doiron. I had always wanted to be with a cool, or uncool for that matter, rock star and she more than fit the bill. When her show was done I stumbled to the back of the stage, practicing my lines all the way. As I neared her I realized that not only was I too drunk to talk but that I couldn't even see anymore. So I gave up and went back to the beer tent. Later that evening I tried to convince some A&R guy from Sony that he was in Blue Rodeo, dropped a beer bottle off a building almost killing some guy, and spent the evening with a lovely lady who wore a Budweiser bathing suit and liked to talk about her cat. What does this have to do with the Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars CD? Well nothing really except that to say that I've always thought that she was cool. I always liked her contributions to the Eric's Trip albums and I think she's still got it. Her songwritting is strong and intimate and the backing band, the Wooden Stars, are good too. The moral of this story: I've got a wife and kids now so this sort of stuff doesn't happen to me anymore. (hey wait that's not a moral - oh well just buy the damn CD, your girlfriend/boyfriend will think you're sensitive.)

Mike Lawson ( Staff) Email WWW


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