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Recoilers, The
For Decoration Only

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Label: Kelp Released: 3/1/2001

The Recoilers make me sick. At least when I'm forced listen to shit like say Steve Vai, I have hope. I'm pretty sure I can write better songs and make more enjoyable and interesting music than that and think that maybe there is still a chance for me to become a rock star. Then I go to the Recoilers CD release show at Barrymores last Saturday and I am blown away by their mastery of rock and roll. So, I pick up their CD and fuck me if it isn't near perfect rock. The melodies are sweet, the music is heavy, its poppy, its Yo La Tengo. The playing is great and the harmonies make me cry, which is slightly embarrassing when I listen to them at work. Shit man, the Recoilers almost make me want to quit playing music all together because I'll never be in a band as good as them. I hope someone in the crazy world of corporate rock is paying attention to Kelp records because they know how to pick a good band.

Mike Lawson Email WWW


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