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Snack of Choice

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Label: Kelp Released: 2/1/2000

So I've spent almost every Friday and Saturday night for the last 8 or 10 months locked away in my attic with an old eight track and a bunch of shitty keyboards, drums and guitars writing and recording a bunch of songs and then I get this Rhume CD. I pop it on at work and BOOM everything I've done becomes redundant. A great album with great little songs, trumpet, violins, wicked backup vocals and all from a guy in my own town. Damn it I wanted to make the home recorded slacker album of the year and Rhume has already done it with "Snack of Choice". Damn you Jon Bartlett! Damn you and all your band members and cohorts… I damn you back to your recording studio.

· Lo-fi- slacker-rock-pop, check

· Guided by Voices / Elephant Six influences in place, check

· Tambourine, check

File under COOL.

•Mike Lawson Email WWW


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