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But it now!

Label: The Vault Released: 9/1/1999

Burst hails from Toronto, Ontario. They boldly state on their web site that "Burst is... re-Defining rock". Perhaps it's a "Toronto thing."

I would have to beg to differ, I wouldn’t be so cocky as to say they are redefining rock but they are definitely distilling elements of such bands as the Kinks, the Stones and the Beatles along with more recent combos like Oasis, Radiohead and maybe a bit of Cracker, into a guitar-driven sound that is their own.

This album features a good mix from straight-ahead rockers like "Say My Name" which feature a solid rhythm section and smooth yet crunchy guitars, to quieter acoustic or piano-based numbers like "Strange Days" and "History Needs Change" (which has an eerie Pink Floyd quality to it.) The album’s production is deliberate and contains a few Sgt. Peppter-esque quirks like backwards cymbals and echo treatments to add a little edge to otherwise fairly straight-forward songs.

Fans of any of the aforementioned bands in need of a new fix would be well advised to check out “Return to Vino Island”, and apparently Burst’s bombastic live show is worthy of the trip if they’re ever in your town.

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