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MUSIC REVIEW (Instrumental)
Vai, Steve
The 7th Son

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Label: Sony/Epic Released: 11/7/2000

One night, while travelling with my band across the Prairies in our "tour bus", we came across a lovely late August snowstorm. At some point an 18-wheeler passed us at 150kph and kicked up enough snow to throw us into white out conditions. I was wakened from an uncomfortable sleep to the sound of Josh, our driver, screaming "Where the fucks the road!" The next thing I knew we were driving across some farmer's field. Luckily we didn't flip over but there we were, 8 undernourished, tired musicians stuck in 3 feet of snow with not so much as a toque between us. No one was going to stop and help us at that time of night so we reached into our merchandise box, pulled out a bunch of unsold band shirts and used them as mittens so we could try and push the bus back onto the highway. I think I enjoyed that experience more than the 61 minutes and 43 seconds spent listening to this Steve Vai CD.

Mike Lawson Email WWW


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