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Browsing by Musical Genre - Alternative
Alternative The Acorn The Pink Ghosts CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  The Constantines THE MODERN SINNER NERVOUS MAN CD EP  (Guelph, Canada)
  The Constantines SHINE A LIGHT CD  (Guelph, Canada)
  The Constantines The Constantines CD  (Guelph, Canada)
  Archer Micro Space Patrol Self-Titled CD  (Aylmer, Canada)
  Cha Cha Cohen Freon Shortwave CDS  (Sydney, Australia)
  Cha Cha Cohen All Artists Are Criminals CD  (Sydney, Australia)
  Cha Cha Cohen Cha Cha Cohen CD  (Sydney, Australia)
  Cha Cha Cohen Spook On The High Lawn CDS  (Sydney, Australia)
  Champion Chill' em All CD
  Chris Page A Date With A Smoke Machine LP  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Chris Page A Date with a Smoke Machine CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Chris Page Decide to Stay and Swim CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Coal Beautiful Afterburn CD  (Vancouver, Canada)
  Death Cab For Cutie Something About Airplanes CDx2
  Ditch Half-Snapped? CD  (Toronto, Canada)
  Ditch The Sounds of Liverpigs Dancing CD  (Toronto, Canada)
  Duotang Bright Side, The CD  (Winnipeg, Canada)
  Duotang Smash The Ships And Raise The Beams CD  (Winnipeg, Canada)
  Duotang Cons And The Pros, The CD  (Winnipeg, Canada)
  Girls Under Glass Zyklus CD  (Hamburg, Germany)
  Good 2 Go Dance or Die CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Jeremy Gloff Spin Girl Spin CD  (Tampa, United States)
  King Kung Smashin´ Glass/Breakin´ Hearts CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Laguna Looking Forward To Trying Your Stupid Idea CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Laguna Burgundy T-Shirt With Boy, Stripes, Star T-Shirt  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Magoo Holy Smoke CDS  (London, United Kingdom)
  Magoo Swiss Border Escape CDS  (London, United Kingdom)
  Magoo Vote The Pacifist Ticket Today CD  (London, United Kingdom)
  Merlin Cool Chicks and Other Babes (ma) Cassette  (Aylmer, Canada)
  Merlin A Noise Supreme Cassette  (Aylmer, Canada)
  Michael Mangia Utopia CD  (Los Angeles, United States)
  Mumbleweed The Process of Weeding Out CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Mumbleweed EP CD EP  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Mumbleweed Dial ”M” For CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Mumbleweed Self-Titled CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  NAM:LIVE! NAM:LIVE! CD  (Montreal, Canada)
  nineteenseventyeight Quit This Human Race CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Paperjack The Effort I’ll Never Get Back CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Recoilers 2 Years End CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Recoilers For Decoration Only CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Royal City Little Heart's Ease CD  (Toronto, Canada)
  Royal City ALONE AT THE MICROPHONE CD  (Toronto, Canada)
  Sams Falling Simplify CD  (Port Coquitlam, Canada)
  Steve Durand Capsule Living CD  (Cantley, Canada)
  Suckle To Be King CDS  (London, United Kingdom)
  Suckle Against Nuture CD  (London, United Kingdom)
  Suckle The Sun Is God E.P. CD EP  (London, United Kingdom)
  The Adopted Singed DVD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  The Adopted Fruition CD EP  (Ottawa, Canada)
  The Postal Service The District Sleeps Alone Tonight CDS  (Seattle, United States)
  The Postal Service Such Great Heights CDS  (Seattle, United States)
  The Postal Service Give Up CD  (Seattle, United States)
  The Postal Service We Will Become Silhouettes CDEP  (Seattle, United States)
  The Sweater Girls Jingle Lingo CD  (St. Catharines, Canada)
  treebeard The Effect is the Key CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  treebeard Pacemaker CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  treebeard Someone Lost the Map of France CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  treebeard Suburban Frontier CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  treebeard Duotone Vinyl 7  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Various Artists - "Plug" Plug! CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Various Artists - Never Been To Ottawa I´ve Never Been To Ottawa CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  WAAWE Timestorm Was The Signal CD  (Tabor, Czech Republic)

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