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Hollow Man
Paul Verhoeven, Kevin Bacon

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Released: 8/4/2000

If you thought B & B stood for bed & breakfast, this movie redefines it. Maybe this category existed before but I think this movie falls into the B & B genre, where the B's are for blood and breasts. The special effects are, as expected, pretty amazing. You'll cringe as skinless beings (both human & non-) flail on the operating table. You'll be slightly bored and the various ways people figure out to try and detect Caine (Kevin Bacon) once he's invisible: throw blood at him, blow smoke at him, spray water on him... yawn. And what does this seemingly invicible being choose to do with all the power now that he's invisible? Sneak around undoing women's shirts or otherwise molesting them. Quite the genius. Then the movie quickly degenerates into the most formulaic horror movie ever, complete with unnecessary blood-spurting, running through with crow bars and head smashing, and a villain who just won't die. Hopefully someone will take this concept and develop it a little better in the future. Or maybe they already did in the past with one of the Invisible Man movies, but I haven't seen any of them.

Steve Donnelly Email WWW


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