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MUSIC REVIEW (Alternative)
Someone Lost the Map of France

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Label: Independent Released: 12/1/2001

Never afraid to experiment a little, Treebeard's new disc starts with a spacey instrumental which would not be out of place on a Pavement album, before plunging headlong into the quirky, sometimes atonal guitar rock that has become their trademark. Driving rhythms carry the catchy "Taste The Earth" into the space-rock Edge-on-amphetamines guitar of "Slow Descent by Degrees", the highlight of the album - chaotic guitar into a keyboard-powered bridge into the hookiest chorus this side of Dave Grohl's basement. This song could be their radio-friendly unit shifter with a little cleaner production and pumped-up drums but still stands as clear evidence of Treebeard's songwriting prowess. "The Complications" continues the trend with more spacey flanging and another eminently hooky chorus. More creativity and catchiness is in evidence on the first four songs of this album than on many full albums, and there's still 9 songs to go! From more experimental tracks like "Damn the Torpedoes", punkier ones like "Afterglow" and even the inclusion of some French vocals, Treebeard explores a sonic landscape that most bands have never heard of, let alone visited.

Steve Donnelly ( Staff) Email WWW


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