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MUSIC REVIEW (Alternative)
Gravitational Pull Will Conquer The World...

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Label: Independent Released: 11/1/2000

Cool lounge jazz, eighties hand-claps
Is that an 808 or just Rebirth?
A ventures guitar, a bass drum slap
Some vinyl scratches, for what they're worth

Some laid-back rhymes, it's underwater time
"Submarina" bass makes your butt wanna wiggle
You gotta see the live dance to this song
These guys will really make you giggle

Ji'Beenaroc may be an odd band name:
Both memorable, yet unspellable
Disregard the name and go see them just the same
Their original sounds will leave a mark indelible

Beck would be proud, and the Meat Puppets too
Some crafty guitar work - a nod to Robert Fripp?
Pavement-like, low key, vocal delivery
Methinks Mary Poppins might not approve.

Of the lyrics I mean, but now I'm on a tangent
Like a trip to Hamilton to visit my sister
Now I'm just stealing from Ji'Beenaroc
Trying to get through another tongue-twister

I thought Minidisc had died and left
But I guess it's not to be discounted yet
Home-recorded and self-produced
The lyrics are tight but the beats are loose

Cartoon voices, inspired sounds
Guitar, both rock and acoustic
Samples, keyboards, rhymes, bass
So hooky you can almost taste it

My rhymes will never do justice
To the "Gravitational Pull..."
You'll just have to take a listen
One taste of this tasty CD and you'll see.

Stephen K. Donnelly [ staff ] Email WWW


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