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Shooting Rubys
Mood Swings and Cravings

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But it right here!

Released: 12/15/2001

"Mood Swings and Cravings", Shooting Rubys collection of demos, sounds like anything but - a coagulation of many influences from current alt-rock and roots-rock sounds to fifties and sixties music, it is cleanly recorded and showcases their guitar-based songwriting. While often sounding vaguely reminiscent of others in the Canadian mid-tempo rock genre (Blue Rodeo, Northern Pikes, even Sloan occasionally), Shooting Rubys has a distinctive sound bolstered by solid melodies and harmonies, creative guitar work and a steady rhythm section. Standout songs seem to be the ones effectively capturing a mood, from the melancholy "Never Come Around" to the ironically upbeat "Dream Like You". Fans of catchy guitar rock will not be disappointed.

Steve Donnelly Email WWW


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