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But it at your local store!

Label: Outside Released: 8/30/2000

From the beginning machine-like strains of Fade Away this album is a roller-coaster ride that effectively summarizes the 80's and 90's and leads us into the 00's in an unnervingly perfect way. Sugar-sweet lead vocals and harmonies interspersed with screaming and overlayed with chunky alt-metal guitar and the most solid rhythm section this side of Motley Crue combine to capture all that is pop about the Go-Gos and Blondie, all that is metal about the aforementioned Crue and Black Sabbath, all that is grunge about The Screaming Trees and Soundgarden, all that is rock about Veruca Salt and Kitty, into a catchy collection that manages to not get tiresome after multiple listenings. Though the lyrics could almost be considered irrelevant since the music is so damn good, the lyrics stand on their own with a combination of angst, anger and humour that effectively echoes the dysfunctional nature of the backing instruments. How can one not crack a grin at a title like "Pants Down" or "Wake Up You're On Fire", an anthem for our times if we've ever heard one. Buy it, play it loud, wave your hand in the air while making the sign of the demon and bobbing your head to the beat. And check them out live if you can, they will rock your world.

Stephen K. Donnelly Email WWW


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