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MUSIC REVIEW (Alternative)
Raking In The Pinecones
The Summer That Never Arrived

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Label: Fly Records Released: 6/1/2000

Lo-fi but endearing recording of occasionally self-indulgent quirky jazzy folky art-rock. Not for everyone, definitely not for commercial radio, but that's a good thing. Hypnotic lyrics and music, sometimes in that old Mike Watt poetry-over-music style. Hey isn't that Tim Devries from the Hammerheads? (Pause while I check the credits, yes it's him, and Janie Rocks from Bingo Jet International). Laurie Anderson would be proud. So would Frank Zappa. And Sebadoh. Maybe even Neil Young. Or Radiohead. Then there's a little nod to Oasis. And even Steve Miller. OK now I'm babbling. With acoustic guitar noodling, rusty samples and beats, and even a harmonica, this CD will sit happily in between the Kelp Records and Ji'BeenaRoc CD's in your collection. If you don't know what that means then go find out.

A blurb from their web site describes the CD quite aptly: "The punk-folk explosion that is Ottawa's Raking In The Pinecones has released the 3rd CD. This is where Canadiana, breaky beats, low-fi, and pure fun blend together." They forgot to mention belching.

Steve Donnelly Email WWW


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