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  And Tom Rainey] Big Satan [tim Berne Marc Ducret Souls Saved Hear CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Bene Mendoza Celeste Y More La Reina Y El Barbaro CD World: Latin 
  Crevier Crevier Kiraly Calypso CD New Age 
  Crevier Crevier Kiraly Music From The Sky CD New Age 
  Gunn, Beavis] Sunday All Over The World Wilcox Kneeling At The Shrine CD Pop/Rock 
  Lee Ranaldo, Howe Gelb, Laetitia Robert Wyatt Sixteen Haiku And Other Stories CD Pop/Rock 
  20 Miles Keep It Coming CD  Blues / R&B 
  333 Further Reminders CD Electronic 
  5 After 4 Good Morning Sun CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  60 Channels [the Angel] Covert Movements CD Electronic 
  777 System 7.3 CDx2 Electronic 
  9 Lazy 9 SWEET JONES  CD Electronic 
  9 Lazy 9 PARADISE BLOWN  CD Electronic 
  9 Lazy 9 ELECTRIC LAZYLAND  CD Electronic 
  A Kiss Could Be Deadly A Kiss Could Be Deadly CD Rock 
  A Kiss Could Be Deadly Farewell CD Rock 
  A Vertical Mosaic / Le Monochrome About CD Electronic 
  A. Paul Ortega Two Worlds CD First Nations 
  Aa Sound System Laissez CD Rock 
  Aaron Soundtrack - Original - Zigman Flash Of Genius CD Soundtracks 
  Aashish And Hussain, Zakir Khan Golden String of the Sarode CD World 
  Abelardo Barroso Y La Orquesta Sensacion Tiene Sabor CD World: Latin 
  Absentee Victory Shorts CD Rock 
  Adem Homesongs CD Pop/Rock 
  Aditya Verma Sarod: Traditional Music from Indian CD World 
  Adrian Legg Waiting for a Dancer CD Folk 
  Adrian Legg Fingers and Thumbs CD Folk 
  Adrien Sala High Water Everywhere CD Folk 
  Aesop Rock Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives CD Hip-Hop 
  Afghan Whigs Up In It CD Pop/Rock 
  A-frames Black Forest CD Pop/Rock 
  Afrodizz Kif Kif CD Afrobeat 
  Afroman Afroholic...The Even Better Times CDx2 Hip-Hop 
  Agrupacion Folclorica Los Nani Espiritistas A Cantar CD World: Latin 
  Aimee Mann Live At St. Ann's Warehouse DVD+CD Pop/Rock 
  Aimee Mann Live At St. Ann's Warehouse CD+DVD Pop/Rock 
  Air Sexy Boy CD Electronic 
  Airborn Audio GOOD FORTUNE CD Hip-Hop 
  Aj Croce Adrian James Croce CD Pop/Rock 
  Al Henderson Fathers and Sons CD Jazz 
  Al Henderson Urban Landscape CD Jazz 
  Al Henderson Dinosaur Dig CD Jazz 
  Alan Reid The Sunlit Eye CD Celtic 
  Alasdair White An Clar Geal CD Celtic 
  Albatross Note Art Lodge Tapes, The CD Rock 
  Alberto Soundtrack - Original - Iglesias Che CD Soundtracks 
  Alberto Y El Septeto Tur Tosca Amor A Santiago CD World: Latin 
  Alcvin Takegawa Ramos Zen Shakuhachi 1 CD World 
  Alex De Grassi As You Drift Away (Lullabies On Guitar) CD Children's 
  Alex Farhoud Nosso Nosso CD New Age 
  Alexander Rishaug Possible Landscape CD Electronic 
  Algin Scabby Robe Along The Way CD First Nations 
  Alias Resurgam CD  Hip-Hop 
  Alice Gomez Obsidian Butterfly CD First Nations 
  Alice Russell Under The Munka Moon CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Alice Russell My Favourite Letters CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Alice Russell Pot Of Gold CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Alicia Borisonik Busco Un Lugar CD Worldbeat 
  Alison And Heymann, Ann Kinnaird The Harper's Land CD Celtic 
  Alison And Primrose, Christine Kinnaird The Quiet Tradition CD Celtic 
  Alison Battlefield Band And Kinnaird Music in Trust Vol. 2 CD Celtic 
  Alison Battlefield Band And Kinnaird Music in Trust Vol. 1 CD Celtic 
  Alison Brown Quartet Evergreen CD Holidy 
  Alison Brown Quartet Evergreen CD Holidy 
  Alison Kinnaird The Harp Key CD Celtic 
  Alison Kinnaird The Silver String CD Celtic 
  Alison Kinnaird The Scottish Harp CD Celtic 
  All Night Radio Spirit Stereo Frequency CD Pop/Rock 
  Allistair Elliott Urban Nights CD Jazz 
  Althea & Donna Uptown Top Ranking CD Reggae 
  Amanda Tosoff Still Life CD Jazz 
  Amanda Tosoff Quartet Wait And See CD Jazz 
  Ambulance Son Key CD Pop/Rock 
  Ambulance Son Euphemystic CD Pop/Rock 
  Amir W/ Pourmehdi, Houman Koushkani Quest CD Jazz 
  Amy Farris Anyway CD Pop/Rock 
  Anabell Milagros CD World: Latin 
  Anais Mitchell The Brightness CD Folk 
  Anathallo Canopy Glow CD Rock 
  Anatomy Of A Ghost Evanesce CD Punk 
  And One Aggressor CD Industrial 
  Anders Osborne Coming Down CD Blues 
  Andre And His Band White Signal CD Jazz 
  Andre Charles Theriault Sings The Songs Of CD Rock 
  Andrew Bird The Mysterious Production of Eggs CD Rock 
  Andrew Gold Halloween Howls: Fun & Scary Music CD Children's 
  Andrew Trio Hutchinson Music Box CD Jazz 
  Andy & Harold Budd Partridge Through The Hill CD Electronic 
  Andy Creeggan Andiwork II CD Pop/Rock 
  Andy Fairweather Lowe Wide Eyed And Legless: The A&M Albums CD Rock 
  Andy Hydra Laster Polyogue CD Jazz 
  Andy Laster Interpretations of Lessness CD Jazz 
  Andy Milne Dreams and False Alarms SACDx2 Jazz 
  Andy Summers Earth + Sky CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Angela Strehli Blue Highway CD Blues 
  Angelo Soundtrack - Original - Milli Seven Pounds CD Soundtracks 
  Angels & Agony Avatar CD Industrial 
  Ani Difranco Red Letter Year CD Rock 
  Ani Difranco Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up CD Rock 
  Ani Difranco To The Teeth CD Rock 
  Ani Difranco Carnegie Hall CD Rock 
  Ani Difranco Reprieve CD Rock 
  Ani Difranco Little Plastic Castle CD Rock 
  Ani Difranco Dilate CD Rock 
  Ani Difranco Knuckle Down CD Rock 
  Ani Difranco Educated Guess CD Rock 
  Ani Difranco Evolve CD Rock 
  Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion CD Rock 
  Animals On Wheels COOKED EP  CD Electronic 
  Animals On Wheels Designs And Mistakes CD Electronic 
  Animals On Wheels Nuvol I Cadira CD Electronic 
  Ann Heymann Queen Of Harps CD Celtic 
  Ann Rabson Struttin' My Stuff CD Blues 
  Ann Reed Talk to Me CD Folk 
  Anna Guo Chinese Traditional Yang CD World 
  Annbjorg Lien Waltz With Me CD World: Nordic 
  Anthony Wakeman Butterfly Dreams CD First Nations 
  Anthony Wakeman Points of Origin CD First Nations 
  Antibalas TALKATIF  CD Funk 
  Antipop Consortium Arrhythmia CD Hip-Hop 
  Antipop Consortium The Ends Against The Middle CDEP Hip-Hop 
  Anton Barbeau With The Bevis Frond King Of Missouri CD Pop/Rock 
  Anxiety If I Were... CD Pop/Rock 
  Aphex Twin 26 Mixes For Cash CDx2 Electronic 
  Apoptygma Berzerk The Singles Collection [Limited Edition]  CDx2 Industrial 
  Apoptygma Berzerk The Harmonizer DVD [w/ Unicorn EP] DVD+CD Industrial 
  Apoptygma Berzerk Kathy's Song  CDS Industrial 
  Apoptygma Berzerk APBL 2000 DVD DVD Industrial 
  Aqme Hérésie CD Francophone: Rock 
  Arcade Fire, Postal Service, Feist, Buck 65, Sloan Do They Know It's Hallowe'en? CDS Rock 
  Archie Bronson Outfit Fur CD Pop/Rock 
  Archie Edwards Toronto Sessions Vol. 1 CD Blues 
  Arctic Monkeys Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not CD Rock 
  Areito Nuevas Estrellas De Areito CD World: Latin 
  Arling & Cameron All In CD Electronic 
  Arling & Cameron 1999 Space Club CD Electronic 
  Arling & Cameron We Are A&C CD Electronic 
  Arlo Up High In The Night CD Pop/Rock 
  Armando Y Su Havana C Orefiche Rumba Tropical ( Bola De Nieve CD World: Latin 
  Aros Train Song SACD Jazz 
  Arthur Cormack Nuair Bha Mi Og CD Celtic 
  Arthur Cormack Ruith Na Gaoith CD Celtic 
  Arto Lindsay Salt CD Rock 
  Arto Lindsay Invoke CD Rock 
  Arto Lindsay Prize CD Rock 
  As One Out Of The Darkness CD Electronic 
  Asie Payton Worried CD Blues / R&B 
  Asie Payton Just Do Me Right CD Blues / R&B 
  Assemblage 23 Storm CD Industrial 
  Assemblage 23 Binary CDEP Industrial 
  Assemblage 23 Ground CDS Industrial 
  Assemblage 23 Let The Wind Erase Me CDS Industrial 
  At The Drive In Vaya CDEP Pop/Rock 
  At The Drive In In CD Pop/Rock 
  Atli Soundtrack - Original - Örvarsson Babylon A.D. CD Soundtracks 
  Atomic 7 Gowns By Edith Head CD Pop/Rock 
  Atomic 7 en Hillbilly Caliente CD Pop/Rock 
  Audio Active & Laraaji Way Out Is The Way In CD Electronic 
  Autechre Draft 7.30 CD Electronic 
  Autechre Peel Sessions II CD Electronic 
  Autechre Gantz Graf CDS Electronic 
  Autorickshaw Four Higher CD Worldbeat 
  Autorickshaw So The Journey Goes CD Worldbeat 
  Aux 88 Electro Boogie Volume 4 CD  Electronic 
  Ayla Brook After The Morning After CD Rock 
  Azucar Lapiz De Labio CD World: Latin 
  Azucar Band Romance De Chiquillos CD World: Latin 
  Azure Ray Hold On Love CD Pop/Rock 
  B.j. Thomas Have A Heart: The Love Songs Collection CD Adult Contemporary 
  Babkas Ants to the Moon CD Jazz 
  Babkas Fratelli CD Jazz 
  Baby Blak Once U Go Blak CD Hip-Hop 
  Bad Checks High Dollar CD Punk 
  B‰ta Les Lucioles CD Francophone: Rock 
  Baka Beyond Live & Pedal Powered CD Ambient 
  Baka Beyond Call Of The Forest: Favorites Of The Baka & Beyond CD Ambient 
  Banco De Gaia You Are Here CD Electronic 
  Banda Del Estado Mayor De Las Far Elegia Musica De J. Almeida CD World: Latin 
  Barbarito Y Orquesta De Antonio Maria Romeu Diez Album De Oro Vol. II CD World: Latin 
  Barbarito Y Orquesta De Antonio Maria Romeu Diez Album De Oro Vol.1 CD World: Latin 
  Barry Elmes The Five Minute Warning CD Jazz 
  Barry Elmes East and West CD Jazz 
  Barry Elmes Different Voices CDx2 Jazz 
  Batlik Utilit CD Francophone: Rock 
  Batlik Juste a Cote CD Francophone: Rock 
  Battery Cage World Wide Wasteland CD Industrial 
  Battlefield Band Across The Borders CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band At The Front CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Battlefield Band CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Stand Easy and Preview CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Dookin' CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band The Road of Tears CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Anthem For The Common Man CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Happy Daze CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Out For The Night CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band New Spring CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Quiet Days CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Threads CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Home Ground CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Celtic Hotel CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Time and Tide CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Leaving Friday Harbor CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band There's A Buzz CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Rain CD Celtic 
  Battlefield Band Home Is Where The Van Is CD Celtic 
  Bauhaus Gotham  CDx2 Rock 
  Bauhaus Gotham DVD DVD Rock 
  Beachwood Sparks Beachwood Sparks CD Pop/Rock 
  Beachwood Sparks Make The Cowboy Robots Cry CD Pop/Rock 
  Beans Shock City Maverick CD Hip-Hop 
  Beans Now Soon Someday CDEP Hip-Hop 
  Beans Tomorrow Right Now CD Hip-Hop 
  Beausoleil Avec Michael Doucet Alligator Purse CD Cajun 
  Bebel Gilberto Bebel Gilberto  CD World: Brazil 
  Bebo Y Su Orquesta Valdes Todo Ritmo CD World: Latin 
  Bedsit Poets Rendezvous CD Rock 
  Beefcake Rejected CD Punk 
  Beep Beep Business Casual CD Pop/Rock 
  Bella Morte Songs For The Dead CD Industrial 
  Bella Morte Beautiful Death CD Industrial 
  Bella Morte As The Reasons Die CDEP Industrial 
  Bellwether Bellwether CD Pop/Rock 
  Ben Trio Monder Flux CD Jazz 
  Benoit 5 Delbecq Pursuit CD Jazz 
  Benoit And Francois Houle Delbecq Dice Thrown SACD Jazz 
  Benoit Delbecq Nancali CD Jazz 
  Benoit Delbecq Nemesis SACD Jazz 
  Benoit Delbecq Nu SACD Jazz 
  Benoit Unit Delbecq Phonetics SACD Jazz 
  Beny More De Verdad CD World: Latin 
  Beny More Ofrenda Criolla Antologia # 2 CD World: Latin 
  Beny More Canto A Mi Cuba CD World: Latin 
  Beny More Ofrenda Criolla Antologia # 4 CD World: Latin 
  Beny More Ofrenda Criolla Antologia # 3 CD World: Latin 
  Beny More Ofernda Criolla Antologia # 5 CD World: Latin 
  Beny More Ofrenda Criolla Antologia # 1 CD World: Latin 
  Bernard St - Asz Mineral "" Les Centres De L'hom CD New Age 
  Bernard St - Asz Animal "" Les Centres De L'homm CD New Age 
  Bernard St - Asz Humain "" Les Centres De L'homm CD New Age 
  Bernard St - Asz Portes "" Les Centres De L'homm CD New Age 
  Bernard St - Asz Verbe "" Les Centres De L'homme CD New Age 
  Bernard St - Asz Divin "" Les Centres De L'homme CD New Age 
  Bert Jansch Sketches CD Folk 
  Bertrand Burgalat Sssound Of Mmmusic CD Pop/Rock 
  Beth Hirsch Early Days CD Electronic 
  Beth Hirsch Titles And Idols CD Electronic 
  Beto Villares Beto Villares CD World: Brazil 
  Bickert And Wallace Murley Live at the Senator CD Jazz 
  Bickley Pogo Au Go CD Punk 
  Bickley Kiss The Bunny CD Punk 
  Big Ass Truck Sack Lunch E. P. CD Pop/Rock 
  Big Chief Mack Ave Skull Game CD Pop/Rock 
  Big Jack And Kim Wilson Johnson Memphis BBQ Sessions CD Blues 
  Big Jack Johnson All the Way Back CD Blues 
  Big Jack Johnson Roots Stew CD Blues 
  Big Jus WOE TO THEE O LAND...  CD Hip-Hop 
  Big Rude Jake Blue Pariah CD Pop/Rock 
  Big Sandy & His Fly-rite Boys It's Time! CD Pop/Rock 
  Big Youth Dreadlocks Dread CD Reggae 
  Bigg Jus BLACK MAMBA SERUMS VOL. 2.0  CD Hip-Hop 
  Bigwig Unmerry Melodies CD Punk 
  Bigwig Invitation To Tragedy CD Punk 
  Bill / Swainson, Neil / Clarke, Terry Mays Bick's Bag CD Jazz 
  Bill Bruford All Heaven Broke Loose CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Bill Bruford's Earthworks Bill Bruford's Earthworks CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Bill Bruford's Earthworks Live: Stamping Ground CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Bill Bruford's Earthworks Dig? CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Bill Frisell Richter 858 SACD Jazz 
  Bill Haley And His Comets The Best Of Bill Haley And His Comets CD Pop/Rock 
  Bill Nelson After The Satelite Sings CD Pop/Rock 
  Bill Nelson Blue Moons And Laughing Guitars CD Pop/Rock 
  Bill Staines One More River CD Folk 
  Bill Staines October's Hill CD Folk 
  Bill Staines The Happy Wanderer CD Folk 
  Bill Staines Looking For the Wind CD Folk 
  Bill Staines Old Dogs CD Folk 
  Bill Staines Bridges CD Folk 
  Bill Staines The Second Million Miles CD Folk 
  Bill Staines Going to the West CD Folk 
  Bill Staines Journey Home CD Folk 
  Billy And His Dominoes Ward The Essential King Masters featuring Clyde McPhatt CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Billy Boy Arnold Consolidated Mojo CD Blues 
  Billy Bragg Must I Paint You A Picture? CDx2 Pop/Rock 
  Billy Bragg And The Blokes England CD Pop/Rock 
  Billy Childish The Original Chatham Jack CD Pop/Rock 
  Billy Mccomiskey Outside The Box CD Celtic 
  Bing Crosby Crosby Classics CD Music DVD 
  Bingo And Molly You Can Do It! CD Children's 
  Birthday Massacre Looking Glass CDEP Rock 
  Bitch And Animal Sour Juice and Rhyme CD Rock 
  Black Lodge Watch This Dancer! CD First Nations 
  Black Lodge Weasel Tail's Dream: The Tradition Continues CD First Nations 
  Black Lodge Black Lodge Pow Wow Songs at Fort Duchesne CD First Nations 
  Black Lodge It's Been A Long Time Comin' CD First Nations 
  Black Lodge More Kid's Pow Wow Songs CD First Nations 
  Black Lodge Singers Pow Wow Songs Recorded Live in America CD First Nations 
  Black Lodge Singers Kid's Pow Wow Songs CD First Nations 
  Black Lodge Singers Tribute to the Elders CD First Nations 
  Black Lodge Singers Round Dance Tonight! CD First Nations 
  Blackfoot Confederacy Hear The Beat CD First Nations 
  Blackfoot Confederacy Setting the Record Straight CD First Nations 
  Blackfoot Confederacy Confederacy Style CD First Nations 
  Blackstone Pictures of You CD First Nations 
  Blackstone Contest Songs Recorded Live at Fort Duchesne CD First Nations 
  Blackstone Back in the Day CD First Nations 
  Blackstone Round Dance Singin' with the Logan Alexis Singers CD First Nations 
  Blackstone Singers Pow Wow Songs CD First Nations 
  Blink. the epidemic of ideas CD Jazz 
  Blitzen Trapper Furr CD Rock 
  Blockhead Downtown Science CD+DVD Hip-Hop 
  Blood And Fire Allstars / Various Run It Red (Mick Hucknall Selects From 10 Years Of CD Reggae 
  Blood Meridian We Almost Made It Home CD Pop/Rock 
  Blount Trauma CD Punk 
  Blow Monkeys Live In London DVD Music DVD 
  Blu Bones Sink CD Pop/Rock 
  Blue Mountain Roots CD Pop/Rock 
  Blue Oyster Cult Cult Classic CD Pop/Rock 
  Blue Stone The Blue Stone Project CD First Nations 
  Bluebells Live In London DVD Music DVD 
  Blutengel The Oxidising Angel CD Music DVD: Electronic 
  Blutengel Live Lines DVD Music DVD: Electronic 
  Bob Log Iii Trike CD Blues / R&B 
  Bob Log Iii School Bus CD Blues / R&B 
  Bob Log Iii Log Bomb CD Blues / R&B 
  Bobbito / Various Earthtones CD Hip-Hop 
  Bobby Bare Jr From The End Of Your Leash CD Pop/Rock 
  Bobby Darin Big Sur CD Adult Contemporary 
  Bobby Previte & Greg Osby Groundtruther Feat. Char Latitude CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Bombay Dub Orchestra Three Cities CD Electronic 
  Bonobo Animal Magic CD Electronic 
  Bonobo DIAL M FOR MONKEY  CD Electronic 
  Boom Bip Blue Eyed In The Red Room CDX2 Electronic 
  Boom Bip Blue Eyed In The Red Room CD Electronic 
  Boom Bip Corymb CD Electronic 
  Boom Bip Seed To Sun CD Electronic 
  Bossacucanova Uma Batida Differente CD World: Brazil 
  Bowfire / Original Cast Bowfire Live In Concert [Original Cast Recording] DVD Soundtracks: Cast 
  Bowfire / Original Cast Bowfire Live In Concert, Highlights [Original Cast CD Soundtracks: Cast 
  Bozo And Pals Get Down with the Clown CD Children's 
  Brad And The Commuters Shepik The Loan CD Jazz 
  Brad And The Commuters Shepik The Well CD Jazz 
  Brad Trio Shepik Places You Go SACD Jazz 
  Braithwaite & Whitely Night Bird Blues CD Blues 
  Brand X Do They Hurt CD Pop/Rock 
  Brand X Livestock CD Pop/Rock 
  Brand X Product CD Pop/Rock 
  Brand X Masques CD Pop/Rock 
  Brand X Moroccan Roll CD Pop/Rock 
  Brand X Plot Thins CD Pop/Rock 
  Brand X Unorthodox Behaviour CD Pop/Rock 
  Brave Old World Blood Oranges CD World 
  Brazil Dasein CDEP Punk 
  Brian Phil Manzanera 801 Eno 801 Live CD Pop/Rock 
  Brian & Robert Fripp Eno No Pussyfooting CD Electronic 
  Brian Blain Overqualified for the Blues CD Blues 
  Brian Borcherdt Coyotes CD Rock 
  Brian Mcneill The Busker and The Devil's Only Daughter CD Celtic 
  Brian Quartet Lynch Fuchsia CD Jazz 
  Brian Soundtrack - Original - Tyler Eagle Eye CD Soundtracks 
  Brian Vander Ark Resurrection CD Rock 
  Brian Vander Ark Brian Vander Ark CD Rock 
  Brian Vander Ark Angel CD Rock 
  Bright Eyes Letting Off The Happiness CD Pop/Rock 
  Bright Eyes Take It Easy (Love Nothing) CDS Pop/Rock 
  Bright Eyes Fevers And Mirrors CD Pop/Rock 
  Bright Eyes Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil CD Pop/Rock 
  Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake It's Morning CD Pop/Rock 
  Bright Eyes Digital Ash In A Digital Urn CD Pop/Rock 
  Bright Eyes A Collection Of Songs CD Pop/Rock 
  Bright Eyes Lua CDS Pop/Rock 
  Britton Until The Day We Die CD Pop/Rock 
  Broadcast Haha Sound CD Pop/Rock 
  Broadcast Pendulum CDEP Pop/Rock 
  Broken Spindles [joel Petersen Of The Faint] Fulfilled CD Pop/Rock 
  Brooklyn Academy Bored Of Education CD Hip Hop 
  Brothomstates Qtio CDEP Electronic 
  Brothomstates Claro CD Electronic 
  Bruce Peninsula A Mountain Is A Mouth CD Rock 
  Bruford Feels Good To Me CD Pop/Rock 
  Bruford Gradually Going Tornado CD Pop/Rock 
  Bruford Bruford Tapes CD Pop/Rock 
  Brunet Les Freres Tresors Du Quebec En Musique CD Francophone: Folk 
  Bruno Hubert Trio Live @ The Cellar CD Jazz 
  Bruno Trio And The B3 Kings Hubert A Cellar Live Christmas CD Holiday 
  Brute (vic Chesnutt & Widespread Panic) Co CD Pop/Rock 
  Buckwheat Zydeco Choo Choo Boogaloo CD Children's 
  Buena Fe Dejame Entrar CD World: Latin 
  Buffalo Daughter I CD Pop/Rock 
  Burning Sky Spirits in the Wind CD First Nations 
  Busdriver Fear Of A Black Tangent CD Hip-Hop 
  Bush Bush CD Pop/Rock 
  Bustle & Out Up Master Sessions 2 CD Electronic 
  Bustle & Out Up One Colour Just Reflects Another CD Electronic 
  Bustle & Out Up Rebel Radio Sessions Vol. 1 CD Electronic 
  Bustle & Out Up Rebel Radio Sessions Vol.1 CD Electronic 
  Bustle And Out Up LIGHT 'EM UP, BLOW 'EM OUT  CD Electronic 
  Bustle And Out Up SILKS, PERFUME & GOLD CD Electronic 
  Bustle And Out Up Carbine 744 CD Electronic 
  Bustle And Out Up COMPARED TO WHAT CD Electronic 
  Butch & Jimmie Dale Gilmore Hancock Two Roads: Live In Australia CD Country 
  Buttless Chaps Cartography CD Rock 
  Buzzy Bwoy Bienvenue Dans Mon Game CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
  Buzzy Bwoy Jusqu’au Cut CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
  C.c. Adcock The Lafayette Marquis CD Pop/Rock 
  Cabaret Voltaire Technology CD Electronic 
  Cabbageboy Genetically Modified CD Electronic 
  Cachao Superdanzones CD World: Latin 
  Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente Descargas Cuban Jam Sessions CD World: Latin 
  Caitlin Cary While You Weren't Looking CD Pop/Rock 
  Caitlin Cary I'm Staying Out CD Pop/Rock 
  Caitlin Cary Waltzie CD Pop/Rock 
  Caitlin Hanford Bluer Skies CD Folk 
  Call & Response Call & Response CD Pop/Rock 
  Calve Y Guaguanco dejala en la puntica CD World: Latin 
  Cameron Michael Parkes And Box O' Clox A Tribute To Brian Wilson CD Pop/Rock 
  Caracol [carole Facal Of Dobacaracol] L’arbre aux Parfums CD Francophone: Rock 
  Caribou Marino: The Videos DVD+CD Rock 
  Carl Craig DJ CD  Electronic 
  Carl Perkins Dance Album CD Pop/Rock 
  Carlos & Sus Tradiciona Puebla Canciones Tradicionales Cubana CD World: Latin 
  Carlos & Sus Tradiciona Puebla Hasta Siempre CD World: Latin 
  Carlos & Sus Tradiciona Puebla De Cuba Traigo Un Cantar CD World: Latin 
  Carlos & Sus Tradiciona Puebla Dos Voces De America En Un Can CD World: Latin 
  Carlos & Sus Tradiciona Puebla Soy Del Pueblo CD World: Latin 
  Carlos Del Junco Blues Mongrel CD Blues 
  Carlos Del Junco Steady Movin' CD Blues 
  Carlos Del Junco, Mem Shannon, Paul Reddick & Othe The Future Of The Blues CD Blues 
  Carlos Embale Que Bueno Canta Embale CD World: Latin 
  Caroline / Various Artists Mark A Tribute To Robert Altman's Nashville CD Country 
  Carrie And Bannett, Michael Lyn Friends Forever CD Children's 
  Carrisa's Weird I Before E CD Pop/Rock 
  Carrisa's Weird Songs About Leaving CD Pop/Rock 
  Catfish Hodge Adventures at Catfish Pond CD Children's 
  Catie Curtis Sweet Life CD Folk 
  Cato Salsa Experience A Good Tip For A Good Time CD Pop/Rock 
  Catriona Mckay Starfish CD World: Celtic 
  Cedell Davis Feel Like Doin' Something Wrong CD Blues / R&B 
  Cedell Davis The Horror of It All CD Blues / R&B 
  Cedella Marley-booker Smilin' Island of Song CD Children's 
  Celeste Mendoza Soberana CD World: Latin 
  Celina Gonzalez Santa Barbara (que Viva Chango CD World: Latin 
  Cesium 137 Elemental CD Electronic 
  Cesium 137 Luminous CDEP Electronic 
  Chad Quartet Makela Flicker CD Jazz 
  Chad Vangaalen Soft Airplane CD Alternative - Indie 
  Champion Chill' em All CD Alternative 
  Chantal Chamberland This Is Our Time CD Jazz 
  Chantal Chamberland Serendipity Street CD Jazz 
  Charles Caldwell Remember Me CD Blues / R&B 
  Chatham County Line Dark Clouds CD Bluegrass 
  Chatham County Line Chatham County Line CD Bluegrass 
  Chatham County Line Chatham County Line (reissue of debut Bonfire labe CD Bluegrass 
  Cheevers And Yazzie, Kevin Toppah First Light CD First Nations 
  Chenille Sisters The Chenille Sisters CD Folk 
  Chenille Sisters 1 CD Folk 
  Chenille Sisters At Home with the Chenille Sisters CD Folk 
  Chenille Sisters The Big Picture and Other Songs for Kids CD Folk 
  Chenille Sisters Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight CD Folk 
  Chenille Sisters True to Life CD Folk 
  Chenille Sisters Haute Chenille: A Retrospective CD Folk 
  Chenille Sisters Mama CD Folk 
  Chicken Lips DJ CD Electronic 
  Chief Jimmy Bruneau School Drummers Drum and Dance Music of the Dogrib CD First Nations 
  Chocolate Weasel Spaghettification CD Electronic 
  Chocolate Weasel MUSIC FOR BODY LOCKERS CD Electronic 
  Chok Rock Big City Loser CD Electronic 
  Chris Andrew Not So Fast CD Jazz 
  Chris Beard Live Wire CD Blues 
  Chris Bowden Slightly Askew CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chris Clark Empty The Bones Of You CD Electronic 
  Chris Clark Clarence Park CD Electronic 
  Chris Clark 'Ceramics"" Is The Bomb CDEP Electronic 
  Chris De Luca & Peabird Deadly Wiz Da Disco CD Electronic 
  Chris Gestrin After the city has gone: quiet SACDx2 Jazz 
  Chris Gestrin Stillpoint SACD Jazz 
  Chris Mckhool FiddleFire! CD Children's 
  Chris Speed Deviantics CD Jazz 
  Chris Speed Emit CD Jazz 
  Chris Speed Yeah No CD Jazz 
  Chris Stamey Travels In The South CD Pop/Rock 
  Chris Tarry Sorry To Be Strange CD Jazz 
  Chris Tarry Almost Certainly Dreaming CD Jazz 
  Chris Whiteley It's The Natural Thing to Do CD Blues 
  Christian Marclay djTRIO CD Electronic 
  Christine Fellows The Last One Standing CD Pop/Rock 
  Christine Primrose Without Seeking CD Celtic 
  Christine Primrose Aite Mo Ghaoil CD Celtic 
  Christine Primrose S Tu Nam Chuimhne CD Celtic 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Coleccion # V I CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Coleccion # V I I CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Coleccion # V I I I CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Grandes Momentos De Irakere CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Coleccion # X CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Coleccion # V CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Coleccion # I I I CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Coleccion # X I CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Coleccion # I V CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Coleccion # 1 CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Boleros Inigualables CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Coleccion # I I CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho E Irakere Valdes Coleccion # I X CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho Valdes Invitacion CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho Valdes Yemaya CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho Valdes Chucho Valdes CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho Valdes Cantata A Babalu Aye CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho Valdes Canciones ineditas CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Chucho Valdes E Iraker 30 Anos CD World: Latin 
  Chuck Westward Ho! CD Punk 
  Chuck Brodsky Letters in the Dirt CD Folk 
  Chuck Brodsky Radio CD Folk 
  Chuck Brodsky Last of the Old Time CD Folk 
  Cindy Valentine Rock & Roll Heart Attack CD Pop/Rock 
  Cj Bolland DJ CD Electronic 
  Claire Holley Claire Holley CD Pop/Rock 
  Claire Holley Dandelion CD Pop/Rock 
  Claire Vezina Cyber Neptune CD Francophone: Rock 
  Clark Tenakhongva Po'li CD First Nations 
  Classified Boy CD Hip-Hop 
  Classified Union Dues CD Hip-Hop 
  Claude Young DJ CD Electronic 
  Claudia Acua Luna CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Claudia And Rogers, Sally Schmidt While We Live CD Folk 
  Claudia Schmidt Big Earful CD Folk 
  Claudia Schmidt Wings of Wonder CD Folk 
  Claudia Schmidt It Looks Fine from Here CD Folk 
  Claudia Schmidt Essential Tension CD Folk 
  Clearlake Cedars CD Pop/Rock 
  Client Zerox Machine CDS Rock 
  Cliff Eberhardt The High Above and the Down Below CD Folk 
  Cliff Eberhardt School For Love CD Folk 
  Cliff Eberhardt 12 Songs of Good and Evil CD Folk 
  Cliff Eberhardt Borders CD Folk 
  Clinic Winchester Cathedral CD Pop/Rock 
  Clinic 3 EP's CD Pop/Rock 
  Clinic Internal Wrangler CD Pop/Rock 
  Clinic, Junior Boys, Sons And Daughters & Others] Mister Foe CD Rock 
  Clint Soundtrack - Original - Eastwood Changeling CD Soundtracks 
  Clinton Denny Prayers for my Father CD First Nations 
  Clouddead cLOUDDEAD CD Hip-Hop 
  Clouddead Ten CD Hip-Hop 
  Cluster One Hour CD Electronic 
  Clutchy Hopkins Walking Backwards CD + DVD Electronic 
  Coat Trio Cooke Up Down Down Up CD Jazz 
  Codec & Flexor Tubed CD Electronic 
  Codeine The White Birch CD Pop/Rock 
  Codeine Barely Real CDEP Pop/Rock 
  Codeine Frigid Stars CD Pop/Rock 
  Colorblind James Experience Solid! Behind the Times CD Rock 
  Combichrist The Frost EP: Sent To Destroy CDEP Industrial 
  Combichrist Everybody Hates You CD Industrial 
  Combichrist Today We Are All Demons CD Industrial 
  Combustible Edison Schizophonic CD Pop/Rock 
  Comets On Fire Blue Cathedral CD Pop/Rock 
  Concrete Blonde Mojave CD Pop/Rock 
  Conjunto Casino Campeones Del Ritmo CD World: Latin 
  Conjunto Son 14 Grandes Exitos CD World: Latin 
  Connie Kaldor Love is a Truck CD Folk 
  Connie Kaldor Out of the Blue CD Folk 
  Connie Kaldor Wood River CD Folk 
  Connie Kaldor Sky With Nothing to Get in the Way CD Folk 
  Connie Kaldor Vinyl Songbook CD Folk 
  Connie Kaldor Small Cafe CD Folk 
  Conrad Pelletier Tresors Du Quebec En Musique CD Folk 
  Contrived blank CD Rock 
  Corb Lund Band Unforgiving Mistress CD Pop/Rock 
  Corb Lund Band Modern Pain CD Pop/Rock 
  Cosmic Psychos Go The Hack CD Pop/Rock 
  Covenant Skyshaper Limited Edition 2CD CDx2 Industrial 
  Covenant Euro EP CDEP Industrial 
  Covenant Ritual Noise CDEP Industrial 
  Covenant In Transit DVD DVD Industrial 
  Covenant Tour De Force CDS Industrial 
  Craig Taborn Junk Magic CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Craig Wedren Lapland CD Rock 
  Creaking Tree String Quartet The Soundtrack CD Bluegrass 
  Creaking Tree String Quartet Side Two CD Bluegrass 
  Creaking Tree String Quartet Creaking Tree String Quartet CD Bluegrass 
  Crybaby Paintings CD Country 
  Cuarteto Guitarra 4 Huella De Espana CD World: Latin 
  Cub Box Of Hair CD Pop/Rock 
  Cub Betti- Cola [ Re-issue] CD Pop/Rock 
  Cub Come Out Come Out [Re-issue] CD Pop/Rock 
  Cub / Potatomen Day I Said Goodbye CDEP Pop/Rock 
  Culture International Herb CD Reggae 
  Culture Cumbolo CD Reggae 
  Culture Too Long In Slavery CD Reggae 
  Culture Harder Than The Rest CD Reggae 
  Culture Club 12 Collection CD Pop/Rock 
  Curley Bridges Keys to the Blues CD Blues 
  Curley Bridges Mr. Rock 'N' Soul CD Blues 
  Cursive The Ugly Organ CD Pop/Rock 
  Cursive Storms Of Early Summer CD Pop/Rock 
  Cursive Cursive's Domestica CD Pop/Rock 
  Cut Off Your Hands Happy As Can Be CD Rock 
  Cut Off Your Hands You And I CD Rock 
  D. Rangers The Paw CD Bluegrass 
  D.e.w. East Introducing D.E.W. East CD Jazz 
  D.e.w. East Meets Nick Brignola CD Jazz 
  Daddy G [from Massive Attack] DJ CD Hip-Hop 
  Daedelus Exquisite Corpse CD  Hip-Hop 
  Damien & Gathered Jurado I Break Chairs CD Pop/Rock 
  Damien Dempsey The Rocky Road [Covers of the Pogues and Christy M CD Rock 
  Damien Jurado Ghost Of David CD Pop/Rock 
  Damien Jurado Waters Ave E CD Pop/Rock 
  Damon & Naomi Playback Singers CD Pop/Rock 
  Damon & Naomi With Ghost CD Pop/Rock 
  Damon & Naomi Wondrous World Of CD Pop/Rock 
  Damon & Naomi More Sad Hits CD Pop/Rock 
  Damon Aaron Highlands CD Pop/Rock 
  Dan And Lee, Frankie Treanor African Wind CD Blues 
  Dan Bryk Lover's Leap CD Pop/Rock 
  Dan Mangan Postcards & Daydreaming CD Rock 
  Dandi Wind Yolk Of The Golden Egg CD Pop/Rock 
  Dandi Wind Bait The Traps [Enhanced CD] CD Pop/Rock 
  Danger Mouse & Jemini Twenty Six Inch EP CDEP Hip-Hop 
  Danger Mouse & Jemini Ghetto Pop Life CD Hip-Hop 
  Dani Siciliano Likes CD Electronic 
  Daniel Blanchet Les Voiliers De L'espace CD New Age 
  Daniel Blanchet L' Harmonie Des Mondes CD New Age 
  Daniel Blanchet Chemin De L' Ermite CD New Age 
  Daniel Martin Moore Stray Age CD Rock 
  Daniel Wang Idealism CD Electronic 
  Danny And Petrie, Robin Carnahan Cut and Run CD Rock 
  Danny Soundtrack - Original - Elfman Hellboy II: The Golden Army CD Soundtracks 
  Darol Anger Heritage CD Folk 
  Das Damen High Anxiety CDEP Pop/Rock 
  Das Ich Lava CD Industrial 
  Dave Alvin Ashgrove CD Pop/Rock 
  Dave Angel X-Mix-4 / Beyond The Heavens CD  Electronic 
  Dave Clarke X CD  Electronic 
  Dave Dondero South Of The South CD Rock 
  Dave Douglas The Tiny Bell Trio CD Jazz 
  Dave Moore Jukejoints and Cantinas CD Folk 
  Dave Moore Over My Shoulder CD Folk 
  Dave Moore Breaking Down To Three CD Folk 
  Dave Renter Everywhere I Go CD Jazz 
  Dave Soundtrack - Tv - Grusin The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. CD Soundtracks 
  David And Murley,mike Liebman Day and Night CD Jazz 
  David Cross Let America Laugh DVD Comedy 
  David Cross ShutUpYouFuckingBaby! CDx2 Comedy 
  David Cross It's Not Funny CD Comedy 
  David Jacobs-strain Stuck On the Way Back CD Blues 
  David Jacobs-strain Ocean or a Teardrop CD Blues 
  David Nighteagle Torn From The Heart: The Journey CD First Nations 
  David Rogers The Chase CD Folk 
  David S. Ware Quartet Alive In The World CDx3 Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  David Thompson Little Dave and Big Love CD Blues / R&B 
  David Wilcox Airstream CD Rock 
  Davis Mitchell Country Road CD First Nations 
  Dd/mm/yyyy Are They Masks? CD Rock 
  Dd/mm/yyyy Blue Screen Of Death CD Rock 
  Deaf Heights Cajun Aces Les Flammes D'Enfer CD World 
  Dean Magraw Broken Silence CD Folk 
  Dean Magraw Seventh One CD Folk 
  Dean Mcneill Prairie Fire: Large Jazz Ensemble CD Jazz 
  Death Cab For Cutie Something About Airplanes CDx2 Alternative 
  Death Vessel Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us CD Rock 
  Death Vessel Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us LP Rock 
  Decoded Feedback Evolution CD Industrial 
  Decoded Feedback Bio-Vital CD Industrial 
  Decoded Feedback Technophoby CD Industrial 
  Decoded Feedback Mechanical Horizon CD Industrial 
  Decree Moment Of Silence CD Industrial 
  Delhi 2 Dublin Delhi 2 Dublin CD World 
  Delphine Tsinajinnie Mother's Word CD First Nations 
  Delroy Washington Rasta CD Reggae 
  Dena Derose Live At Jazz Standard Volume Two CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Denny Zeitlin Slickrock CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Depth Charge Electro Boogie Volume 3: Shape Generator CD Electronic 
  Derelicts Don't Wanna Live CD Pop/Rock 
  Desaparecidos Read Music CD Pop/Rock 
  Desert Dwellers Down Temple Dub: Flames CD Ambient 
  Desert Dwellers DownTemple Dub: Waves CD Ambient 
  Desert Dwellers Gypsy Trails CD Ambient 
  Deva Premal Sings the Moola Mantra CD Ambient 
  Deva Premal Embrace CD Ambient 
  Deva Premal Dakshina CD Ambient 
  Deva Premal Love is Space CD Ambient 
  Deva Premal The Essence CD Ambient 
  Deva Premal And Miten More Than Music CD Ambient 
  Devil In A Woodpile In Your Lonesome Town CD Blues / R&B 
  Dexter Romweber Blues That Defy My Soul CD Pop/Rock 
  Diana And Whiteley, Chris Braithwaite Morning Sun CD Blues 
  Dianno [from Iron Maiden] Live In London DVD Music DVD 
  Diary Of Dreams Nigredo CD Industrial 
  Diary Of Dreams Mensch Feind CDEP Industrial 
  Die Form Archives & Documents III CDx2 Industrial 
  Die Form Inhuman CD Industrial 
  Die Form AKT (Best Of The Side Projects) CD Industrial 
  Die Form Histories CDx2 Industrial 
  Dierdre [from Ekova] One CD Pop/Rock 
  Din Fiv Escape To Reality CD Industrial 
  Dino Felipe I'm You CD Electronic 
  Din-st Yamu D'din CD Electronic 
  Diplo Florida CD Electronic 
  Direction Est CD Francophone: Rock 
  Dismantled Breed To Death EP CDEP Industrial 
  Dismantled Postnuclear CD Industrial 
  Divo This Iz Bizness CD Hip-Hop 
  Dj Cam DJ CD Electronic 
  Dj Hell / Various Artists X CD  Electronic 
  Dj Jazzy Jeff Hip Hop Forever II CD Hip-Hop 
  Dj Jazzy Jeff The Magnificent CD Hip-Hop 
  Dj Leigh Wood / Various Artists Mantras In Motion CD Electronic 
  Dj Marky Influences CDx2 Electronic 
  Dj Me Dj You Simplemachinerock CDEP Electronic 
  Dj Muggs Vs. Planet Asia Pain Language CD Hip Hop 
  Dj Serious Dim Sum CD Hip-Hop 
  Dj Signify W Sage Francis & Buck 65 Sleep No More CD Hip-Hop 
  Dj Spinna Here To There CD  Hip-Hop 
  Dl Incognito Organic Music For A Digital World CD Hip-Hop 
  Dl Incognito Life's A Collection of Experiences CD Hip-Hop 
  Dobacaracol Soley CD Francophone: Rock 
  Dobacaracol Le Calme-Son CD Francophone: Rock 
  Dobie Gray Drift Away And Other Classics CD Adult Contemporary 
  Dollar Store Dollar Store CD Pop/Rock 
  Dolorean Not Exotic CD Pop/Rock 
  Dolorean Violence In The Snowy Fields CD Pop/Rock 
  Don Pyle + Andrew Zealley The Law Of Enclosures CD Electronic 
  Donna De Lory Lover and The Beloved CD Ambient 
  Donnie Munro An Turas - The Journey CD World: Scotland 
  Doug And Bhatt, Salil Cox Slide to Freedom CD Blues 
  Doug And Hurrie, Sam Cox Hungry Ghosts CD Blues 
  Doyle Bramhall Fitchburg Street CD Pop/Rock 
  Dr Angus Macdonald A' Sireadh Spors CD Celtic 
  Dr. M Balamuralikrishna Vocal CD World 
  Drums & Tuba Mostly Ape CD Rock 
  Drums & Tuba Vinyl Killer CD Rock 
  Drunk In Public Tapped Out CD Punk 
  Dsp (dynamic Syncopation Productions) In The Red CD  Hip-Hop 
  Duane Andrews Crocus CD Jazz 
  Duane Andrews Raindrops CD Jazz 
  Dublab Presents Freeways CD Electronic 
  Duguay / Robidoux Nova CD New Age 
  Duo Los Compadres Llegaron Los Compadres CD World: Latin 
  Dwarves Blood Guts & Pussy CD Pop/Rock 
  Dylan Van Der Schyff The Definition of a Toy SACD Jazz 
  Dynamic Syncopation Dynamism CD Hip-Hop 
  Dynamite Boy Somewhere In America CD Punk 
  Dynamite Boy Finders Keepers CD Punk 
  Dysart And Dundonald Pipe Band Live In Concert CD Piping 
  E. Orquesta Aragon Con Burke Concierto En El Lincoln Center CD World: Latin 
  E. Y El Cuarteto Patria Ochoa Chanchaneando ( Segundo Compay CD World: Latin 
  E. Y El Cuarteto Patria Ochoa Son De Oriente CD World: Latin 
  Earl Zinger Put Your Phazers On Stun Throw Your Health Food Sk CD Dance 
  Earl Zinger Speaker Stack Commendments CD Dance 
  Earth Earth 2 CD Pop/Rock 
  Earth Pentastar CD Pop/Rock 
  Eaton, Clipman, And Nawang Nakai In a Distant Place CD First Nations 
  Eccodek Shivaboom CD Worldbeat 
  Eccodek Voices Have Eyes CD Worldbeat 
  Eccodek More Africa In Us CD Worldbeat 
  Ed Lee Natay Natay CD First Nations 
  Eddie Maxx Land Of The Red Sun CD Pop/Rock 
  Eddie Turner Rise CD Blues 
  Eddie Turner The Turner Diaries CD Blues 
  Edgar (tangerine Dream] Froese Aqua CD Electronic 
  Edgar (tangerine Dream] Froese Stuntman CD Electronic 
  Edge Of Dawn Borderline Black Heart CDEP Electronic 
  Edge Of Dawn Anything That Gets You Through The Night CD Electronic 
  Edward Soundtrack - Original - Shearmur Passengers CD Soundtracks 
  Eg Kight It's Hot In Here CD Blues 
  Eilidh Mackenzie The Raiment of the Tale CD Celtic 
  Eisbregher Eiszeit CD Industrial 
  El Nene Cuiado con el perro CD World: Latin 
  Electric Six Flashy CD Rock 
  Electrocute I Love My Daddy CDEP Pop/Rock 
  Elena Burke En Persona CD World: Latin 
  Elevator A Taste Of Complete Perspective CD Pop/Rock 
  Eliades Ochoa Y El Curteto Patria CD World: Latin 
  Elio Y Su Charangon Reve Papa Elegua CD World: Latin 
  Elio Y Su Charangon Reve Tributo Al Maestro CD World: Latin 
  Eliza Gilkyson Your Town Tonight CD Folk 
  Eliza Gilkyson Hard Times in Babylon CD Folk 
  Eliza Gilkyson Lost and Found CD Folk 
  Eliza Gilkyson Land of Milk and Honey CD Folk 
  Eliza Gilkyson Paradise Hotel CD Folk 
  Elk Soldier The Elk Way CD First Nations 
  Elk Soldier A Soldier's Dream CD First Nations 
  Ellery Eskelin Jazz Trash CD Jazz 
  Elmo Williams Takes One To Know One CD Blues / R&B 
  El-p Collecting The Kid (Ltd. Edition) CD Hip-Hop 
  El-p With The Blue Series Continuum High Water CD Hip-Hop 
  Enrico Crivellaro Key To My Kingdom CD Blues 
  Enrique Orquesta Jorrim Todo Chachacha CD World: Latin 
  Epstein / Shepik / Kilmer Lingua Franca SACD Jazz 
  Eralio Gill The Art of the Paraguayan Harp CD World 
  Eric Bibb Home to Me CD Blues 
  Eric Bibb An Evening with Eric Bibb CD Blues 
  Eric Bibb Painting Signs CD Blues 
  Eric Matthews Its Heavy In Here CD Pop/Rock 
  Eric Matthews The Lateness Of The Hour CD Pop/Rock 
  Eric's Trip The Eric's Trip Show CD Pop/Rock 
  Eric's Trip Purple Blue CD Pop/Rock 
  Eric's Trip Forever Again CD Pop/Rock 
  Erlend Oye DJ CD Electronic 
  Ernesto Lecuona Lecuona Toca Lecuona # 2 CD World: Latin 
  Ernesto Lecuona Lecuona Toca Lecuona CD World: Latin 
  Eternia It's Called Life CD Hip-Hop 
  Evil Stig [feat. Joan Jett] Evil Stig CD Rock 
  Excessive Force Gentle Death CD Rock 
  Excessive Force Conquer Your World CD Rock 
  Extra Virgin Nude Combinations CD Pop/Rock 
  Faith And The Muse Vera Causa CD Industrial 
  Falconhawk Here's Your Ghost CD Rock 
  Falconhawk Hotmouth CD Rock 
  Famous Jane Yellow CD Pop/Rock 
  Fancey Fancey CD Pop/Rock 
  Fantastic Plastic Machine M CDEP Electronic 
  Farm Accident Vane CD Country 
  Fastbacks Answer The Phone Dummy CD Pop/Rock 
  Fastbacks New Mansions In Sound CD Pop/Rock 
  Fathead Where's Your Head At? CD Blues 
  Fathead Blues Weather CD Blues 
  Fathead First Class Riff CD Blues 
  Fathead Building Full of Blues CD Blues 
  Fats Domino Sweet Patootie CD Pop/Rock 
  Fats Domino The Best Of1963 CD Pop/Rock 
  Faust Faust IV CD Pop/Rock 
  Faustino Oramas El Guayabero CD World: Latin 
  Featuring Bahamadia Herbaliser MISSING SUITCASE B/W WHEN I SHINE  CD Hip-Hop 
  Fehlfarben Knietief Im Dispo CD Pop/Rock 
  Feiner & Anywhen The Opiates CD Rock 
  Felix Da Housecat Kittenz And Thee Glitz CD Electronic 
  Fembots Calling Out CD Rock 
  Fembots, Ox, Two-minute Miracles, United Steelwork (weewerk) is 6!" CD Rock 
  Fiamma Fumana Home CD World: Italy 
  Fiddlers Five Fiddlers Five CD Celtic 
  Figgy Duff Retrospective CD Folk 
  Finesse And Runway Finesse and Runway CD Electronic 
  Finest Kind Silks and Spices CD Folk 
  Finest Kind And John D. Huston Feasts and Spirits CD Holiday 
  Fingathing AND THE BIG RED NEBULA BAND CDx2 Electronic 
  Finis Tasby What My Blues Are All About CD Blues 
  Fink Fresh Produce CD Electronic 
  Fires Were Shot Solace CD Pop/Rock 
  Fist Reign Of Terror CD Pop/Rock 
  Fist Round One CD Pop/Rock 
  Fist Loud Loud Loud CD Pop/Rock 
  Five Deez Slow Children Playing CD Hip-Hop 
  Five Deez Kinkynasti CD Hip-Hop 
  Five Style 5ive Style CD Pop/Rock 
  Fixmer / Mccarthy Between The Devil CD Industrial 
  Flanger Templates CD Electronic 
  Flanger Midnight Sound CD Electronic 
  Flanger Outerspace CD Electronic 
  Flesh Field Strain CD Industrial 
  Flora Macneil Craobh Nan Ubhal CD Celtic 
  Flora Macneil Songs of Flora MacNeil (Orain Floraidh) CD Celtic 
  Fog Pneumonia CDS Pop/Rock 
  Fog HUMMER  CD Pop/Rock 
  Fog Fog CD Pop/Rock 
  Fog ETHER TEETH  CD Pop/Rock 
  Ford Pier Pier CD Pop/Rock 
  Four Tet Everything Ecstatic CD Electronic 
  Four Tet Pause CD Electronic 
  Francisco Aguabella Ochimini CD Latin Jazz 
  Franco C. Di Marco Sensual Relaxation CD New Age 
  Francois 5 Houle In the Vernacular CD Jazz 
  Frank (flynn) Emilio Interpreta A Ignacio Cervantes CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Frank Fernandez Tierra Brava CD World: Latin 
  Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand CD Pop/Rock 
  Fraser Macpherson Trio Live at Puccini's 1977 CD Jazz 
  Frausdots Couture, Couture, Couture CD Electronic 
  Frausdots Neal and Jack and Me (Live 1982 DVD Electronic 
  Fred Eaglesmith Dusty CD Folk 
  Fred Jazz Orchestra Stride Forward Motion CD Jazz 
  Fred Mcdowell Mama Says I'm Crazy CD Blues / R&B 
  Freddie Foxxx Konexion CD Hip-Hop 
  Freyda Epstein Midnight at Cabell Hall CD Folk 
  Friends Of Dean Martinez The Shadow Of Your Smile CD Pop/Rock 
  Friends Of Dean Martinez Retrograde CD Pop/Rock 
  Frigg Frigg CD World: Nordic 
  Frigg Economy Class CD World: Nordic 
  Fripp & Eno No Pussyfooting CDx2 Ambient 
  Fripp & Eno Evening Star CD Ambient 
  Front 242 Headhunter 2000 CD Industrial 
  Front 242 Catch the Men DVD Industrial 
  Front 242 Re:Boot CD Industrial 
  Front Line Assembly Vanished CDEP Industrial 
  Front Line Assembly Re-Wind CDx2 Industrial 
  Front Line Assembly Flavour of the Weak CD Industrial 
  Front Line Assembly Live Wired CD Industrial 
  Front Line Assembly Everything Must Perish CDEP Industrial 
  Front Line Assembly Civilization CD Industrial 
  Front Line Assembly Maniacal CDS Industrial 
  Front Line Assembly Hard Wired CD Industrial 
  Front Line Assembly Shifting Through The Lens CDEP Industrial 
  Front Line Assembly Improvised.Electroinic.Device CD Industrial 
  Fruit Bats Mouthfuls CD Pop/Rock 
  Fruteland Jackson I Claim Nothing But The Blues CD Blues 
  Fruteland Jackson Blues 2.0 CD Blues 
  Fruteland Jackson Tell Me What You Say CD Blues 
  Funker Vogt Killing Time Again CDx2 Industrial 
  Funker Vogt T  CDx2 Industrial 
  Funki Porcini ROCKIT SOUL  CD Electronic 
  Funki Porcini Hed Phone Sex CD Electronic 
  Funki Porcini LOVE, PUSSYCATS & CARWRECKS  CD Electronic 
  Funki Porcini FAST ASLEEP  CD+DVD Electronic 
  Funkstrung / Various Artists MAS: Confusion CD Electronic 
  Furry Lewis Good Morning Judge CD Blues / R&B 
  Future Pilot Aka Tiny Waves CD Pop/Rock 
  Gabriel Mark [aka Gabriel] Hasselbach Cool Down CDx2 Jazz 
  Gamelan Madu Sari New Nectar CD World 
  Gamma Permanament CD Hip-Hop 
  Garnet Rogers All That Is CD Folk 
  Gary Primich Ridin' The Darkhorse CD Blues 
  Gary U.s. Bonds Back in 20 CD Rock 
  Gary Wilson You Think You Really Know Me CD Pop/Rock 
  Gebhard Ullmann Ta lam CD Jazz 
  Gemma Hayes Hollow Of Morning CD Rock 
  Gene Autry The Complete Columbia Christmas Recordings CD Holiday 
  Gene Autry Cowboy Hymns & Songs Of Inspiration CD Holiday 
  Gene Bowen Vermilion Sea CD Electronic 
  Gentleman Reg Darby & Joan CD Pop/Rock 
  Geoffrey Keezer Falling Up CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  George Brooks Lasting Impressions CD Jazz 
  Geraint Watkins Dial W For Watkins CD Pop/Rock 
  Gerald Sr Primeaux Voice of a Dakota CD First Nations 
  Gerardo Alfonso Ilustrado Caballero De Paris CD World: Latin 
  Gestrin / Van Der Schyff / Monder The Distance SACD Jazz 
  Ghost Cauldron Invent Modest Fires CD Electronic 
  Ghostkeeper And The Children Of The Great Northern Muskeg CD Rock 
  Giant Sand ProVISIONS CD Rock 
  Gilles / Various Artists Peterson Searching for Soul: Rare and Classic Soul, Funk an CD Funk 
  Girija Devi Vocal CD World 
  Girl In A Coma Both Before I'm Gone CD Rock 
  Gladiators Dreadlocks The Time Is Now CD Reggae 
  Gladys Knight & The Pips Greatest Hits 1973 CD R&B 
  Glamour Puss Wire and Wood CD Blues 
  Glamour Puss Bluesman's Prayer CD Blues 
  Glasseater Glasseater CD Punk 
  Glen Ahhaitty True Lies From The Road CD First Nations 
  Glue Gun Scene Is Not For Sale CD Punk 
  Gluecifer Tender Is The Savage CD Pop/Rock 
  Gluecifer Get The Horn CD Pop/Rock 
  Godheadsilo Share The Fantasy CD Pop/Rock 
  Godheadsilo Skyward In Triumph CD Pop/Rock 
  Gong Gazeuse! CD Pop/Rock 
  Gong Live Etc. CD Pop/Rock 
  Gong Wingful Of Eyes CD Pop/Rock 
  Gong Radio Gnome Invisible Pt.2 CD Pop/Rock 
  Gong Expresso 2 CD Pop/Rock 
  Gong You CD Pop/Rock 
  Gong Shamal CD Pop/Rock 
  Gonzalez / Fernandez / Alvarez Celina Gonzalez CD World: Latin 
  Gord Disley Shots Fired CD Comedy 
  Gordon / Peacock, Gary / Motian, Paul Grdina Think Like The Waves SACD Jazz 
  Gordon Mcgilvery All in the Family CD First Nations 
  Gordon Mooney O'er The Border CD Celtic 
  Gourishankar Close Grip CD Rock 
  Graham Parker Your Country CD Pop/Rock 
  Grandpa Boy Dead Man Shake CD Blues / R&B 
  Gravenhurst Black Holes In The Sand CDEP Electronic 
  Gravenhurst Fires In Distant Buildings CD Electronic 
  Gravenhurst Flashlight Seasons CD Electronic 
  Great Lake Swimmers Great Lake Swimmers CD Pop/Rock 
  Great Lake Swimmers Bodies And Minds CD Pop/Rock 
  Green Magnet School Blood Music CD Pop/Rock 
  Green River Dry As A Bone CD Pop/Rock 
  Greg Brown Bathtub Blues CD Folk 
  Greg Brown Further In CD Folk 
  Greg Brown The Live One CD Folk 
  Greg Brown Covenant CD Folk 
  Greg Brown The Poet Game CD Folk 
  Greg Brown Dream Cafe CD Folk 
  Greg Brown Slant 6 Mind CD Folk 
  Greg Brown One Night CD Folk 
  Greg Brown Down in There CD Folk 
  Greg Brown One Big Town CD Folk 
  Greg Brown In The Hills of California CDx2 Folk 
  Greg Brown Songs of Innocence and of Experience CD Folk 
  Greg Brown In the Dark with You CD Folk 
  Greg Brown 44 and 66 CD Folk 
  Greg Brown The Iowa Waltz CD Folk 
  Greg Brown Milk of the Moon CD Folk 
  Greg Brown If I Had Known: Essential Recordings 1980 CD + DVD Folk 
  Greg Brown The Evening Call CD Folk 
  Greg Brown One More Goodnight Kiss CD Folk 
  Greg Hawks & The Tremblers Fool's Paradise CD Country 
  Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward CD Reggae 
  Gregory Isaacs Mr. Love CD Reggae 
  Gregory Isaacs Once Ago CD Reggae 
  Gregory Issacs Cool Ruler CD Reggae 
  Grendel Prescription: Medicide CD Industrial 
  Greyboy Soul Mosaic CD Electronic 
  Greyboy Several Shades Of Gray CD Electronic 
  Greyboy 15 Years Of West Coast Cool CD Electronic 
  Grifters Full Blown Possession CD Pop/Rock 
  Grupo De Experimentacion Sonor Del Icaic Grupo De Experimentatacion Sonor del ICAIC Vol. II CD World: Latin 
  Grupo De Experimentacion Sonor Del Icaic Grupo De Experimentatacion Sonor del ICAIC Vol. I CD World: Latin 
  Grupo De Experimentacion Sonor Del Icaic Grupo De Experimentatacion Sonor del ICAIC Vol. IV CD World: Latin 
  Grupo De Experimentacion Sonor Del Icaic Grupo De Experimentatacion Sonor del ICAIC Vol. II CD World: Latin 
  Grupo Moncada El Mundo Al Reves CD World: Latin 
  Grupo Moncada Lo Bailaste Manana CD World: Latin 
  Grupo Raison Record De Un Ano CD World: Latin 
  Grupo Sierra Maestra Viaje A La Semilla CD World: Latin 
  Gu-achi Fiddlers Old Time O'odham Fiddle Music CD First Nations 
  Guy Davis Butt Naked Free CD Blues 
  Guy Davis Stomp Down Rider CD Blues 
  Guy Davis Give In Kind CD Blues 
  Guy Davis Skunkmello CD Blues 
  Guy Davis You Don't Know My Mind CD Blues 
  Guy Davis Chocolate to the Bone CD Blues 
  Guy Davis Call Down the Thunder CD Blues 
  Guy Davis Legacy CD Blues 
  Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir Tibetan Chants For World Peace CD World: Tibet 
  Habanasax Ultrasonido CD World: Latin 
  Hamell On Trial Tough Love CD Rock 
  Hamell On Trial Songs For Parents Who Enjoy Drugs CD Rock 
  Hangar 18 The Multi CD Hip-Hop 
  Hans And Douglas Dave Bennink Serpentine CD Jazz 
  Hans Soundtrack - Original - Zimmer Frost / Nixon CD Soundtracks 
  Hanzel Und Gretyl Scheissmessiah! CD Industrial 
  Hardfloor X CD  Electronic 
  Hardship Post Somebody Spoke CD Pop/Rock 
  Harmonic 33 Music For TV/Film And Radio Vol. 1 CD Electronic 
  Harmonica Shah Tell It to Your Landlord CD Blues 
  Harmonica Shah Listen At Me Good CD Blues 
  Harold Brian Eno Daniel Lanois Budd Pearl, The  CD Electronic 
  Harold Budd Pavilion Of Dreams CD Electronic 
  Harrison Kennedy High Country Blues CD Blues 
  Harry And Breit, Kevin Manx Jubilee CD Blues 
  Harry Soundtrack - Original - Gregson-williams Sherk Forever After CD Soundtrack 
  Hasil Adkins What the Hell Was I Thinking CD Blues / R&B 
  Hassenpfeffer Songs Of Convenience CD Pop/Rock 
  Hatfield & The North Rotters Club CD Pop/Rock 
  Hatfield & The North Hatfield & The North CD Pop/Rock 
  Haujobb Matrix CDx2 Industrial 
  Hazel Are You Going To Eat That? CD Pop/Rock 
  Hazel Toreador Of Love CD Pop/Rock 
  Heartless Bastards Stairs And Elevators CD Pop/Rock 
  Hearts Of Darknesses Music For Drunk Driving CD Electronic 
  Heaven 17 Penthouse And Pavement CD Pop/Rock 
  Heavy Meadows Heavy Meadows CD Pop/Rock 
  Hellacopters Payin' Dues CD Pop/Rock 
  Henri Faberg & The Adorables Henri Fabergé & The Adorables CD Rock 
  Herbaliser With Latryx 8 POINT AGENDA  CD Hip-Hop 
  Herbaliser. The Solid Steel Presents Herbal Blend CD Electronic 
  Herbert Around The House CD Electronic 
  Herbert Bodily Functions CD Electronic 
  Heritage Tell Tae Me CD Celtic 
  Heroic Doses Heroic Doses CD Pop/Rock 
  Hexes & Ohs Goodbye Friend Welcome Lover [with Bonus Sampler D CDx2 Electronic 
  Hexes & Ohs Bedroom Madness CD Electronic 
  Hexstatic Rewind (2cd) CD Electronic 
  Hexstatic Solid Steel Presents ""Listen & Learn"" CD Electronic 
  Hexstatic MASTER VIEW  CD+DVD Electronic 
  Hidden Cameras. The Mississauga Goddam CD Pop/Rock 
  High Noon Songs for our People CD First Nations 
  High Noon Have Drum CD First Nations 
  High Noon The Way It All Began CD First Nations 
  Hilmar Jensson Tyft CD Jazz 
  Hilmar Jensson Ditty Blei SACD Jazz 
  Hint Portacabin Fever CD Electronic 
  Hocico Wrack And Ruin CD Industrial 
  Hocico A Traves De Mundos Que Arden DVD Industrial 
  Hole Ask For It CD Pop/Rock 
  Hole Pretty On The Inside CD Pop/Rock 
  Holger / Jah Wobble / Jaki Leibezeit Czukay Full Circle CD Pop/Rock 
  Holopaw Holopaw CD Pop/Rock 
  Holy Fuck Holy Fuck CD Rock 
  Home Video Dusty CD Electronic 
  Home Video Citizen CDEP Electronic 
  Honeymoon Suite 13 Live CD Pop/Rock 
  Hong Ting Chinese Traditional Zheng Music CD World 
  Hood The Lost You CDEP Pop/Rock 
  Hood Outside Closer CD Pop/Rock 
  Hospital Bombers Footnotes CD Rock 
  Hot Hot Heat Knock Knock Knock  CDEP Pop/Rock 
  Hothouse Flowers Into Your Heart CD Pop/Rock 
  Hovia Edwards Morning Star CD First Nations 
  Huevos Rancheros Muerte Del Toro CD Pop/Rock 
  Huevos Rancheros Get Outta Dodge CD Pop/Rock 
  Huevos Rancheros Dig In CD Pop/Rock 
  Hugo Fleury Soudure Mexicaine CD Francophone: Rock 
  Human Feel Speak to It CD Jazz 
  Hutchinson Andrew Trio Lost But Not Forgotten CD Jazz 
  Hymie's Basement Hymie's Basement CD Hip-Hop 
  I Am Spoonbender Teletwin CD Pop/Rock 
  I Am Spoonbender Sender-Receiver CD Pop/Rock 
  I Roy Musical Shark Attack CD Reggae 
  I Roy Heart Of A Lion CD Reggae 
  I. Caliente T.. Ferrer Tierra Caliente ( Con Los Bocu CD World: Latin 
  Iain Macfadyen Ceol Mor Ceol Beag CD Celtic 
  Iamx President CDS Rock 
  Ian Hendrickson-smith Blues in the Basement CD Jazz 
  Ian Matthews Live In London DVD Music DVD 
  Ian Matthews Live In London DVD Music DVD 
  Ian Moore Luminaria CD Pop/Rock 
  Ian Robb Jiig CD Ambient 
  Ian Simmonds Return To X CD  Electronic 
  Ian Tamblyn Over My Head CD Folk 
  Ian Tamblyn Superior: Spirit And Light CD Folk 
  Ian Tamblyn Antarctica CD Folk 
  Ian Tamblyn Angel's Share CD Folk 
  Ian Tamblyn Machine Works CD Folk 
  Ian Tamblyn Voice In The Wilderness CD Folk 
  Ian Tamblyn Through The Years CD Folk 
  Ian Tamblyn The Body Needs To Travel CD Folk 
  Ian Tamblyn Magnetic North CD Folk 
  Ian Tamblyn Raincoast CD Folk 
  Ian Tamblyn The Middle Distance CD Folk 
  Ibrahim Ferrer Tiempos Con Chepin Y Su Orques CD World: Latin 
  Icon Of Coil UploadedAndRemixed CD Industrial 
  Icon Of Coil Machines Are Us CD Industrial 
  Idaho Palms Ep CD Pop/Rock 
  Idaho Three Sheets To The Wind CD Pop/Rock 
  Idaho Year After Year CD Pop/Rock 
  Ignacio Villa ""bola De Nieve"" El Inigualable Bola De Nieve CD World: Latin 
  Ikon Flowers For The Gathering CD Industrial 
  Imperative Reaction Redemption CD Industrial 
  Imperative Reaction Minus All CD Industrial 
  In And Out In And Out CD Pop/Rock 
  In Strict Confidence Holy CD Industrial 
  Indigo Girls, Arlo Guthrie, Billy Bragg, Ani Difra Til We Outnumber 'Em [a Woody Guthrie Tribute]  CD Folk: Woody Guthrie 
  Infesticons Gun Hill Road CD Hip-Hop 
  Infesticons Bedford Park LP Hip-Hop 
  Infesticons (mike Ladd) HERO THEME CD Hip-Hop 
  Infinite Livez BUSH MEAT  CD Hip-Hop 
  In-flight Safety we are an empire CD Rock 
  Informatik Beyond CD Industrial 
  Informatik Syntax CD Industrial 
  Informatik Direct Memory Access v2.0 CD Industrial 
  Informatik Re:vision CD Industrial 
  International Noise Conspiracy International Noise Conspiracy CD Pop/Rock 
  Invasora Estudiantina Tirame la pelota Maria CD World: Latin 
  Iris Dement Life Line CD Country 
  Iron & Wine The Sea & The Rhythm CDEP Pop/Rock 
  Iron And Wine Passing Afternoon CDS Pop/Rock 
  Iron And Wine The Creek Drank The Cradle CD Pop/Rock 
  Irresistible Force NEPALESE BLISS  CD Electronic 
  Irresistible Force FISH DANCES  CD Electronic 
  Irresistible Force IT'S TOMORROW ALREADY  CD Electronic 
  Issa Bagayogo Tassoumakan CD World: Africa 
  Ivana Santilli Corduroy Boogie CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Ivana Santilli Brown CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Jack De Keyzer Silver Blues CD Blues 
  Jack De Keyzer Blues Thing CD Blues 
  Jack De Keyzer 6 String Lover CD Blues 
  Jackie Wilson The Essential Masters with Billy Ward and His Domi CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Jaga Jazzist LIVINGROOM HUSH  CD Pop/Rock 
  Jaga Jazzist THE STIX  CD Pop/Rock 
  Jah And The Invaders Of The Heart Wobble English Roots Music CD Folk 
  Jah Wobble Legend Lives On CD Pop/Rock 
  Jake Brennan Cemetery Shoes CD Pop/Rock 
  Jake Brennan Love and Bombs (Plus Bonus DVD) CD + DVD Pop/Rock 
  Jake One White Van Music CD Hip Hop 
  Jale So Wound CD Pop/Rock 
  James And The Athletes Yorkston Just Beyond The River CD Pop/Rock 
  James Cohen High Side of Lowdown CD World 
  James Group Carney Green-Wood SACDx2 Jazz 
  James Group Danderfer Run With It CD Jazz 
  James Hardway L.A. Instrumental CD Electronic 
  James Keelaghan Small Rebellions CD Folk 
  James Keelaghan My Skies CD Folk 
  James Keelaghan A Recent Future CD Folk 
  James Murdoch Between The Lines CD Pop/Rock 
  James Soundtrack - Original - Dooley Pushing Daisies CD  Soundtracks 
  James Yorkston & The Athletes When The Ha'ar Rolls In CD Rock 
  James Yorkston And The Athletes Moving Up Country CD Pop/Rock 
  Jane Fair Chances Are CD Jazz 
  Janiva Magness Do I Move You? CD Blues 
  Janiva Magness Bury Him at the Crossroads CD Blues 
  Japan Adolescent Sex CD Pop/Rock 
  Japan Quiet Life CD Pop/Rock 
  Japan Obscure Alternatives CD Pop/Rock 
  Japanese Motors Japanese Motors CD Rock 
  Jason And The Scorchers Wildfires And Misfires Two Decades Of Outtakes An CD Pop/Rock 
  Jason Ringenberg All Over Creation CD Pop/Rock 
  Jason Ringenberg A Day At The Farm With Farmer Jason CD Pop/Rock 
  Jason Ringenberg Empire Builders CD Pop/Rock 
  Jay Begaye The Colorful World CD First Nations 
  Jay Dee Welcome 2 Detroit CD Hip-Hop 
  Jayme Stone The Utmost CD Folk 
  Jean Carignan Violoneux DVD Holiday 
  Jean Rene UniVerse of Song CD Children's 
  Jeana & Siobhan Miller Leslie In A Bleeze CD World: Scotland 
  Jeanine Soundtrack - Original - Tesori Nights In Rodanthe CD Soundtracks 
  Jean-jacques Avenel Waraba SACD World: Africa 
  Jeb Loy Nichols Parish Bar CD Rock 
  Jeff Coffin Mu'tet Mutopia CD Jazz 
  Jelly Roll Kings Off Yonder Wall CD Blues / R&B 
  Jennifer Quartet Scott Live at the Cellar CD Jazz 
  Jennyanykind Big Johns CD Pop/Rock 
  Jennyanykind I Need You CD Pop/Rock 
  Jeremy Ellis Lotus Blooms CD  Electronic 
  Jeremy Enigk Return Of The Frog Queen CD Pop/Rock 
  Jeremy Manasia Witchery CD Jazz 
  Jeremy Pelt Close To My Heart CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Jerry And Badlands Granelli Crowd Theory CD Jazz 
  Jerry And Badlands Granelli Enter CD Jazz 
  Jerry Granelli Sandhills Reunion SACD Jazz 
  Jerry Granelli The V16 Project SACD Jazz 
  Jerry Lee Lewis Jerry Lee Lewis CD Pop/Rock 
  Jerry V16 Granelli The Sonic Temple SACDx2 Jazz 
  Jeru The Damaja Divine Design CD Hip-Hop 
  Jessica Williams Live At Yoshi's Volume One CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Jesus (el Nino) Perez Charangeando CD World: Latin 
  Jewish Wedding Band A Child's Hanukkah CD Children's 
  Jill Barber Chances CD Rock 
  Jim And His Band Hunter Uphill Slide CD Folk 
  Jim And His Band Johnstone Tribute CD Piping 
  Jim Galloway Echoes of Swing CD Jazz 
  Jim Hunter Fingernail Moon CD Folk 
  Jimmy "duck" Holmes Gonna Get Old Someday CD Blues 
  Jimmy Edgar Bounce CDEP Electronic 
  Jimmy Lafave Blue Nightfall CD Folk 
  Jimmy Lafave Cimarron Manifesto CD Folk 
  Jimmy Lee Williams Hoot Your Belly CD Blues / R&B 
  Joan Jett And The Blackhearts Fit To Be Tied CD Rock 
  Joan Jett And The Blackhearts Album CDx2 Rock 
  Joan Jett And The Blackhearts Flashback CD Rock 
  Joan Jett And The Blackhearts Sinner CD Rock 
  Joan Jett And The Blackhearts I Love Rock N Roll CD Rock 
  Joan Jett And The Blackhearts Bad Reputation CD Rock 
  Joanna Connor The Joanna Connor Band CD Blues 
  Joanne (with Peter Kater) Shenandoah Life Blood CD First Nations 
  Joanne And Laughing, Lawrence Shenandoah Orenda: Native American Songs of Life CD First Nations 
  Joanne And Ortega, Paul Shenandoah Loving Ways CD First Nations 
  Joanne Shenandoah Once in a Red Moon CD First Nations 
  Joanne Shenandoah Covenant CD First Nations 
  Joanne Shenandoah Joanne Shenandoah CD First Nations 
  Joanne Shenandoah Matriarch CD First Nations 
  Joanne Shenandoah Skywoman CD First Nations 
  Joanne Shenandoah All Spirits Sing CD First Nations 
  Joanne Shenandoah Peace and Power CD First Nations 
  Joanne Shenandoah Peacemaker's Journey CD First Nations 
  Jodi Proznick Foundations CD Jazz 
  Joel Fafard Three Hens Escape Oblivion CD Folk 
  Joel Trio Haynes The Time Is Now CD Jazz 
  Joel Trio Haynes Transitions (with Seamus Blake) CD Jazz 
  Johanna Sillanpaa Good Life CD Jazz 
  Johanna Sillanpaa One Wish CD Jazz 
  John & The Lougan Bros Guilak Black Monk, The  CD  Pop/Rock 
  John / Grateful Dead Oswald Grayfolded CDx2 Pop/Rock 
  John And The Sisters John and the Sisters CD Blues 
  John Beltran In Full Colour CD Electronic 
  John Critchley Crooked Mile CD Pop/Rock 
  John Doe Forever Hasn't Happened Yet CD Pop/Rock 
  John Gorka After Yesterday CD Folk 
  John Gorka I Know CD Folk 
  John Gorka Old Futures Gone CD Folk 
  John Gorka The Company You Keep CD Folk 
  John Gorka Writing in the Margins CD Folk 
  John Guliak 7 Stories and 13 Songs CD Pop/Rock 
  John Lee Hooker I'm A Boogie Man CD Blues / R&B 
  John Mccusker John McCusker CD World: Celtic 
  John Mccusker Yella Hoose CD World: Celtic 
  John Mccutcheon The Greatest Story Never Told CD Folk 
  John Oswald 69 PLUNDERPHONICS 96 (2CD & BOOK CDx2 Pop/Rock 
  John Soundtrack - Original - Ottman Valkyrie CD Soundtracks 
  John Southworth Sedona Arizona CD Pop/Rock 
  John Wetton Kings Road (1972 CD Pop/Rock 
  Johnny "guitar" Watson Space Guitar CD Blues / R&B 
  Johnny Cash Cash Sings Cash CD Country 
  Johnny Clarke Authorized Version CD Reggae 
  Johnny Clarke Rockers Time Is Now CD Reggae 
  Johnny Dowd Cemetery Shoes CD Pop/Rock 
  Johnny Farmer Wrong Doers Respect Me CD Blues / R&B 
  Johnny Irion Unity Lodge CD Pop/Rock 
  Johnny Laws Blues Burnin' In My Soul CD Blues 
  Johnny Mike My Spirit Soars CD First Nations 
  Johnny Whitehorse Totemic Flute Chants CD First Nations 
  Johnny Whitehorse Johnny Whitehorse CD First Nations 
  Jo-jo Hermann Smiling Assassian CD Blues / R&B 
  Jo-jo Hermann Defector CD Blues / R&B 
  Jon / Various Artists Cutler Deep End Vol. 1 CD Electronic 
  Jon Hassell Dream Theory In Malaya CD Electronic 
  Jon Langford All The Fame Of Lofty Deeds CD Pop/Rock 
  Jon Rauhouse Steel Guitar Rodeo Feat. Tommy Connell CD Country 
  Jorge Chicoy Tranquilo CD World: Latin 
  Jorma Kaukonen Stars in my Crown CD Folk 
  Jorrit And Talking Pictures Dijkstra Humming CD Jazz 
  Jos Bouchard Musique Traditionnelle Du Qub CD Francophone: Folk 
  Jose Maria Vitier Antologia de musica CD World: Latin 
  Joseph Allard Violon CD Francophone: Folk 
  Joseph Arthur Temporary People CD Rock 
  Josephine Baker En La Habana CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Josh / Various Artists Davis [dj Shadow) And Keb D Funk Spectrum: Real Funk For Real people CD Funk 
  Journeyman Mama 6 CD Electronic 
  Journeyman National Hijinx CD Electronic 
  Jp Hoe The Dear John Letters CD Rock 
  Jr. Peruchin Malanga Amarilla CD World: Latin 
  J'tam Marcko Hibou Seguin Labonte CD World: Africa 
  Juan Carlos Alfonso Son Cubano A Lo Dan Den CD World: Latin 
  Juan Carlos Alfonso Salsa En Atare CD World: Latin 
  Juan Carlos Quintero Joy To The World CD World: Latin 
  Juan Carlos Y Dan Den Alfonso Grandes Exitos CD World: Latin 
  Juan Jose Carranza Mareas CD Latin 
  Juan Jose Carranza Flamenco de la Costa CD Latin 
  Juan Jose Carranza Playa Gitana CD Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # 2 CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # 1 CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Grandes Exitos CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # X I I CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # I V CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # V CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # V I CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # V I I I CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # I X CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # X CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # X I CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # 3 CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # X V CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # V I I CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # X I V CD World: Latin 
  Juan Y Los Van Van Formelll Coleccion # X I I I CD World: Latin 
  Juana Molina Segundo CD World: South America 
  Juana Molina Tres Cosas CD World: South America 
  Juana Molina Un Dia CD World: South America 
  Judy Trejo Stick Game Songs CD First Nations 
  Julian Fauth Songs of Vice and Sorrow CD Blues 
  Julian Fauth Ramblin' Son CD Blues 
  Juliana Hatfield How To Walk Away CD Rock 
  Julie Biggs Passions: Art Of Seduction CD Classical: Opera & Vocal 
  Jun Miyake Stolen From Strangers CD World 
  Jun Mon Espace CD Francophone: Rock 
  Junction 18 Heroes From The Future CDEP Punk 
  Junction 18 This Vicious Cycle CD Punk 
  Junior Kimbrough Sad Days, Lonely Nights CD Blues / R&B 
  Junior Kimbrough All Night Long  CD Blues / R&B 
  Junior Kimbrough God Knows I Tried CD Blues / R&B 
  Junior Kimbrough Most Things Haven't Worked Out CD Blues / R&B 
  Junior Kimbrough Meet Me in the City CD Blues / R&B 
  Junior Kimbrough You Better Run CD Blues / R&B 
  Junior Kimbrough Most Things Haven't Worked Out LP Blues / R&B 
  Junk Genius Ghost of Electricity CD Jazz 
  Juno Reactor Labyrinth CD Electronic 
  Juno Reactor Pistolero CD Electronic 
  Juno Reactor Hotaka CDS Electronic 
  Juno Reactor Luciana CD Electronic 
  Juno Reactor Beyond The Infinite [Reissue] CD Electronic 
  Juno Reactor Live In Tokyo DVD DVD Electronic 
  Juno Reactor Transmissions CD Electronic 
  Juno Reactor Masters of the Universe CDS Electronic 
  Just James In Your Face CD Pop/Rock 
  Jw- Jones Bluelisted CD Blues 
  Jw-jones Blues Band My Kind of Evil CD Blues 
  Jw-jones Blues Band Kissing in 29 Days CD Blues 
  Jw-jones Blues Band Defibrillatin' CD Blues 
  Jw-jones Blues Band Bogart's Bounce CD Blues 
  Kaos Hello Stranger CD Electronic 
  Karan And Friends Casey Seal Maiden CD Children's 
  Karcius Episodes CD Rock 
  Karin Plato There's Beauty in the Rain CD Jazz 
  Karin Plato Blue Again CD Jazz 
  Karin Plato The State of Bliss CD Jazz 
  Karin Plato Downward Dancing CD Jazz 
  Karo Keith Karo Keith CDEP Rock 
  Kartet The Bay Window SACD Jazz 
  Kary Light CD Pop/Rock 
  Kat Danser Somethin' Familiar CD Blues 
  Kate Mackenzie Age of Innocence CD Country 
  Kate Mackenzie Let Them Talk CD Country 
  Kate St. John Indescribable Night CD Pop/Rock 
  Katharine Whalen Dirty Little Secret CD Rock 
  Keb / Various Artists Darge Legendary Deep Funk II CD Funk 
  Keb / Various Artists Darge Jazz Spectrum: Real Jazz For Real People CD Funk 
  Keb / Various Artists Darge Legendary Deep Funk Vol III CD  Funk 
  Keb / Various Artists Darge Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk  CD Funk 
  Keb / Various Artists Darge And Dr. Bob Jones Soul Spectrum CD Funk 
  Keepsake Black Dress In A B Movie CD Punk 
  Kellarissa [larissa Loyva From P:ano & The Choir P Flamingo CD Rock 
  Kelley Polar Love Songs Of The Hanging Gardens CD Electronic 
  Kemistry & Storm DJ CD Electronic 
  Ken Stringfellow Soft Command CD Pop/Rock 
  Kenny "blues Boss" Wayne Can't Stop Now CD Blues 
  Kenny Brown Stingray CD Blues / R&B 
  Kenny Wayne Let It Loose CD Blues 
  Kenny Wayne 88th and Jump Street CD Blues 
  Kerri Woelke Where We Were CD Country 
  Kevin Connelly Son Of The Sun CD Pop/Rock 
  Kevin House Gutter Pastoral CD Pop/Rock 
  Kevin Kling A Fool's Paradise CD Comedy 
  Kevin Kling Collected Stories 1986 4CD + DVD Comedy 
  Kevin Locke Keepers of the Dream CD First Nations 
  Kevin Locke Dream Catcher CD First Nations 
  Kevin Mockingbird Sacred Fire CD First Nations 
  Kevin Saunderson X CD  Electronic 
  Keziah Jones Blufunk Is A Fact CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Kicking Woman Singers Pikuni Style CD First Nations 
  Kicking Woman Singers Our Way of Life CD First Nations 
  Kid Loco DJ CD Electronic 
  Kieran (four Tet) & Steve Reid Hebden NYC CD Electronic 
  Kieran (four Tet) & Steve Reid Hebden NYC CD Electronic 
  Kiki Corona Corona Canta A Corona CD World: Latin 
  Killing Joke Revelations CD Pop/Rock 
  Killing Joke Night Time CD Pop/Rock 
  Killing Joke Laugh? I Nearly Bought One! CD Pop/Rock 
  Killing Joke Killing Joke CD Pop/Rock 
  Killing Joke Brighter Than A Thousand Suns CD Pop/Rock 
  Killing Joke Fire Dances CD Pop/Rock 
  Killing Joke Wilful Days CD Pop/Rock 
  Killing Joke Outside The Gate CD Pop/Rock 
  Killing Joke What's This For...! CD Pop/Rock 
  Kim Wilson Lookin' for Trouble CD Blues 
  Kim Wilson Smokin' Joint CD Blues 
  Kimberly Rew Essex Hideaway CD Pop/Rock 
  King Britt Adventures In Lo CD Dance 
  King Cobb Steelie Destroy All Codes CD Pop/Rock 
  King Creosote Kenny And Beth's Musakal Boat Rides CD Pop/Rock 
  King Crimson Lizard CD Pop/Rock 
  King Crimson Islands [30th Anniversary Edition] CD Pop/Rock 
  King Crimson 21st Century Guide To King Crimson (Vol. Two 1981- CDx4 Pop/Rock 
  King Crimson Three Of A Perfrect Pair CD Pop/Rock 
  King Crimson Neal and Jack and Me (Live 1982 DVD Pop/Rock 
  King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson King [Original Master  CD Pop/Rock 
  King Crimson Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With CD Pop/Rock 
  King Crimson The Power To Believe CD Pop/Rock 
  King Gheedorah (mf Doom) Take Me To Your Leader CD Hip-Hop 
  Kinski Airs Above Your Station CD Pop/Rock 
  Kinski / Acid Mothers Temple Kinski / Acid Mothers Temple [Collaborative EP] CDEP Punk 
  Kiran Ahluwalia Kashish Attraction CD World 
  Kiran Ahluwalia Beyond Boundaries CD World 
  Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Timewind CD Pop/Rock 
  Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Dresden Performance CD Pop/Rock 
  Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Essential 1972 CD Pop/Rock 
  Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Beyond Recall CD Pop/Rock 
  Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Dome Event CD Pop/Rock 
  Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Live Vol. 1 CD Pop/Rock 
  Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Live Vol. 2 CD Pop/Rock 
  Kmfdm Extra CDx2 Rock 
  Kmfdm Nihil CD Rock 
  Kmfdm EXTRA Volume 1 CDx2 Rock 
  Kmfdm Adios CD Rock 
  Kmfdm Symbols CD Rock 
  Kmfdm Xtort CD Rock 
  Knockout Searching For Solid Ground CD Punk 
  Kodiak La Mécanique CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
  Kodiak Pour Y Voir Clair CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
  Korea Korea CD Pop/Rock 
  Krewcial 25/8 CD  Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Kris Truth Be Told CD Jazz 
  Krista Muir Accidental Railway CD Rock 
  Kruder & Dorfmeister DJ CD Electronic 
  Kurt Swinghammer Vostok 6 CD Rock 
  L7 Smell The Magic CD Pop/Rock 
  La Ruda 24 Images CD Francophone: Rock 
  La Rue Ktanou Ouvert Double Tour CD Francophone: Rock 
  La Tuque Bleue 5 Habitants CD Francophone: Traditionnel 
  Ladysmith Black Mambazo Gift of the Tortoise CD Children's 
  Ladytron Commodore Rock CD Pop/Rock 
  Laika & The Cosmonauts Cosmopolis: 1988 CD Pop/Rock 
  Laika & The Cosmonauts Laika Sex Machine CD Pop/Rock 
  Laika & The Cosmonauts Absurdistan CD Pop/Rock 
  Laika And The Cosmonauts Local Warming CD Pop/Rock 
  Laito Grandes Exitos CD World: Latin 
  Lal Warm Belly High Power CD Electronic 
  Lamia Dark Angel CD Industrial 
  Laraaji Flow Goes The Universe CD Electronic 
  Large Professor Main Source CD Hip Hop 
  Laronte Laronte CD World: Latin 
  Larry Gold Presents Don Cello And Friends CD Hip-Hop 
  Lassigue Bendthaus Cloned CD Industrial 
  Lassigue Bendthaus Matter CD Industrial 
  Last Burning Embers Lessons In Redemption CD Pop/Rock 
  Lauren Agnelli Love Always Follows Me CD Pop/Rock 
  Lauren With Premal, Dora Peterson The Yogi's Companion CD Ambient 
  Laurent Garnier X CD  Electronic 
  Lawrence Laughing Now Our Minds Are One CD First Nations 
  Le Reve Du Diable Auberge CD Francophone: Folk 
  Le Reve Du Diable Delires Et Des Reels CD Francophone: Folk 
  Le Reve Du Diable Riviere Jaune CD Francophone: Folk 
  Le Reve Du Diable Reve Du Diable Le CD Francophone: Folk 
  Le Reve Du Diable Resurrection CD Francophone: Folk 
  Leaether Strip Yes I'm Limited Volume 2 CDEP Industrial 
  Leaether Strip Yes I'm Limited Volume 3 CDx2 Industrial 
  Leaether Strip Anal Caberet CDEP Industrial 
  Legion Of Green Men Baqontraq CD Electronic 
  Lei Qiang Chinese Tradtional Erhu Music 2 CD World 
  Lei Qiang Chinese Traditional Ehru Music CD World 
  Leo Brouwer Obra Guitarristica Vol 7 CD World: Latin 
  Leo Brouwer Obra Guitarristica Vol 5 CD World: Latin 
  Leo Brouwer Obra Guitarristica Vol 6 CD World: Latin 
  Leo Brouwer Obra Guitarristica Vol 4 CD World: Latin 
  Leo Brouwer Obra Guitarristica Vol 3 CD World: Latin 
  Leo Brouwer Obra Guitarristica Vol 2 CD World: Latin 
  Leo Brouwer Obra Guitarristica Vol 8 CD World: Latin 
  Leo Brouwer Obra Guitarristica Vol 1 CD World: Latin 
  Leo Brouwer De Bach A Los Beatles CD World: Latin 
  Leonel Limonta Y Azucar Negra Sin Mirar Atras CD World: Latin 
  Les Bumper Stickers Si Javais Eu Un Char  CD Rock 
  Les Chiefs Les Chiefs CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
  Les Junkyard Dogs Les Portes Barrees CD Francophone: Rock 
  Les Menetriers D'antan Violons En Fete! CD Folk 
  Les Menetriers D'antan Vol. 3 CD Folk 
  Les Menetriers D'antan Tresors Du Quebec En Musique CD Folk 
  Les Menetriers D'antan Fetent Noel CD Folk 
  Les Pistolets Roses Ma Gnration CD Pop/Rock 
  Les Projectionnistes Vue CD Francophone: Rock 
  Les Thugs Strike CD Pop/Rock 
  Les Thugs As Happy As Possible CD Pop/Rock 
  Les Thugs Nineteen Something CD Pop/Rock 
  Les Thugs Still Hungry / Electric Troubles CD Pop/Rock 
  Les Trois Accords Gros Mammouth Album CD Francophone: Rock 
  Les.petits CD Rock 
  Lfo Sheath CD Pop/Rock 
  Lida Husik Joyride CD Pop/Rock 
  Lights Of Euphoria Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen CD Industrial 
  Lights Of Euphoria Querschnitt CD Industrial 
  Lights Of Euphoria Gegen Den Strom CD Industrial 
  Lil' Dave Thompson Got To Get Over You CD Blues 
  Lil' Dave Thompson Deep In The Night CD Blues 
  Linda And The Cultural Heritage Choir Tillery Say Yo' Business CD Folk 
  Lins I. Valdes C. E Irakere En Vivo CD World: Latin 
  Linton Kwesi Johnson Dread Beat An' Blood CD Reggae 
  Linton Trio Garner Quiet Nights CD Jazz 
  Liquid Bloom Shaman's Eye CD Ambient 
  Lisa Loeb Camp Lisa CD Rock 
  Lisa Monet Circle Time CD Children's 
  Little Axe Hard Grind CD Blues / R&B 
  Little Mack Simmons The PM CD Blues 
  Little Mack Simmons Best of the Electro CD Blues 
  Little Milton With Mighty Sam Mcclain And Reverend The Blues Is Alright CD Blues / R&B 
  Little Miss Higgins Junction City CD Blues 
  Little Richard King Of Rock N Roll CDX3 Pop/Rock 
  Liu Fang Chinese Traditional Pipa Music CD World 
  Lizzy Parks Raise The Roof CD R&B 
  Logan's Sanctuary [roger Joseph Manning Jr. & Bria Original Soundtrack CD Electronic 
  Lola Dutronic The World Of Lola Dutronic CD Electronic 
  London Funk Allstars London Funk 1 CD Electronic 
  Lone Pigeon Concubine Rice CD Pop/Rock 
  Lonely Kings What If? CD Punk 
  Lonely Kings Crowning Glory CD Punk 
  Lords Of Acid Crablouse CD Electronic 
  Lori Conti Taking Her Time CD Pop/Rock 
  Los Amigos Instrumentales Cubanos CD World: Latin 
  Los Compadres Duos Huellas Del Pasado CD World: Latin 
  Los Lobos Papa's Dream CD Children's 
  Los Mocosos American Us CD Pop/Rock 
  Los Papines Siguen Ok CD World: Latin 
  Los Straitjackets Damas Y CaballerosLos Straitjackets CD Pop/Rock 
  Los Straitjackets Supersonic Guitars In 3d CD Pop/Rock 
  Los Straitjackets Tis The Season For Los Straitjackets! CD Pop/Rock 
  Los Straitjackets The Velvet Touch Of Los Straitjackets CD Pop/Rock 
  Los Straitjackets Sing Along With CD Pop/Rock 
  Lotek Hifi LOTEK HI-FI CD Hip-Hop 
  Lou Barlow Another Collection Of... CD Pop/Rock 
  Lou Christie Greatest Hits Live At The Bottom Line CD Adult Contemporary 
  Lou Simon Synchronized With Blues CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Loudon Wainwright Iii Last Man on Earth CD Folk 
  Louie Gonnie Elements CD First Nations 
  Louie Gonnie Sacred Mountains CD First Nations 
  Louis Boudreault Musique Traditionnelle Du Qub CD Francophone: Folk 
  Love As Laughter Destination 2000 CD Pop/Rock 
  Love As Laughter Sea To Shining Sea CD Pop/Rock 
  Love Is Colder Than Death Teignmouth CD Industrial 
  Love Is Colder Than Death Mental Traveller CD Industrial 
  Love Is Colder Than Death Oxiea CD Industrial 
  Lowfish Frozen & Broken CD Electronic 
  Lucy Kaplansky Flesh and Bone CD Folk 
  Lucy Kaplansky The Tide CD Folk 
  Lucy Kaplansky Ten Year Night CD Folk 
  Lucy Kaplansky Every Single Day CD Folk 
  Lucy Kaplansky Over The Hills CD Folk 
  Lucy Kaplansky The Red Thread CD Folk 
  Luis Villegas Guitarras De Navidad CD Holiday 
  Luke Doucet Live At The Rivoli CD Pop/Rock 
  Luke Doucet Aloha CD Pop/Rock 
  Luke Koyle Structured Ambience In The Powers Of 10 CD Electronic 
  Luke Vibert Yoseph CD Electronic 
  Luna Negra Luna Negra CD World: Latin 
  Luther 'guitar Junior' Johnson Live at the Rynborn CD Blues 
  Maceo Parker Made By Maceo CD Funk 
  Maceo Parker Funk Overload CD Funk 
  Mac-talla Mairidh Gaol Is Ceol CD Celtic 
  Mad Dr X Hip Hop Experiment CD Hip-Hop 
  Madlib The Beat Konducta WLIB AM King of the Wigflip CD Hip Hop 
  Magazine Correct Use Of Soap CD Pop/Rock 
  Magazine Scree (Rarities 1978 CD Pop/Rock 
  Magazine Secondhand Daylight CD Pop/Rock 
  Magazine Real Life CD Pop/Rock 
  Magnum Live In London DVD Metal 
  Mahershalalhashbaz Blues Du Jour CD Pop/Rock 
  Maire Ni Chathasaigh The New Strung Harp CD Celtic 
  Majesticons BEAUTY PARTY  CD Hip-Hop 
  Malajube Trompe LOeil CD Francophone: Rock 
  Malcolm Middleton 5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine CD Pop/Rock 
  Manish Vyas Sattva CD Ambient 
  Manish Vyas Prasad CD Ambient 
  Manish Vyas Sufi Splendor CD Ambient 
  Manitoba Up In Flames [Re-Release w/ Bonus Disc] CDx2 Electronic 
  Manitoba Start Breaking My Heart [Re-Release w/ Bonus Disc] CDx2 Electronic 
  Manolito Simonet Y Su Trabuco Locos Por Mi Habana CD World: Latin 
  Manose Dhyana Aman: Meditation of No Mind CD Ambient 
  Maow Unforgiving Sounds Of Maow [Re-issue] CD Pop/Rock 
  Marah If You Didn't Laugh You'd Cry CD Pop/Rock 
  Marah 20 CD Pop/Rock 
  Marah A Christmas Kind Of Town CD Pop/Rock 
  Marc Soundtrack - Original - Streitenfeld Body of Lies CD Soundtracks 
  Maria Del Rey Universe of Song: Spanish & English CD Children's 
  Maria Del Rey Lullabies of Latin America CD Children's 
  Maria Del Rey The Peanut Man CD Children's 
  Maria Dunn The Peddlar CD Folk 
  Maria Mckee Peddlin' Dreams CD Pop/Rock 
  Maria Muldaur Songs for the Young at Heart: Maria Muldaur CD Rock 
  Maria Muldaur Swingin' in the Rain CD Rock 
  Maria Muldaur On the Sunny Side CD Rock 
  Maria Muldaur Animal Crackers In My Soup CD Rock 
  Maria Teresa Vera Veinte Anos CD World: Latin 
  Maria Teresa Vera Embajadora De La Cancion CD World: Latin 
  Marie Knight Let Us Get Together CD Blues 
  Mario Landry Hommage A Ti CD Francophone: Folk 
  Mark [of Sun Kil Moon & Red House Painters] Kozele The Finally LP CD Rock 
  Mark Berube & The Patriotic Few What The Boat Gave The River CD Folk 
  Mark Davis Mistakes I Meant To Make CD Rock 
  Mark Davis Don't You Think We Should Be Closer? CD Rock 
  Mark Dunlop Islands On The Moon CD World: Scotland 
  Mark Eisenman Apparition CD Jazz 
  Mark Eisenman Sweet and Lovely CD Jazz 
  Mark Gardener With Goldrush These Beautiful Ghosts CD Rock 
  Mark Hummel Blowin' My Horn CD Blues 
  Mark Hummel Golden State Blues CD Blues 
  Mark Hummel Ain't Easy No More CD Blues 
  Mark Hummel's Blues Harmonica Blowouts Still Here And Gone 1993-2007 CDx2 Blues 
  Mark Kleiner Power Trio Love To Night CD Pop/Rock 
  Mark Lanegan Winding Sheet CD Pop/Rock 
  Mark Lanegan Whiskey For The Holy Ghost CD Pop/Rock 
  Mark Lanegan & Fujiya & Miyagi] Bomb The Bass [fea Future Chaos CDx2 Electronic 
  Mark Nodwell (co)incidents CD Jazz 
  Mark Soundtrack - Original - Isham Pride and Glory CD Soundtracks 
  Mark Soundtrack - Original - Kilian Traitor CD Soundtracks 
  Marley Marl Re-Entry CD  Hip-Hop 
  Mars Black Folks Music CD Hip-Hop 
  Martha Y Sarabanda Duarte Mulata De Espalda CD World: Latin 
  Martin And Jessica Ruby Simpson Band of Angels CD Folk 
  Martin Sexton Live Wide Open CDx2 Pop/Rock 
  Martin Sexton In The Journey CD Pop/Rock 
  Martin Sexton Black Sheep CD Pop/Rock 
  Martin Sexton Solo [includes bonus live dvd] CD + DVD Pop/Rock 
  Martin Simpson Cool and Unusual CD Folk 
  Martin Simpson Live CD Folk 
  Martin Simpson Righteousness and Humidity CD Folk 
  Martin Tielli Operation Infinite Joy CD Pop/Rock 
  Martin Tielli We Didn't Even Suspect That He Was The Poppy Sales CD Pop/Rock 
  Marty And Goldberg, Ben Ehrlich Light at the Crossroads CD Jazz 
  Mary Gauthier Genesis (The Early Years) CD Folk 
  Mary Gauthier Drag Queens In Limousines CD Folk 
  Mary Gauthier Filth & Fire CD Folk 
  Mary Gauthier Dixie Kitchen CD Folk 
  Mary Youngblood Beneath the Raven Moon CD First Nations 
  Mary Youngblood Heart of the World CD First Nations 
  Mary Youngblood Feed The Fire CD First Nations 
  Mary Youngblood The Offering CD First Nations 
  Mary Youngblood Dance With The Wind CD First Nations 
  Maryem And Ernie Tollar Cairo To Toronto CD World: Middle Eastern 
  Masha & Mighty Sam Mclain Vahdat Love Duets Across Civilization CD World: Iranian 
  Mason Casey Sofa King Badass CD Blues 
  Mass Hysteria Une Somme De Détails CD Francophone: Rock 
  Master Stevens Distant Faces CD Pop/Rock 
  Matrix The Return CD Electronic 
  Matt Masters Centennial Swell CD Country 
  Matt Molloy Shadows On Stone CD Pop/Rock 
  Matthew Dear Body Language Vol 7 CD Electronic 
  Matthew Shipp Harmony And Abyss CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Matthew Sweet Living Things CD Pop/Rock 
  Maura O'connell & The Duhks W/ Tim O'brien And Joh Wells For Zo CD Folk 
  Mauvais Sort Koru CD Francophone 
  Maverty Joe Sunburst CD Pop/Rock 
  Max Tundra Parallax Error Beheads You CD Electronic 
  Max Tundra Parallax Error Beheads You CD Electronic 
  Maximo Park Apply Some Pressure CDS Pop/Rock 
  Maxwell Implosion Small Circle Of Friends CD Electronic 
  Mayday Old Blood CD Pop/Rock 
  Mayflies Usa Summertown CD Pop/Rock 
  Mayflies Usa The Pity List CD Pop/Rock 
  Maylay [aka Rahsheed] Sparks Graymatter CD Hip-Hop 
  Mayor Matt And The Little Buddies Allen The Life and Times of Christian Banks CD Folk 
  Mayor Mcca Cue Are Es Tea You CD Indie 
  Mc Yogi Elephant Power CD Ambient 
  Mean Red Spiders Still Life Fast Moving CD Pop/Rock 
  Mean Red Spiders Stars And Sons CD  Pop/Rock 
  Meat Beat Manifesto At The Center CD Electronic 
  Meg Hutchinson Come Up Full CD Folk 
  Mel And The Homewreckers With Miss Angel Brown That's the Way I Tumble CD Blues 
  Mel Brown Blues CD Blues 
  Mel Brown The DVD DVD Blues 
  Mel Brown Homewreckin' Done Live CD Blues 
  Mel Brown Neck Bones and Caviar CD Blues 
  Mel Torm The IntimateIsn't It Romantic? CD Adult Contemporary 
  Mellonova Mellonova EP CDEP Rock 
  Mem Shannon I'm From Phunkville CD Blues 
  Mem Shannon Live: A Night at Tipitina's CD Blues 
  Mendoza Celeste Con Sierra Mae Con Sierra Maestra CD World: Latin 
  Mendoza Celeste Y Los Papines El Reino De La Rumba CD World: Latin 
  Mentallo & The Fixer No Rest For The Wicked CDx2 Industrial 
  Mercan Dede Breath CD World 
  Merceditas Valdes Ache I V CD World: Latin 
  Mercury Dime Darkling CD Pop/Rock 
  Mercury Rev Snowflake Midnight CD Rock 
  Metro Area [morgan Geist & Darshan Jesrani] Metro Area CD Electronic 
  Michael & Frank Sinatra Buble The Kings Of Swing CD Adult Contemporary 
  Michael / Soundtrack - Original Nyman Drowning By Numbers CD Soundtrack 
  Michael / Soundtrack - Original Nyman Cook CD Soundtrack 
  Michael / Soundtrack - Original Nyman Draughtsmans Contract CD Soundtrack 
  Michael / Soundtrack - Original Nyman A Zed & 2 Noughts CD Soundtrack 
  Michael [funkstrung] Fakesch Marion CD Electronic 
  Michael Brook With Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois Hybrid CD Electronic 
  Michael Nyman After Extra Time CD Classical: Contemporary Composers 
  Michael Nyman Kiss And Other Movements CD Classical: Contemporary Composers 
  Michael O'neill Ontophony SACD Worldbeat 
  Michael Quatro Visions CD Pop/Rock 
  Michael Sextet Blake Amor de Cosmos SACD Jazz 
  Michael Yonkers Microminiature Love CD Pop/Rock 
  Michel Robidoux Moon CD Francophone: New Age 
  Michelin Slave Poised To Meet The Maker CD Pop/Rock 
  Mick Karn Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters CD Pop/Rock 
  Mick Karn Titles CD Pop/Rock 
  Midpoint Midpoint CD Pop/Rock 
  Migala Arde CD Pop/Rock 
  Mighty Diamonds Deeper Roots (Back To The Channel) CD Reggae 
  Mighty Diamonds Go Seek Your Rights CD Reggae 
  Mighty Diamonds Deeper Roots Plus Dub CD Reggae 
  Mighty Diamonds Ice On Fire CD Reggae 
  Mike And Braid, David Murley Mnemosyne's March CD Jazz 
  Mike And Occhipinti,david Murley Duologue CD Jazz 
  Mike Ireland Learning How To Live CD Pop/Rock 
  Mike Katz A Month of Sundays CD Piping 
  Mike Murley Departure CD Jazz 
  Mike Murley Extra Time CD Jazz 
  Mike Murley Conversation Piece CD Jazz 
  Mike Quartet Featuring Harold Mabern Dirubbo New York Accent: Live at the Kitano CD Jazz 
  Mike Rud Live From Lotusland CD Jazz 
  Mike Whellans Swingtime Johnny Red CD Celtic 
  Mike, Yxayotl, Frailey And Butler Primeaux The Color of Morning CD First Nations 
  Miles Black Trio Some Enchanted Evening CD Jazz Lost Alone CD Industrial 8 Bits CDEP Industrial 
  Mindbender Beautiful Mutant CDx2 Hip-Hop 
  Mindless Faith Momentum CD Industrial 
  Miquel Y Su Cuarteto Matamoros Dulce Embeleso CD World: Latin 
  Miquelito Cuni Sones De Bienvenido J Gutierre CD World: Latin 
  Mira Calix Prickle CDEP Electronic 
  Mira Calix Skimskitta CD Electronic 
  Miriam Y Alen Andres Ramos Estas Conmigo Homenaje A Bola CD World: Latin 
  Misfits Box Set CDx4 Punk 
  Misfits Collection 2 CD Punk 
  Misfits Collection CD Punk 
  Misfits Legacy Of Brutality CD Punk 
  Misfits Evilive CD Punk 
  Misfits Earth A.D. / Die Die My Darling CD Punk 
  Misfits Static Age CD Punk 
  Misha Quartet Mengelberg Four In One SACD Jazz 
  Miss Murgatroid & Petra Hayden Hearts & Daggers CD Rock 
  Mista Snake Ma Definition Du Hip Hop CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
  Misteur Valaire Golden Bombay LP Electronic 
  Miten Dance of Life CD Ambient 
  Miten Blown Away CD Ambient 
  Miten Trusting the Silence CD Ambient 
  Miten With Deva Premal Soul in Wonder CD Ambient 
  Miten With Deva Premal Satsang CD Ambient 
  Miten With Deva Premal Strength of a Rose CD Ambient 
  Miten With Deva Premal Songs for the Inner Lover CD Ambient 
  Mmcircle Requiem Pour un Vivant CD Francophone: Jazz 
  Modulate Detonation CD Electronic 
  Moebius & Beerbohm Double Cut CD Electronic 
  Mogwai Kicking A Dead Pig: Mogwai Songs Remixed 2CD Pop/Rock 
  Moneda Dura Cuando Duerme La Habana CD World: Latin 
  Moneda Dura Mucho Cuida 'O CD World: Latin 
  Monkey Trial Flood Plain CD Pop/Rock 
  Monkeywrench Clean As A Brokedick Dog CD Pop/Rock 
  Mono Chrome Collapse And Sever CD Industrial 
  Monofader Frost CD Electronic 
  Monster Magnet Spine Of God CD Metal 
  Monster Magnet Tab CD Metal 
  Monty Python Previous Record CD Comedy 
  Monty Python Life Of Brian CD Comedy 
  Monty Python Live At Drury Lane CD Comedy 
  Monty Python Another Monty Python CD Comedy 
  Moreland And Arbuckle 1861 CD Blues 
  Morgan / Various Artists Geist Unclassics CD Electronic 
  Morgan [feat. Jeremy Greenspoon Of Junior Boys] Ge Double Night Time CD Electronic 
  Motors Airport CD Pop/Rock 
  Mr. Matt Et La Caravane Du Bonheur Veo Dios En Ti CD Francophone: Rock 
  Mr. Scruff CHIPMUNK & FISH  CD Electronic 
  Mr. Scruff SWEET SMOKE DVD  CD Electronic 
  Mr. Scruff KEEP IT UNREAL  CD Electronic 
  Mr. Scruff TROUSER JAZZ  CD Electronic 
  Mr. Scruff Keep It Solid Steel CD Electronic 
  Mr. Scruff HONEYDEW  CD Electronic 
  Mr. Something Something The Edge CD Rock 
  Mr. Something Something Deep Sleep CD Rock 
  Mr.c / Various Artists X CD  Electronic 
  Mudhoney Since We've Become Translucent CD Pop/Rock 
  Mudhoney Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge CD Pop/Rock 
  Mudhoney Mudhoney CD Pop/Rock 
  Mudhoney/jimmie Dale Gilmore Self-Titled CD Pop/Rock 
  Muhledy Muhledy CD Jazz 
  Mulgrew (with Karriem Riggins And Derrick Hodge) M Live At Yoshi's (Volume 1) CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Murder City Devils Thelema CD Pop/Rock 
  Murder City Devils Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts CD Pop/Rock 
  Murder City Devils Rip CD Pop/Rock 
  Murs 3:16 The 9th Edition CD Hip-Hop 
  Muslimgauze / Various Artists Muslimgauze From The Edge CD Electronic 
  Nathan Lawr And The Minotaurs A Sea Of Tiny Lights CD Rock 
  Naw Dropfile And Other Lost Data (Plus Bonus Sampler C CD Electronic 
  Neal & Leandra Hearts and Hammers CD Folk 
  Neal And Leandra Stranger To My Kin CD Folk 
  Neal And Leandra Old Love CD Folk 
  Neal And Leandra Accidental Dreams CD Folk 
  Near Miss Gentle Art Of Making Enemies CD  Punk 
  Neko Case Blacklisted CD Pop/Rock 
  Neko Case Furnace Room Lullaby CD Pop/Rock 
  Neko Case Virginian CD Pop/Rock 
  Neotropic 15 Levels Of Magnification CD Electronic 
  Neotropic Ultra Freaky Orange CD Electronic 
  Neotropic Mr. Brubaker's Strawberry Alarm Clock CD Electronic 
  Neotropic 15 Levels Of Magnification Ep CD Electronic 
  Neotropic La Prochaine Fois CDx2 Electronic 
  New Dylans Warren Piece CD Rock 
  New Dylans The American Way CD Rock 
  New Flesh Understanding CD Hip-Hop 
  New Flesh For Old Equilibriums CD Hip-Hop 
  New Meanies New Meanies CD Pop/Rock 
  New Town Animals Is Your Radio Active CD Punk 
  Nick Buzz Circo CD Pop/Rock 
  Nick Chursinoff Nick Chursinoff CD Pop/Rock 
  Nick Lowe The Convincer CD Pop/Rock 
  Nico Saquito Al Bate CD World: Latin 
  Nico Saquito En La Bodeguita Del Medio CD World: Latin 
  Night Crawlers Presenting CD Jazz 
  Nightmares On Wax Mind Elevation CD Electronic 
  Nightmares On Wax DJ CD Electronic 
  Nightmares On Wax Know My Name CDS Electronic 
  Nightmares On Wax Carboot Soul CD Electronic 
  Nightmares On Wax Mind Elevation CD Electronic 
  Noel Nicola Soy Y No Soy El Mismo CD World: Latin 
  Noise Unit Drill CD Industrial 
  Non-prophets Hope CD Hip-Hop 
  Nora O'connor Til The Dawn CD Pop/Rock 
  Northern Blues Gospel Allstars Saved CD Blues 
  Northern Cree Rezonate CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Dancin' 'Til Sunrise Vol. 7 CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Stay Red CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Sweethearts' Shuffle CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Nikamo CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Still Rezin' CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Round Dance Songs Recorded Live CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Second Song Dancer's Choice CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Rockin' The Rez CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Here to Stay CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree And Friends Slide and Sway CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree And Friends Long Winter Nights CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree And Friends Calling All Dancers CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree And Friends Honoring Singers and Songmakers CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree And Friends Honoring Singers and Songmakers CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Singers Dance Hard! CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Singers Honor the Eagle Feather CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Singers In Our Drum We Trust CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Singers It's Time to Round Dance CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Singers Showtime CD First Nations 
  Northern Cree Singers Northern Cree Pow Wow Songs at Fort Duchesne CD First Nations 
  Northern Lights Living in the City CD Country 
  Nostalgia 77 Songs For My Funeral CD Electronic 
  Nostalgia 77 The Garden CD Electronic 
  Notwist.the Neon Golden CD Pop/Rock 
  Now It's Overhead Fall Back Open CD Pop/Rock 
  Now It's Overhead Now It's Overhead CD Pop/Rock 
  Nq Arbuckle Hanging The Battle Scarred Pinata CD Pop/Rock 
  Numb Wasted Sky ? (Unavailable) Industrial 
  Nusrat Fateh Ali & Michael Brook Khan Star Rise CD World: Asia 
  Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Supreme Collection Vol. 1 CDx2 World: Asia 
  O. & Alvarez A. Portuondo Omara Portuondo CD World: Latin 
  O9 Church Of The Ghetto P.C. CD Electronic 
  Obsession Un Monton De Cosas CD World: Latin 
  Ochoa Eliades Grandes Exitos CD World: Latin 
  Ochoa Y El Cuarteto Eliades Cuidadito Compay Gallo Que Lle CD World: Latin 
  Odetta Blues Everywhere I Go CD Blues 
  Odetta Gonna Let it Shine CD Blues 
  Odetta Lookin' for a Home CD Blues 
  Offsides Foul Language CD Hip-Hop 
  Ohbijou Swift Feet For Troubling Times CD Rock 
  Old Reliable The Burning Truth CD Rock 
  Oliver And Coon, Bill Gannon Two Much Guitar CD Jazz 
  Oliver Quartet Gannon That's What CD Jazz 
  Olivia Tremor Control Presents: Singles And Beyond CD Pop/Rock 
  Omar Faruk Tekbilek Tree of Patience CD World 
  Omara Portuondo La Gran Omara Portuondo CD World: Latin 
  Omara Portuondo 18 Joyas Ineditas CD World: Latin 
  Omara Portuondo La Novia Del Filin CD World: Latin 
  One Self [dj Vadim & Blu Rum 13] Children Of Possibility CD Hip-Hop 
  Oneida Secret Wars CD Pop/Rock 
  Operation Makeout First Base CD Punk 
  Operation Makeout Hang Loose CD Punk 
  Orgone Time Tonight 12" Electronic 
  Orquesta America & Orquestra Aragon Mano A Mano CD World: Latin 
  Orquesta America America Del 55 CD World: Latin 
  Orquesta Aragon Richar Egues Grandes Hits Con CD World: Latin 
  Orquesta La Caro Band Caro band te salva CD World: Latin 
  Orquesta Sensacion Paella CD World: Latin 
  Orquesta Sinfonica Classicos Cubanos CD World: Latin 
  Orquesta Sublime Dulce Ternura CD World: Latin 
  Orquesta Todos Estrellas estrellas de Areito vol 1 CD World: Latin 
  Orquesta Todos Estrellas Lo Mejor De La Musica Cubana CD World: Latin 
  Orquesta Todos Estrellas Oro De Cuba CD World: Latin 
  Orquesta Todos Estrellas Danzon All Stars Mi Gran Pasio CD World: Latin 
  Orquesta Todos Estrellas Toda Una Vida CD World: Latin 
  Osunlade Re-Offering CD Electronic 
  Osunlade Presents The Yoruba Soul Mixes CD Electronic 
  Osunlade / Various Osunlade Presents Offering CD Electronic 
  Outlaw Social A Seven Song EP CD Folk 
  Outlaw Social Dry Bones CD Folk 
  Pacho Alonso Yo No Quiero Piedra En Mi Cami CD World: Latin 
  Pack Ad Funeral Mixtape CD Rock 
  Pandit And Chaudhuri, Sri Swapan Jasraj Pandit Jasraj Vocal CD World 
  Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Vocal CD World 
  Pandit Shivkumar Sharma Santoor CD World 
  Pansy Division Wish I'd Taken Pictures CD Punk 
  Panzer Ag This Is My Battlefield CD Industrial 
  Papa Groove We're Not Blind CD Rock 
  Papillion Cajun For Kids! CD Children's 
  Parcel O' Rogues Parcel O' Rogues CD Celtic 
  Parkas Put Your Head In The Lion's Mouth CD Rock 
  Partes Privadas Quemame CD World: Latin 
  Pascal Languirand Incanta CD New Age 
  Passion Pit Chunk Of Change CDEP Rock 
  Pat Kilbride Nightingale Lane CD Celtic 
  Pat Kilbride Rock & More Roses CD Celtic 
  Pat Quartet Collins In The Moment CD Jazz 
  Patrick And Octurn Zimmereli The Book of Hours CD Jazz 
  Patrick Bernard Image Voyage ( English ) CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard Solaris Universalis CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard Image Voyage ( French ) CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard Amor Immortal CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard Mystik Energia Mantra Vol.4 CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard Sublime Relaxation CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard Atlantis Angelis I I CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard Shamanyka CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard Manuscrits Du Silence CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard Love Divine CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard J'ai Rv D'un Ange CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard Atlantis Angelis CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard Mantra Mandala CD New Age 
  Patrick Bernard Supreme moment CD New Age 
  Patrick Ensemble Zimmereli Expansion CD Jazz 
  Patrick Ensemble Zimmereli Explosion CD Jazz 
  Patrick Soundtrack - Original - Doyle Igor CD Soundtracks 
  Patrick Zimmerli Phoenix SACD Jazz 
  Patsy Cline The Essential First Recordings CD Country 
  Patti Page The Command Performance Collection CD Adult Contemporary 
  Patti Wicks Love Locked Out CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Paul And Guy Sr., Paul Guy Jr. My Father's Chapel CD First Nations 
  Paul And Nakai, R. Carlos Horn Inside Monument Valley CD New Age 
  Paul And Sankaran, Trichy Plimley Ivory Ganesh Meets Dr Drums CD Jazz 
  Paul Geremia Gamblin' Woman Blues CD Blues 
  Paul Geremia Self CD Blues 
  Paul Geremia Live from Uncle Sam's Backyard CD Blues 
  Paul Geremia Love CD Blues 
  Paul Geremia The Devil's Music CD Blues 
  Paul Jones Mule CD Blues / R&B 
  Paul Jones Pucker Up Butter Cup CD Blues / R&B 
  Paul Oscher Alone With The Blues CD Blues 
  Paul Plimley Everything in Stages CD Jazz 
  Paul Reddick Revue: The Best Of Paul Reddick CD Blues 
  Paul Reddick Villanelle CD Blues 
  Paul Reddick SugarBird CD Blues 
  Paul Sauvanet Eleusis CD New Age 
  Paul Weller Two Classic Performances DVD Pop/Rock 
  Paul Weller Illumination CD Pop/Rock 
  Paul Weller As Is Now CD Pop/Rock 
  Paul Weller As Is Now (Limited Deluxe Edition with Bonus DVD) CD+DVD Pop/Rock 
  Peace Orchestra [peter Kruder] Reset CD Electronic 
  Peace Orchestra [peter Kruder] Peace Orchestra CD Electronic 
  Peaches Peaches CDS Pop/Rock 
  Pedrito Calvo Te La Tenia Escondida CD World: Latin 
  Pedrito Calvo Ayer Y Siempre CD World: Latin 
  Peggy & Jo Jo Benson Scott The Very Best CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Peggy Sue Fossils and Other Phantoms CD Rock 
  Penguin Cafe Orchestra Preludes Airs And Yodels CD Adult Contemporary 
  Penguin Cafe Orchestra Music From The Penguin Cafe CD Adult Contemporary 
  Penguin Cafe Orchestra When In Rome... CD Adult Contemporary 
  Penguin Cafe Orchestra Broadcasting From Home CD Adult Contemporary 
  Penguin Cafe Orchestra Signs Of Life CD Adult Contemporary 
  People Under The Stairs Fun DMC CD Hip Hop 
  Pepe Deluxe Beatitude CD Electronic 
  Percy Sledge Shining Through The Rain CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Pernice Bros. Overcome By Happiness CD Pop/Rock 
  Pernice Brothers Yours CD Pop/Rock 
  Peruchin Pedro Justiz Piano Con Mona CD World: Latin 
  Pete / Various Artists Rock & Keb Darge Funk Spectrum III: Real Funk For Real people CD  Funk 
  Pete M Wyer Stories From The City At Night CD Spoken Word 
  Peter And Blake, Norman Ostroushko Meeting on Southern Soil CD Folk 
  Peter And Mcgraw, Dean Ostroushko Duo CD Folk 
  Peter Hammil Over CD Pop/Rock 
  Peter Hammil Fool's Mate CD Pop/Rock 
  Peter Hammil Ph7 CD Pop/Rock 
  Peter Hammil Sitting Targets CD Pop/Rock 
  Peter Hammil Future Now CD Pop/Rock 
  Peter Hammil Silent Corner And The Empty Stage CD Pop/Rock 
  Peter Hammil Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night CD Pop/Rock 
  Peter Hammil Nadir's Big Chance CD Pop/Rock 
  Peter Hammil A Black Box CD Pop/Rock 
  Peter Hammil In Camera CD Pop/Rock 
  Peter Hammil Love Songs CD Pop/Rock 
  Peter Kater Faces of the Sun CD First Nations 
  Peter Kater 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama CD First Nations 
  Peter Kater Xmas Ecstasy CD First Nations 
  Peter Kater Red Moon CD First Nations 
  Peter Martin In The P.M. CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Peter Ostroushko Postcards CD Folk 
  Peter Ostroushko Blue Mesa CD Folk 
  Peter Ostroushko Heart of the Heartland CD Folk 
  Peter Ostroushko Minnesota: A History of the Land CD Folk 
  Peter Ostroushko Coming Down From Red Lodge CD Folk 
  Peter Ostroushko Buddies of Song CD Folk 
  Peter Ostroushko Sacred Heart CD Folk 
  Peter Ostroushko Pilgrims on the Heart Road CD Folk 
  Peter Project Peter Project CD Hip Hop 
  Peter With R. Carlos Nakai Kater How the West Was Lost CD First Nations 
  Peter With R. Carlos Nakai Kater How the West Was Lost Vol. 2 CD First Nations 
  Pham Duc Thanh Vietnamese Traditional Dan Bau Music CD World 
  Pham Duc Thanh Vietnamese Traditional Music CD World 
  Phaser Sway CD Pop/Rock 
  Phil / 801 Manzanera Listen Now CD Pop/Rock 
  Phil Manzanera Diamond Head CD Pop/Rock 
  Phil Manzanera Manzanera Collection CD Pop/Rock 
  Phil Manzanera K-Scope CD Pop/Rock 
  Phi-life Cypher Higher Forces CD Hip-Hop 
  Philip Jeck And Janek Schaefer Songs For Europe CD Electronic 
  Phillip Walker Live at Biscuits & Blues CD Blues 
  Pied Pumkin Pied Alive CD Folk 
  Pied Pumkin Plucking DeVine CD Folk 
  Pied Pumkin Pumkids CD Folk 
  Pigeonhed Full Sentence CD Pop/Rock 
  Pigeonhed Flash Bulb Emergency Overflow CD Pop/Rock 
  Pigeonhed Pigeonhed CD Pop/Rock 
  Pilote Do It Now Man CD Pop/Rock 
  Pima Express Time Waits for No One CD First Nations 
  Pinetop Perkins Ladies Man CD Blues 
  Pio Leiva El Montunero De Cuba CD World: Latin 
  Pipestone Good Ol' Fashioned NDN Lovin' CD First Nations 
  Pj / Ryga, Campbell Quintet Perry Joined at the Hip CD Jazz 
  Placebo Placebo CD Pop/Rock 
  Plaid Spokes CD Electronic 
  Plaid Double Figure CD Electronic 
  Plaid Trainer CDx2 Electronic 
  Plaid P-Brane EP CDEP Electronic 
  Plain White T's Stop CD Punk 
  Plastic Noise Experience Maschinenmusik CD Industrial 
  Plastilina Mosh All U Need Is Mosh CD Rock 
  Playgroup DJ CD Electronic 
  Pleasure Forever Goodnight CD Pop/Rock 
  Pleasure Forever Alter CD Pop/Rock 
  Plexi Cheer Up CD Pop/Rock 
  Poets Of Rhythm Discern CD Hip-Hop 
  Point Of Power It's About Time CD Pop/Rock 
  Polygon Window Surfing On Sine Waves CD Electronic 
  Pond Practice Of Joy CD Pop/Rock 
  Poolplayers Way Below The Surface SACD Jazz 
  Poor Angus Poor Angus CD Folk 
  Poor Folk Our Burning Street CD Rock 
  Pop Levi Never Never Love CD Rock 
  Ppp Abundance CD Soul 
  Prairie Cat Attacks! CD Rock 
  Prefuse 73 Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives CD Electronic 
  Prefuse 73 One Word Extinguisher CD Electronic 
  Prefuse 73 Extinguished CD Electronic 
  Prefuse 73 92 Vs. '02 Collection CD  Electronic 
  Prem And Chintan Joshua Ahir CD Ambient 
  Prem And Vyas, Manish Joshua Water Down the Ganges CD Ambient 
  Prem Joshua Sky Kisses Earth CD Ambient 
  Prem Joshua Dance of Shakti CD Ambient 
  Prem Joshua Remixed: Dakini Lounge CD Ambient 
  Prem Joshua Yatri CD Ambient 
  Prem Joshua Mudra CD Ambient 
  Prem Joshua Taranga CD Ambient 
  Prem Joshua And Maneesh De Moor Shiva Moon CD Ambient 
  Pretty & Nice Get Young CD Rock 
  Priestess Hello Master CD Rock 
  Primeaux And Mike Peyote Songs of the Native American Church CD First Nations 
  Primeaux And Mike Bless the People CD First Nations 
  Primeaux And Mike Gathering of Voices CD First Nations 
  Primeaux And Mike Live in Harmony CD First Nations 
  Primeaux And Mike Hours Before Dawn CD First Nations 
  Primeaux And Mike Walk in Beauty CD First Nations 
  Prince Far I Message From The King CD Reggae 
  Prince Far I Dubwise CD Reggae 
  Prince Far I Black Man Land CD Reggae 
  Prince Po The Slickness CD Hip-Hop 
  Princess Superstar Is CD Hip-Hop 
  Project Pitchfork Alpha Omega CD Electronic 
  Project Pitchfork IO CD Electronic 
  Project Pitchfork Live 2003 DVD DVDx2 Electronic 
  Project Pitchfork Chakra Red CD Electronic 
  Prudence Johnson Little Dreamer: Lullabies for Young and Old CD Children's 
  Punto Omega Punto Omega CD Industrial 
  Pyawasit / Pyawasit / Silas Jr. / Webster Wild Rice: Songs from the Menominee Nation CD First Nations 
  Quantic Mishaps Happening CD Electronic 
  Quantic Soul Orchestra Tropidelico CD Electronic 
  Quartette It's Christmas CD Folk 
  Quartette I See A Star CD Folk 
  Quartette In The Beauty Of The Day CD Folk 
  Quartette Quartette CD Folk 
  Quartette O Canada CD Folk 
  Quartette Work Of The Heart CD Folk 
  Quatour Du Nord Quatuor du Nord CD Jazz 
  Quilt Man Three Sisters CD First Nations 
  Quinsin Nachoff Magic Numbers SACD Jazz 
  R. Carlos And Bar-david, Udi Nakai Voyagers CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos And Eaton, William Nakai Carry the Gift CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos And Eaton, William Nakai Ancestral Voices CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos And Eaton, William Nakai Feather CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos And Horn, Paul Nakai Inside Canyon de Chelly CD New Age 
  R. Carlos And Kater, Peter Nakai Honorable Sky CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos And Kater, Peter Nakai Improvisations In Concert CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos And Kater, Peter Nakai Migration CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos And Kater, Peter Nakai Song for Humanity CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos And Kater, Peter Nakai Through Windows and Walls CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos And Kater, Peter Nakai Natives CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos And The Black Lodge Singers Nakai Two World Concerto CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos Nakai Spirit Horses CD New Age 
  R. Carlos Nakai Mythic Dreamer CD New Age 
  R. Carlos Nakai Earth Spirit CD New Age 
  R. Carlos Nakai Cycles CD New Age 
  R. Carlos Nakai Fourth World CD New Age 
  R. Carlos Nakai Inner Voices CD New Age 
  R. Carlos Nakai In Beauty CD New Age 
  R. Carlos Nakai Sanctuary CD New Age 
  R. Carlos Nakai Emergence CD New Age 
  R. Carlos Nakai Canyon Trilogy CD New Age 
  R. Carlos Nakai Changes CD New Age 
  R. Carlos Nakai Quartet People of Peace CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos Nakai Quartet Ancient Future CD First Nations 
  R. Carlos, With Sarde, Eaton And Wood Nakai Reconnections CD First Nations 
  R.l. Burnside A Bothered Mind CD Blues / R&B 
  R.l. Burnside Too Bad Jim CD Blues / R&B 
  R.l. Burnside Come On In CD Blues / R&B 
  R.l. Burnside Well...Well...Well... CD Blues / R&B 
  R.l. Burnside Mr. Wizard CD Blues / R&B 
  R.l. Burnside Acoustic Stories CD Blues / R&B 
  R.l. Burnside Mississippi Hill Country Blues CD Blues / R&B 
  R.l. Burnside 1st Recordings CD Blues / R&B 
  R.l. Burnside 1st Recordings CD Blues / R&B 
  R.l. Burnside Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down CD Blues / R&B 
  R.l. Burnside Burnside on Burnside CD Blues / R&B 
  Ra Ra Riot The Rhumb Line CD Rock 
  Rabnett 5 Dan's Party CD Jazz 
  Radio Birdman The Essential Birdman CD Pop/Rock 
  Radioblaster Listen Closer CD Pop/Rock 
  Radioblaster Sugar CD Pop/Rock 
  Radmilla Cody Precious Friends: Songs for Children CD First Nations 
  Radmilla Cody Spirit of a Woman CD First Nations 
  Radmilla Cody Seed of Life CD First Nations 
  Rae & Christian Sleepwalking CD  Electronic 
  Rae And Christian Nocturnal Activities CD Electronic 
  Rainstick Orchestra FLOATING GLASS KEY IN THE SKY  CD Electronic 
  Ralf Buschmeyer EST 1968 CD Jazz 
  Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band A Special Ep CDEP Electronic 
  Ramblin' Jack / Koerner, Spider John / Phillips, U Legends of Folk CD Folk 
  Ramblin' Jack Elliott South Coast CD Folk 
  Ramin Soundtrack - Original - Djawadi Fly Me To The Moon CD Soundtracks 
  Randy With Clipman, Will Wood My Heart and Soul CD First Nations 
  Randy Wood Round Dance the Night Away CD First Nations 
  Randy Wood Round Dance Blues CD First Nations 
  Randy Wood There Are No Goodbyes CD First Nations 
  Randy Wood Our Love Will Never Die CD First Nations 
  Rare Bird Sympathy CD Pop/Rock 
  Raul Planas Son Inconcluso CD World: Latin 
  Raul Y Conjunto Rumbava Planas Te Invito Un Momento CD World: Latin 
  Ravi Shankar Concert for Peace CDx2 World 
  Ray Bonneville Goin' By Feel CD Blues 
  Ray Lyell Desert winds CD Pop/Rock 
  Ray Lyell Ray Lyell CD Pop/Rock 
  Ray Lyell Working Man CD Pop/Rock 
  Real Life Journey Of The Carcharadon CD Electronic 
  Rebecca Martin People Behave Like Ballads CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Recloose Cardiology CD Electronic 
  Red Bull Gather the People CD First Nations 
  Red Red Meat Jimmywine Majestic CD Pop/Rock 
  Red Red Meat There's A Star Above The Manger CD Pop/Rock 
  Red Tail Chasing Hawks Eagle Dances with the Wind CD First Nations 
  Red Tail Chasing Hawks Brother Hawks CD First Nations 
  Redhouse Family Urban Indian CD First Nations 
  Rein Sanction Mariposa CD Pop/Rock 
  Rein Sanction Brocs Cabin CD Pop/Rock 
  Rene Marie Serene Renegade CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Rene Marie Live At The Jazz Standard CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Req Sketchbook CD Electronic 
  Req Car Paint Scheme CD Electronic 
  Restiform Bodies TV Loves You Back CD Hip Hop 
  Retrosic God Of Hell CD Industrial 
  Reverend Horton Heat Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em CD Pop/Rock 
  Reverend Horton Heat Revival CD Pop/Rock 
  Revolting Cocks Avatar CD Pop/Rock 
  Rex Hobart And The Misery Boys Empty House CD Country 
  Rey Guerra Cantos De La Fuente CD World: Latin 
  Rhea's Obsession Between Earth And Sky CD Industrial 
  Rhea's Obsession Re:Initiation CD Industrial 
  Rheostatics Night Of The Shooting Stars CD Pop/Rock 
  Rhys Chatham Septile CD Electronic 
  Ric Louchard Ragtime Romp CD Children's 
  Ric Louchard G'Night Wolfgang: Classical Piano Solos for Bedtim CD Children's 
  Ric Louchard Hey CD Children's 
  Ric Louchard G'Morning Johann: Classical Piano Solos for Mornin CD Children's 
  Richard Buckner The Hill CD Pop/Rock 
  Richard Whiteman Avenue Rhodes CD Jazz 
  Richard Whiteman Solo Piano CD Jazz 
  Richard Whiteman All Or Nothing At All CD Jazz 
  Richie Hawtin & John Acquaviva X CD  Electronic 
  Richie Pollack Stew CD Blues 
  Rick Holmstrom Late in the Night CD Blues 
  Rick Wakeman Greatest Hits CD Pop/Rock 
  Rilo Kiley The Execution Of All Things CD Pop/Rock 
  Rjd2 Since We Last Spoke CD Hip-Hop 
  Rjd2, Felix Da Housecat, Laurent Garnier, Leftfiel Extra: A Collection Of Outstanding Electronic Musi DVD Music DVD: Electronic 
  Rob Honor System Reddy Post CD Jazz 
  Rob Sonic Telicatessen CD Hip-Hop 
  Robbie & The Disciples Lane Ain't Dead Yet CD Pop/Rock 
  Robby [og Big Ass Truck] Grant Unleavened Bread CD Pop/Rock 
  Robedeaux And Stoner Mcclellan Prayers For Life: Peyote Songs of the Native Ameri CD First Nations 
  Robedeaux And Stoner Mcclellan For Our Loved Ones CD First Nations 
  Robert & The League Of Gentlemen Fripp Show Of Hands CD Pop/Rock 
  Robert [travis & Fripp] Fripp & Theo Travis Thread CD Rock 
  Robert Belfour Pushin' My Luck CD Blues / R&B 
  Robert Belfour What's Wrong With You CD Blues / R&B 
  Robert Cage Can See What You're Doing CD Blues / R&B 
  Robert Jr. Lockwood The Legend Live CD Blues 
  Robert Mirabal Indians Indians CD First Nations 
  Robert Mirabal Warrior Magician CD First Nations 
  Robert Mirabal Music from A Painted Cave CD First Nations 
  Robert Mirabal Taos Tales CD First Nations 
  Robert Mirabal Song Carrier CD First Nations 
  Robert Payant Les Chanteux CD Folk 
  Robert Pete Williams Robert Pete Williams CD Blues / R&B 
  Robert Tree And Clipman, Will Cody Heart of the Wind CD First Nations 
  Robert Tree And Xavier Quijas Yxayotl Cody Crossroads CD First Nations 
  Robert Tree Cody White Buffalo CD First Nations 
  Roberto Conjunto Faz Los Mejores Mosaicos CD World: Latin 
  Roberto Fonseca Elengo CD World: Latin 
  Roberto Fonseca Tiene Que Ver CD World: Latin 
  Robin & Linda Williams Buena Vista CD Folk 
  Robin And Horvitz, Wayne Holcomb Solos SACD Jazz 
  Robin And Linda Williams Radio Songs CD Folk 
  Robin And Linda Williams The First Christmas Gift CD Folk 
  Robin And Linda Williams Deeper Waters CD Folk 
  Robin Black & The Intergalactic Rock Stars Star Shaped Single CDS Pop/Rock 
  Robin Judge Pattern CD Electronic 
  Robyn Hitchcock Luxor CD Pop/Rock 
  Robyn Hitchcock A Star For Bram CD Pop/Rock 
  Robyn Hitchcock Robyn Sings Bob Dylan CDx2 Pop/Rock 
  Robyn Hitchcock Spooked CD Pop/Rock 
  Rock Kills Kid Rock Kills Kid CDEP Pop/Rock 
  Rockers Hi-fi DJ-KiCKS / The Black Album CD  Electronic 
  Roedelius Wenn Der Sudwind Weht CD Electronic 
  Roger Eno Lost In Translation CD Electronic 
  Roger Eno Voices CD Electronic 
  Rogue Wave Descended Like Vultures CD Pop/Rock 
  Rogue Wave Out Of The Shadow CD Pop/Rock 
  Roisin Murphy Ruby Blue CD Electronic 
  Rojitas Tierra Santa CD World: Latin 
  Romi And The Temporarily Unemployed Mayes The Living Room Sessions Volume I CD Country 
  Romi Mayes Sweet Somethin' Steady CD Country 
  Ron & The Rusty Nails Hawkins Greasing The Star Machine CD Pop/Rock 
  Ron & The Rusty Nails Hawkins Crackstatic CD Pop/Rock 
  Ron / Various Trent Musical Reflections CD Electronic 
  Ronnie Dawson More Bad Habits CD Pop/Rock 
  Roots Manuva AWFULLY DEEP  CD Hip-Hop 
  Roots Manuva Slime & Reason CD Hip-Hop 
  Roots Manuva RUN COME SAVE ME  CD Hip-Hop 
  Roots Manuva Dub Come Save Me CD  Hip-Hop 
  Roots Manuva AWFULLY DEEP (2CD EDITION) CDx2 Hip-Hop 
  Roots Manuva JUGGLE TINGS PROPER  CD Hip-Hop 
  Roots Manuva Brand New Second Hand CD Hip-Hop 
  Rosalie And Phillips, Utah Sorrels The Long Memory CD Folk 
  Rosalie Sorrels My Last Go CD Folk 
  Rosalie Sorrels Strangers In Another Country: The Songs Of Bruce " CD Folk 
  Rosalie Sorrels No Closing Chord: Songs of Malvina Reynolds CD Folk 
  Rosemary Clooney Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas CD Holiday 
  Rosie Thomas Only With Laughter Can You Win CD Pop/Rock 
  Rosie Thomas In Between CD Pop/Rock 
  Rosie Thomas When We Were Small CD Pop/Rock 
  Rotersand I Cry CD Industrial 
  Rotersand Truth Is Fanatic CD Industrial 
  Rowallan Consort Notes of Noy CD Celtic 
  Roy Ayers Virgin Ubiquity: Unreleased Recordings 1976 CD Funk 
  Roy Ayers Mahogany Vibe CD Funk 
  Roy Ayers Virgin Ubiquity II: Unreleased Recordings 1976-198 CD Funk 
  Roy Clark Timeless: The Classic Concert Performances CD Country 
  Roy Davis Jr. Chicago Forever CD Dance 
  Roy Forbes The Human Kind CD Country 
  Roy Forbes Almost Overnight CD Country 
  Roy Forbes Crazy Old Moon CD Country 
  Roy Forbes Some Tunes For That Mother Of Mine CD Country 
  Rubalcaba Gonzalo Concatenacion CD World: Latin 
  Ruben Gonzalez Indestructible CD World: Latin 
  Ruben Gonzalez Sentimiento CD World: Latin 
  Ruben Y Planas Raul Gonzalez Con La Orquesta Jorrin CD World: Latin 
  Ruffneck C'est Tout C'Que J'ai CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
  Rupaul Red Hot CD Dance 
  Russell & Akita Masami (merzbow) Haswell Satanstornade CD Electronic 
  Russell Malone Playground CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Ryan Blotnick Music Needs You CD Jazz 
  Ryuichi Sakamoto PRAYER\SALVATION REMIXES  CD Electronic 
  Ryuichi Sakamoto ANGER & GRIEF REMIXES  CD Electronic 
  Rza And Keb Darge Kings Of Funk CD Funk 
  Safa Alight SACD World 
  Saint Etienne Interlude CD Pop/Rock 
  Salif And Manifila, Kante Keita The Lost Album CD World 
  Sally Rogers We'll Pass Them On CD Folk 
  Saltarello Passage Oublié CD World 
  Salvation Front Trying To Stay Real CD Pop/Rock 
  Sam Myers Coming From the Old School CD Blues 
  Samantha Robichaud A New Stage CD Folk 
  Samba Enredo The Best of Rio Carnaval CD Latin 
  Samuel James Songs Famed for Sorrow and Joy CD Blues 
  Sanseverino Les Sngalaises CD Francophone: Rock 
  Sapera Snake Charmers of Northern India CD World 
  Sara Lee Make It Beautiful CD Rock 
  Satellite Of June The Incident CDEP Pop/Rock 
  Satomi And Ramos, Alcvin Takegawa Saeki Japanese Traditional Koto and Shakuhachi CD World 
  Savath & Savalas Manana CDEP Electronic 
  Savath & Savalas Strain CD Electronic 
  Savath And Savalas (prefuse 73 & Eva Puyuelo Muns) Apropa't CD Electronic 
  Schroeder's Cat Schroder's Cat CDEP Pop/Rock 
  Scott Cameron Smith Easy Street CD Folk 
  Scott Dunbar From Lake Mary CD Blues / R&B 
  Scott H. Biram The Dirty Old One Man Band CD Pop/Rock 
  Scratching Post Flamethrower (Re Issue) CD Pop/Rock 
  Scratching Post This Time It's Personal CD Pop/Rock 
  Scratching Post Destruction Of The Universe CD Pop/Rock 
  Scud Mountain Boys Massachusetts CD Pop/Rock 
  Scud Mountain Boys The Early Year CD Pop/Rock 
  Sea Snakes Clear As Day CD Pop/Rock 
  Seabound No Sleep Demon V2.0 CD Industrial 
  Seabound Beyond Flatline CD Industrial 
  Seabound Poisonous Friend CDEP Industrial 
  Seamus Tansey Easter Snow CD Celtic 
  Sean Noonan Brewed By Noon Stories To Tell SACD Jazz 
  Sean Noonan's Brewed By Noon Boxing Dreams CD Jazz 
  Sean Soundtrack- Tv- Callery 24: Redemption CD Soundtracks 
  Seaweed Go Your Own Way CD Pop/Rock 
  Seaweed Despised CD Pop/Rock 
  Sebastien Grainger Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains CD  Rock 
  Secret Frequency Crew forest of the echo downs CD Electronic 
  Segarini Vox Populi! CD Pop/Rock 
  Segundo Compay Son Del Monte CD World 
  Segundo Compay Grandes Exitos CD World 
  Segundo Compay Y Compay Primo Los Compadres CD World: Latin 
  Sekou Sundiata Longstoryshort CD Rock 
  Senor Coconut Gran Baile CD Electronic 
  Senor Coconut Fiesta Songs CD Electronic 
  Septeto Habanero El Son Es Lo Mas Sublime CD World: Latin 
  Septeto Nacional De I Pineiro Clasicos Del Son CD World: Latin 
  Serge Laporte Sea Of A Thousand Stories CD New Age 
  Serial Joe Kicked CD Pop/Rock 
  Shadows Shadows Are Go! CD Pop/Rock 
  Shaman's Dream Breathing CD Ambient 
  Shaman's Dream Bindu CD Ambient 
  Shameless Famous 4 Madness CD Rock 
  Shantel Great Delay CD Electronic 
  Shapeshifter Reticulum Flux CD Electronic 
  Sharon Burch Colors of my Heart CD First Nations 
  Sharon Burch Touch the Sweet Earth CD First Nations 
  Sharon Quintet Minemoto Side A CD Jazz 
  Sharrie Williams I'm Here to Stay CD Blues 
  Shawn & Clutchy Hopkins Lee Clutch Of The Tiger CD Electronic 
  Shawn / Various Lee Under The Sun CDx2 Rock 
  Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra Music And Rhythm: Ubiquity Studio Sessions Vol. 1 CD Breaks & Beats 
  Shelley Morningsong Out of the Ashes CD First Nations 
  Shenandoah And Robert Sisters CD First Nations 
  Shirley Eikhard Stuck In This Groove CD Rock 
  Shirley Eikhard Pop CD Rock 
  Shirley Eikhard Country CD Rock 
  Shoddy Mauvaises Frequentations CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
  Shortfall Hooray For Everything CD Pop/Rock 
  Shot Gun Wedding Break Your Soul CD Pop/Rock 
  Shotts And Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band Another Quiet Sunday CD Piping 
  Show Do Man Alpha & Omega CD World: Africa 
  Shrift Lost In A Moment CD Electronic 
  Siji God CD  Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Siksika Nation Owl Dance of the Siksika nation CD First Nations 
  Siksika Ramblers Just for Old Time's Sake CD First Nations 
  Sillan & Young [johanna Sillanpaa & Aaron Young] Under My Feet CD Folk 
  Sillan And Young Better Thing CD Jazz 
  Sinistrio Sinistrio CD Jazz 
  Sisters Euclid Featuring Kevin Breit Run Neil Run CD Jazz 
  Sitd Stronghold CD Industrial 
  Six Finger Satellite Law Of Ruins CD Pop/Rock 
  Six Finger Satellite Weapon CD Pop/Rock 
  Six Finger Satellite Severe Exposure CD Pop/Rock 
  Six Finger Satellite Paranormalized CD Pop/Rock 
  Skychasers Full Moon Session CD First Nations 
  Sledgehammer Live In London DVD Music DVD 
  Sleepy Labeef Tomorrow Never Comes CD Country 
  Sly & Robbie / Amp Fiddler Inspiration Information CD Funk 
  Sly Dunbar Sly CD Reggae 
  Smalls Smalls CD Pop/Rock 
  Smalls To Each A Zone CD Pop/Rock 
  Smalls My Dear Little Angle CD Pop/Rock 
  Smalls Waste And Tragedy CD Pop/Rock 
  Smith & Mighty Big World Small World CD Electronic 
  Smith & Mighty Bass Is Maternal CD Electronic 
  Smith & Mighty Retrospective CD Electronic 
  Smith & Mighty Life Is CD Electronic 
  Snarling Adjective Convention Bluewolf Bloodwalk CD Rock 
  Snog Adventures In Capitalism DVD Industrial 
  Snog Relax Into The Abyss  CD Industrial 
  Snooky And Mel Brown Pryor Double Shot! CD Blues 
  Snooky Pryor Mississippi Wrecking Crew CD Blues 
  Snooky Pryor Can't Stop Blowin' CD Blues 
  Snooky Pryor Mojo Ramble CD Blues 
  Solas For Love and Laughter CD World: Celtic 
  Soldierz Of Fortune Warfare CD Dance 
  Soldierz Of Fortune Present Dataport CDx2 Electronic 
  Something J / Dj Maxximus Mercedes Bently Vs Versace Armani CD Electronic 
  Sonantes [cu's New Band] Sonantes CD World: Brazil 
  Sonic Solutions Incorporated Pax Romana Parts 1 CD Electronic 
  Sonny Greenwich Fragments of a Memory CD Jazz 
  Sorry About Dresden Let It Rest CD Pop/Rock 
  Sorry About Dresden The Convenience Of Indecision CD Pop/Rock 
  Sote Electric Deaf CD Electronic 
  Souljazz Orchestra Manifesto CD Afrobeat 
  Soundtrack - Orginal - Patrick Williams The Cutting Edge (The Deluxe Edition) CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Adolph Deutsch Some Like It Hot CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Alex North The Misfits CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Basil Poledouris Robocop CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Bernard Purdie Lialeh CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Brian Tyler The Final Cut CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Brian Tyler Paparazzi CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Brian Tyler Constantine CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Brian Tyler Annapolis CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Christophe Beck Elektra CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Christopher Young The Grudge CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Clint Eastwood Million Dollar Baby CD  Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Craig Armstrong The Clearing CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Elmer Bernstein The Great Escape CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Elmer Bernstein The Magnificent Seven CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Gato Barbieri Last Tango In Paris CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - George S. Clinton The Big Bounce CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Graeme Revell Assault On Precinct CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Graeme Revell The Chronicles Of Riddick CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Harald Kloser The Day After Tomorrow CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Harold Kloser Alien Vs. Predator CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Harry Gregson Williams Shrek 2 CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - James Horner The Forgotten CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - James Horner Bobby Jones CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Jeff Danna Resident Evil: Apocalypse CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Jerry Goldsmith Timeline: Music Inspired By The Film SACD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Jerry Goldsmith The Great Train Robbery SACD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Jimmy Buffet Rancho Deluxe CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - John Morgan And William St Starship Troopers 2 CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - John Powell The Bourne Supremacy CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - John Williams The Missouri Breaks CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - John Williams Feat. Richar Tom Sawyer CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Marco Beltram Hellboy CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Marco Beltrami I, Robot CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Marco Beltrami Flight Of The Phoenix CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Mark Isham Twisted CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Matt Murphy Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico, The CD Soundtracks 
  Soundtrack - Original - Michel Legrand The Thomas Crown Affair CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Mychael Danna Being Julia CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Nerida Tyson-chew Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Normand Corbeil The Statement CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Rachel Portman The Manchurian Candidate CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Richard M. Sherman And Rob Chitty Chitty Bang Bang CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Ron Goodwin W/ Sir William Battle Of Britain CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Simon Fisher Turner David Lynch Presents Nadja CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Various Artists Deep Throat: Anthology Parts I & II CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original - Various Artists Surviving Christmas CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original Score - Bt Stealth CD Soundtracks 
  Soundtrack - Original Television Monk CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original Television - Christopher Gor Salem's Lot CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original Television - Jeff Beal Carnivle CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original Television - Jeff Rona Earthsea CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original Television - Michael Giacchi Alias CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original Television - Richard Hartley The Lion In Winter CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Original Television - Sean Callery 24 CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Score - John Powell Robots CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Tv Inspector Morse Vol 2 CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Tv Inspector Morse CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Tv Inspector Morse Vol 3 CD Soundtrack 
  Soundtrack - Tv - Jeff Rona Traffic: The Miniseries CD Soundtrack 
  Sountrack - Original - Bryan Tyler Godsend CD Soundtrack 
  Southern Cree Thunder and Lightening CD First Nations 
  Southern Culture On The Skids Mojo Box CD Pop/Rock 
  Southside Johnny Grapefruit Moon: The Songs of Tom Waits CD Jazz 
  Spaced Out Evolution CD Rock 
  Spacek Vintage Hi CD Electronic 
  Speedbuggy It's Fun To Pretend CD Pop/Rock 
  Speedbuggy Max. Size Approx. 30 Inches CD Pop/Rock 
  Spider John / Ray, Dave / Glover, Tony Koerner Lots More Blues CD Folk 
  Spider John / Ray, Dave / Glover, Tony Koerner The Return of Koerner CD Folk 
  Spider John / Ray, Dave/ Glover, Tony Koerner Blues CD Folk 
  Spider John And Murphy, Willie Koerner Running CD Folk 
  Spider John Koerner StarGeezer CD Folk 
  Spider John Koerner Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Been CD Folk 
  Spider John Koerner Raised by Humans CD Folk 
  Split Lip Rayfield Should Have Seen It Coming CD Pop/Rock 
  Spring Heel Jack With Wadada Leo Smith The Sweetness Of The Water CD Electronic 
  Sprinkler More Boy Less Friend CD Pop/Rock 
  Squarepusher Ultravisitor CD Electronic 
  Squarepusher Do You Know Squarepusher CDx2 Electronic 
  Squarepusher Go Plastic CD Electronic 
  Sst And Superdefekt / Various Artists DJ Kicks CD Electronic 
  Stacey Pullen DJ CD Electronic 
  Stan Rogers Home in Halifax CD Folk 
  Stan Rogers From Fresh Water CD Folk 
  Stan Rogers Fogarty's Cove CD Folk 
  Stan Rogers From Coffee House to Concert Hall CD Folk 
  Stan Rogers Northwest Passage CD Folk 
  Stan Rogers Turnaround CD Folk 
  Stan Rogers Between the Breaks CD Folk 
  Stan Rogers Poetic Justice CD Folk 
  Starline Theorie Vega CD Electronic 
  Starline Theorie Obon CD Electronic 
  Steep Canyon Rangers Mr Taylor's New Home CD Bluegrass 
  Stephen John Kalinich A World Of Peace Must Come CD Rock 
  Stereo Mc's DJ CD Electronic 
  Stereotyp My Sound CD Electronic 
  Steve Bell Devotion CD Worship 
  Steve Bell Devotion CD Worship 
  Steve Fisk 999 Levels Of Undo CD Pop/Rock 
  Steve Hackett Cured CD Pop/Rock 
  Steve Hackett Highly Strung CD Pop/Rock 
  Steve Hackett Please Don't Touch CD Pop/Rock 
  Steve Hackett Spectral Mornings CD Pop/Rock 
  Steve Hackett Voyage Of The Acolyte CD Pop/Rock 
  Steve Hackett Defector CD Pop/Rock 
  Steve Hillage Motivation Radio CD Electronic 
  Steve Hillage Open CD Electronic 
  Steve Hillage L CD Electronic 
  Steve Hillage Fish Rising CD Electronic 
  Steve Hillage For To Next CD Electronic 
  Steve Hillage Live Herald CD Electronic 
  Steve Hillage Rainbow Dome Musick CD Electronic 
  Steve Hillage Green CD Electronic 
  Steve Howe Homebrew CD Pop/Rock 
  Steve Howe Not Necessarily Acoustic CD Pop/Rock 
  Steve Hunter Muskoka Solace CD Jazz 
  Steve Tibbetts & Choying Drolma Selwa CD World: Tibet 
  Steve Wilson Soulful Song CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Steven Jesse Bernstein Prison CD Pop/Rock 
  Stinkmitt Sratch 'N' Sniff CD Pop/Rock 
  Stoney Lonesome Lonesome Tonight CD Country 
  Stoney Lonesome Blue Heartache CD Country 
  Storyhill Storyhill CD Folk 
  Straight Faced Guilty CD Punk 
  Straight Faced Broken CD Punk 
  Strange Boutique The Collection '88-'94 CD Industrial 
  Stream Alien State CD Pop/Rock 
  Stream Experimental CD Pop/Rock 
  Stroutsos/clipman/eaton Quiet Fire CD Ambient 
  Strunz & Farah Mosaico CD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah Live CD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah Rio de Colores CD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah Strunz and Farah In Performance DVD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah Stringweave CD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah Desert Guitars CD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah The Best of Strunz and Farah CD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah Americas CD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah Jungle Guitars CD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah Fantaseo CD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah Wild Muse CD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah Zona Torrida CD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah Primal Magic CD World: Latin 
  Strunz & Farah Heat of the Sun CD World: Latin 
  Stuart Mclean Vinyl Cafe Storyland CDx2 Comedy 
  Stuart Mclean A Story-Gram From Vinyl Cafe Inc. CDx2 Comedy 
  Stuart Mclean Vinyl Cafe - A Christmas Collection CDx2 Comedy 
  Subtle A New White CD Electronic 
  Suckers Wild Smile CD Rock 
  Suckers Wild Smile LP Rock 
  Sudden Sudden CD Electronic 
  Sufi [a.r. Kane / M/a/r/r/s] Lifes Rising CD Electronic 
  Suicidal Tendencies Join The Army CD Punk 
  Sultans Of String Luna CD World: Latin 
  Sunshine Fix Age Of The Sun CD Pop/Rock 
  Super Chikan What You See CD Blues / R&B 
  Super Numeri GREAT AVIARIES  CD Pop/Rock 
  Supersuckers Mid CD Pop/Rock 
  Supersuckers Born With A Tail +3 CD Pop/Rock 
  Supersuckers Sacrilicious CD Pop/Rock 
  Supersuckers Get It Together! CD + DVD Pop/Rock 
  Sur Caribe Con To CD World: Latin 
  Suzzy & Maggie Roche Why the Long Face CD Folk 
  Suzzy And Maggie Roche Zero Church CD Folk 
  Suzzy Roche Songs from an Unmarried Housewife CD Rock 
  Suzzy Roche Holy Smokes CD Rock 
  Svinkels Dirty Centre CD Francophone: Hip 
  Swag Catch CD Pop/Rock 
  Swayzak Dirty Dancing CD Electronic 
  Swayzak Loops From The Bergerie CD Electronic 
  Sweet Honey In The Rock In This land CD Folk 
  Sweet Honey In The Rock Raise Your Voice CD Folk 
  Sweet Honey In The Rock Sacred Ground CD Folk 
  Sweet Honey In The Rock Still on the Journey: 20th Anniversary CD Folk 
  Sweet Honey In The Rock The Women Gather CD Folk 
  Sweet Honey In The Rock All for Freedom CD Folk 
  Sweet Honey In The Rock I Got Shoes CD Folk 
  Sweet Honey In The Rock Singing for Freedom DVD Folk 
  Sylvia Tyson River Road And Other Stories CD Folk 
  T. Nile At My Table CD Folk 
  T. O. Joker Life Goes On CD Pop/Rock 
  Tad Salem CD Pop/Rock 
  Tagada Jones Les Compteurs Zero CD Francophone: Rock 
  Taj / Bibb, Eric / Tillery, Linda Mahal Hippity Hop CD Children's 
  Taj / Tillery, Linda / Bibb, Eric Mahal Shakin' a Tailfeather CD Children's 
  Taj Mahal Shake Sugaree CD Rock 
  Taj Mahal Songs For The Young at Heart: Taj Mahal CD Rock 
  Taj Mahal, Andrew Gold] Various Artists [incl. Lin Celebration Of Rock 'N' Roll CD Children's 
  Takako Minekawa Recubed CDEP Electronic 
  Takako Minekawa Ximer CDEP Electronic 
  Takako Minekawa Maxi On CD Electronic 
  Talisma Quelque Part CD  Rock 
  Tandava Tandava CD Worldbeat 
  Tannis Slimmon Lucky Blue CD Folk 
  Tappa Zukie Tapper Roots CD Reggae 
  Tapper Zukie Mpla CD Reggae 
  Tata & Anga Guines Pasaporte CD World: Latin 
  Taxi Chain Smarten Up! CD Blues 
  Team Shadetek Burnerism CDEP Electronic 
  Ted Jacobs The Days Gone By CD Children's 
  Ted Jacobs A Child's Garden of Songs CD Children's 
  Teen Angels Daddy CD Pop/Rock 
  Ten Minute Warning Ten Minute Warning CD Pop/Rock 
  Terell Stafford New Beginnings CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Teresa And Riley, Doug Doyle Summerfly CD Jazz 
  Teresa Doyle Dance to Your Daddy CD Children's 
  Teresa Doyle Cradle on the Waves CD Children's 
  Teresa Doyle Stowaway CD Children's 
  Teresa Doyle If Fish Could Sing CD Children's 
  Teresa Doyle Orra Chan CD Children's 
  Teresita Fernandez Mi Gatico Vinagrito CD World: Latin 
  Terminal Sect Bread & Wine For The Dirt CD Industrial 
  Terra Cain Religious Promiscuity CD Pop/Rock 
  Terranova Peace Is Tough CD Electronic 
  Terranova DJ CD Electronic 
  Terranova Hitchhiking Non CD Electronic 
  Terrence / Various Artists Parker 3 Minute Blunts: The Sound Of Detroit Insstrumenta CD Hip-Hop 
  Terrorfakt Cold Steel World CD Industrial 
  Tes X2 CD Hip-Hop 
  Th' Legendary Shack Shakers Believe CD Pop/Rock 
  Tha Tribe Blue Scout CD First Nations 
  Tha Tribe Emery CD First Nations 
  Tha Tribe Mad Hops and Crazy Stops CD First Nations 
  Thad Cockrell Warmth And Beauty CD Pop/Rock 
  The (simon Emmerson And Phil Meadley) Outernationa Ethnomixocology CD Dance 
  The (with The Dream Warriors) Herbaliser ROAD OF MANY SIGNS CD Hip-Hop 
  The / Hi-fives Smugglers Summer Games CDEP Punk 
  The / Soundtrack - Original Edge Captive CD Soundtrack 
  The [neko Case & Carolyn Mark] Corn Sisters The Other Women CD Country 
  The [nuardwar The Human Serviette] Evaporators I Gotta Rash CD Pop/Rock 
  The Abrams Brothers Blue On Brown CD Bluegrass 
  The Abyssinians & Friends Tree Of Satta CD Reggae 
  The Album Leaf In a Safe Place CD Pop/Rock 
  The Aquabats Myths CD Punk 
  The Aquabats Return Of The Aquabats CD Punk 
  The Baptist Generals No Silver No Gold CD Pop/Rock 
  The Barmitzvah Brothers Mr. Bones' Walk CD Pop/Rock 
  The Bebop Cowboys Some Kind of Fantasy CD Country 
  The Bebop Cowboys Canadian Dance Hall CD Country 
  The Bicycles The Good The Bad and The Cuddly CD Rock 
  The Bicycles The Good The Bad and The Cuddly:The Interactive DV DVD Rock 
  The Bicycles Oh No It's Love CD Rock 
  The Bigger Lovers Honey In The Hive CD Pop/Rock 
  The Bigger Lovers This Affair Never Happened CD Pop/Rock 
  The Birthday Massacre Violet CD Rock 
  The Bittersweets Goodnight San Francisco CD Rock 
  The Black Keys Live DVD Blues / R&B 
  The Black Keys Thickfreakness PRICE DROP CD Blues / R&B 
  The Blueskins Change My Mind CDEP Pop/Rock 
  The Butchies Make Yr Life CD Pop/Rock 
  The Buttless Chaps Love This Time CD Pop/Rock 
  The Catheters Static Delusions And Stone-Still Days CD Pop/Rock 
  The Catheters HowlingIt Grows And Grows CD Pop/Rock 
  The Chris Stamey Experience [with Yo La Tengo] A Question Of Temperature CD Pop/Rock 
  The Cinematic Orchestra MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA  CD Electronic 
  The Cinematic Orchestra Motion CD Electronic 
  The Cinematic Orchestra EVERYDAY  CD Electronic 
  The Cinematic Orchestra W/ Fontella Bass ALL THAT YOU GIVE  CD Electronic 
  The Comas A Def Needle In Tomorrow CD Pop/Rock 
  The Comas Conductor CD+DVD Pop/Rock 
  The Constantines Nighttime CDS Pop/Rock 
  The Corries, Eric Bogle, Dick Gaughan, And The 'sc Far, Far From Ypres: Songs, Poems And Music Of Wor CDx2 World: Scotland 
  The Countdown Quartet Sadlak's Stomp CD Pop/Rock 
  The Countdown Quartet Countdown Quartet CD Pop/Rock 
  The Countdown Quartet Party With! CD Pop/Rock 
  The Cute Lepers Can't Stand Modern Music CD Rock 
  The Delgados Universal Audio CD Pop/Rock 
  The Dollyrots Because I'm Awesome CD Rock 
  The Dolphin Brothers Catch The Fall CD Pop/Rock 
  The Elected Me First CD Pop/Rock 
  The Epoxies My New World CDEP Rock 
  The Evaporators [nardwuar The Human Serviette] Ripple Rock CD Pop/Rock 
  The Exploders New Variations CD Punk 
  The Faint Blank Wave Arcade CD Pop/Rock 
  The Faint Danse Macabre CD Pop/Rock 
  The Faint Wet From Birth CD Pop/Rock 
  The Faint Media CD Pop/Rock 
  The Flashing Lights Elevature CDEP Pop/Rock 
  The Flashing Lights Sweet Release CD Pop/Rock 
  The Flashing Lights Where The Change Is CD Pop/Rock 
  The Fleshtones Do You Swing? CD Pop/Rock 
  The Fleshtones Stocking Stuffer CD Pop/Rock 
  The Forty Fives Fight Dirty CD Pop/Rock 
  The Forty-fives High Life High Volume CD Pop/Rock 
  The Franco Proietti Morph-tet Morphology CD Jazz 
  The Free Design Kites Are Fun CD Pop/Rock 
  The Free Design Star CD Pop/Rock 
  The Free Design Heavcn CD Pop/Rock 
  The Free Design Sing For Very Important People (1970) CD Pop/Rock 
  The Free Design There Is A Song CD Pop/Rock 
  The Free Design One By One (1971) CD Pop/Rock 
  The Free Design You Could Be Born Again CD Pop/Rock 
  The Gay You Know The Rules CD Pop/Rock 
  The Gladiators Trench Town Mix Up CD Reggae 
  The Glimmers DJ CD Electronic 
  The Good Brothers One True Thing CD Bluegrass 
  The Good Life Black Out CD Pop/Rock 
  The Good Life Album Of the Year CD Pop/Rock 
  The Gourds Blood Of The Ram CD Pop/Rock 
  The Gourds Haymaker! CD Pop/Rock 
  The Grabbers Hand You're Dealt CD Punk 
  The Groovie Ghoulies World Contact Day CD Punk 
  The Gruff The Gruff CD Folk 
  The Gruff A Trail Of Missing Thoughts CD Folk 
  The Hanson Brothers My Game CD Punk 
  The Helio Sequence Love and Distance CD Pop/Rock 
  The Herbaliser VERY MERCENARY  CD Electronic 
  The Herbaliser Remedies CD Electronic 
  The Herbaliser New And Improved CD Electronic 
  The Herbaliser SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES  CD Electronic 
  The High+mighty Presents Eastern Conference All Stars 2 CD Hip-Hop 
  The Iguanas Plastic Silver 9 Volt Heart CD Pop/Rock 
  The Iguanas If You Should Ever Fall On Hard Times CD Pop/Rock 
  The Kinison Mortgage Is Bank CDEP Punk 
  The Last Shadow Puppets My Mistakes Were Made For You CDEP Rock 
  The Limp Twins Tales From Beyond The Groove CD Electronic 
  The Long Winters Ultimatum CDEP Pop/Rock 
  The Long Winters Live At The Showbox DVD Pop/Rock 
  The Matthew [feat. Jamie Lidell, Arto Lindsay & Ot Goodbye Swingtime (Re CD Electronic 
  The Matthew Herbert Big Band There`s Me And There`s You CD Electronic 
  The Mayflies Usa Walking In A Straight Line CD Pop/Rock 
  The Meat Purveyors Pain By Numbers CD Pop/Rock 
  The Members Sound Of The Suburbs: The Best Of CD Pop/Rock 
  The Midways Pay More And Get A Good Seat CD Rock 
  The Mighty Diamonds Right Time CD Reggae 
  The Minus 5 At The Organ CDEP Pop/Rock 
  The Minus 5 Down With Wilco CD Pop/Rock 
  The Minus 5 In Rock CD Pop/Rock 
  The Moaners Dark Snack CD Pop/Rock 
  The Moondoggies Don't Be A Stranger CD Rock 
  The Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet The Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet CD Pop/Rock 
  The Neckburns The Lights Are Getting Dim CD Blues / R&B 
  The Northern Pikes The Northern Pikes Live CD Pop/Rock 
  The Northern Pikes Truest Inspiration CD Pop/Rock 
  The Oak Ridge Boys The Inspirational Collection CD Gospel 
  The October Trio Day In CD Jazz 
  The October Trio + Brad Turner Looks Like It's Going To Snow CD Jazz 
  The Old Sod Band Grass Roots CD Celtic 
  The Orchid Ensemble Road to Kashgar CD World 
  The Orchid Ensemble Heartland CD World 
  The Organ Grab That Gun CD Pop/Rock 
  The Organ Thieves CDEP Pop/Rock 
  The Other People Place Lifestyles Of The Laptop Caf CD Electronic 
  The Pastels The Last Great Wilderness CD Pop/Rock 
  The Persuasions Sing Zappa: Frankly A Cappella CD Rock 
  The Persuasions On the Good Ship Lollipop CD Rock 
  The Pica Beats Beating Back the Claws Of The Cold CD Rock 
  The Pines Sparrows in the Bell CD Folk 
  The Poppy Family A Good Thing Lost: 1968 CD Pop/Rock 
  The Propositions Funky Disposition CD Dance 
  The Ramblin' Ambassadors Avanti! CD Pop/Rock 
  The Rapture Out Of The Races And On To The CD Pop/Rock 
  The Rapture Tapes CD Pop/Rock 
  The Real Tuesday Weld I Lucifer CD Pop/Rock 
  The Records Smashes CD Pop/Rock 
  The Remains Of Brian Borcherdt The Remains ofVol. 2 CD Pop/Rock 
  The Remains Of Brian Borcherdt The Remains Of Brian Borcherdt CD Pop/Rock 
  The Reverend Horton Heat We Three Kings: Christmas Favorites CD Rock 
  The Ruts Something That I Said: The Best Of The Ruts CD Punk 
  The Shins Fighting In A Sack CDS Pop/Rock 
  The Shuffle Demons Greatest Hits CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  The Silver Wizard Crawling To Light CD Folk 
  The Skids Sweet Suburbia CD Pop/Rock 
  The Smugglers Selling The Sizzle CD Punk 
  The Smugglers Buddy Holly Convention CDEP Punk 
  The Smugglers Rosie CD Punk 
  The Smugglers Mutiny In Stereo CD Punk 
  The Spinanes Arches & Aisles CD Pop/Rock 
  The Spinanes Strand CD Pop/Rock 
  The Spinanes Manos CD Pop/Rock 
  The Standard The Standard CD Pop/Rock 
  The Stanley Brothers And The Clinch Mountain Boys The Essential Masters CD Bluegrass 
  The Summerlad City Of Noise CD Rock 
  The Summerlad Themes: International CD Rock 
  The Super Friendz Love Energy CD Pop/Rock 
  The Swallows Turning Blue CD Pop/Rock 
  The Tennessee Twin Free To Do What? CD Country 
  The Thermals ""No Culture"" Icons CDS Pop/Rock 
  The Thermals More Parts Per Million CD Pop/Rock 
  The Tokens The Very Best Of The Tokens1964 CD Adult Contemporary 
  The Tough Alliance The New School CD Rock 
  The Triffids Beautiful Waste And Other Songs: Mini Masterpieces CD Rock 
  The Triffids Black Swan CDx2 Rock 
  The Triffids Treeless Pain CD Rock 
  The Twisters After The Storm CD Blues 
  The Two Minute Miracles Volume II CD Pop/Rock 
  The Two-minute Miracles Volume III The Silence Of Animals CD Pop/Rock 
  The Upper Crust Decline & Fall Of The Upper Crust CD Pop/Rock 
  The Uptown Quintet Live In New York CD Jazz 
  The Vacancies Tantrum CD Rock 
  The Ventures Surfin' To Baja CD Pop/Rock 
  The Ventures Alive Five CDx2 Pop/Rock 
  The Wailin' Jennys, Loudon Wainwright Iii, Garnet Red House 25 CDx3 Folk 
  The Week That Was [field Music's Peter Brewis] The Week That Was CD Rock 
  The Western States The Western States CD Country 
  The Whispertown 2000 Swim CD Rock 
  The With The Diamonds Icebreakers Planet Mars Dub CD Reggae 
  The World Provider Enabler CD Electronic 
  The Zombies I Love You CD Pop/Rock 
  The Zydeco Party Band The Best Of The Zydeco Party Band CD Zydeco 
  Thee Express Express Yourself CD First Nations 
  Thee Shams Please Yourself CD Pop/Rock 
  Theo And Monder, Ben Bleckmann No Boat CD Jazz 
  Theo And Monder, Ben Bleckmann At Night SACD Jazz 
  Theo Bleckmann Origami CD Jazz 
  Theo Parrish Parallel Dimensions CD Electronic 
  Thermals Fuckin A CD Pop/Rock 
  These United States Crimes CD Rock 
  These United States A Picture Of The Three Of Us at the Gate to the Ga CD Rock 
  Thick As Thieves Thick As Thieves CD Pop/Rock 
  Thievery Corporation DJ CD Electronic 
  Thirty Foot Fall Acme CD Punk 
  Thirty Foot Fall Divided We Stand CD Punk 
  Thorn Brennan Mountains CD New Age 
  Thunder Hill The Clash of the Titans CD First Nations 
  Tickle Tune Typhoon Singing Science CD Children's 
  Tiga DJ CD Electronic 
  Tilden Trio With Fathead Newman Webb Cellar Groove CD Jazz 
  Tilly And The Wall Les Chiefs CD Pop/Rock 
  Tily And The Wall Wild Like Children CD Pop/Rock 
  Tim Hus Alberta Crude CD Rock 
  Tim Radford Home From Home CD Folk 
  Tim Williams Passed Through Here CD Blues 
  Tim Williams Songster CD Blues 
  Tim Williams Tim Williams Live at Kaos CD Blues 
  Time Warp Plays the Music of Duke Ellington CD Jazz 
  Time Warp Warp IX CD Jazz 
  Time Warp There and Back CD Jazz 
  Time Warp The Time Warp Collection CDx2 Jazz 
  Tina Malia Lullaby Favorites CD Children's 
  Tinkertoy Electric Wilderness CD Electronic 
  Tito With Mary Youngblood Larosa Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor CD First Nations 
  T-model Ford She Ain't None of Your'n CD Blues / R&B 
  T-model Ford You Better Keep Still CD Blues / R&B 
  T-model Ford Pee Wee Get My Gun CD Blues / R&B 
  T-model Ford Bad Man CD Blues / R&B 
  To Rococo Rot Hotel Morgen CD Pop/Rock 
  Tobacco Fucked Up Friends CD Electronic 
  Todi Neesh Zhee Singers Dancers of Mother Earth CD First Nations 
  Todi Neesh Zhee Singers For All Eternity CD First Nations 
  Tokyo Blade Live In London DVD Music DVD 
  Tom And Don Vickery Double Take CD Jazz 
  Tom Chapin Great Big Fun CD Children's 
  Tom Paxton Your Shoes CD Children's 
  Tonebenders Tonebenders CD Pop/Rock 
  Toni Lynn Washington Been So Long CD Blues 
  Tony [of Great Lake Swimmers] Dekker Song Sung Blue CD Soundtrack 
  Tony Malaby Apparitions SACD Jazz 
  Tony Malaby Cello Trio Warblepeck SACD Jazz 
  Tony Williamson Sessions At Mcbane Mill CD Bluegrass 
  Toppah And Landry Smith Harmony Nights CD First Nations 
  Tosca [richard Dorfmeister] Suzuki in Dub CD Electronic 
  Tosca [richard Dorfmeister] Different Tastes Of Honey CD Electronic 
  Toshi Reagon Have You Heard CD Rock 
  Townes Van Zandt Houston 1988: A Private Concert CD Pop/Rock 
  Townes Van Zandt Rear View Mirror CD Pop/Rock 
  Townes Van Zandt Live At The Old Quarter, Houston, Texas CDx2 Pop/Rock 
  Transcend 2001 CD Electronic 
  Treasa Levasseur Low Fidelity CD Blues 
  Tres Chicas Sweetwater CD Pop/Rock 
  Triakel Songs From 63 N CD World: Nordic 
  Tricky Knowle West Boy CD Rock 
  Trio Matamoros Legendario CD World: Latin 
  Trio Matamoros Son De La Loma CD World: Latin 
  Trio Veinte Anos Las Canciones De M. T. Vera CD World: Latin 
  Tririangulo Oscuro A Moverse CD World: Latin 
  Trova Healing Zone CD Folk 
  Trova Trova CD Folk 
  Truby Trio DJ CD Electronic 
  Truly Married In The Playground CD Pop/Rock 
  Tru-paz State Of Emergency CD Hip-Hop 
  Tryo De Bouches Oreilles...En Concert L'Olympia & A CDx2 Francophone: Rock 
  Tusks Tusks CD Rock 
  Twilight Pains Of Love LP Funk 
  Twilight Pains Of Love CD Funk 
  Twilight Still Loving You LP Funk 
  Twilight Still Loving You CD Funk 
  Twilight Ritual Nazca Runway CD Pop/Rock 
  Two Dollar Pistols Hands Up! CD Country 
  Two Dollar Pistols You Ruined Everything CD Country 
  Two Dollar Pistols Step Right Up CD Country 
  Two Dollar Pistols With Tift Merritt Two Dollar Pistols With Tift Merritt CD Country 
  Two Lone Swordsmen From The Double Gone Chapel CD Electronic 
  Two Lone Swordsmen Big Silver Shining Motor Of Sin CDEP Electronic 
  Two Lone Swordsmen Tiny Reminders CD Electronic 
  Ty UPWARDS  CD Hip-Hop 
  Ty Awkward CD Hip-Hop 
  Tyler Hornby Shadows of a Brighter Day CD Jazz 
  Tyler Soundtrack- Original - Bates The Day The Earth Stood Still CD Soundtracks 
  U Roy Version Of Wisdom CD Reggae 
  U Roy Original Dj CD Reggae 
  U Roy Jah Son Of Africa CD Reggae 
  U Roy Dread In Babylon CD Reggae 
  U Roy Rasta Ambassador CD Reggae 
  U Roy Natty Rebel CD Reggae 
  U.k. Night After Night: Uk Live CD Pop/Rock 
  U.k. Danger Money CD Pop/Rock 
  U.k. Uk CD Pop/Rock 
  Ugetsu Live at the Cellar CD Jazz 
  Ulrich Schnauss A Strangely Isolated Place CD Electronic 
  Ulrich Schnauss Stars [w/ remixes] CDEP Electronic 
  Ulrich/henderson/forbes UHF II CD Folk 
  Uroy Rasta Ambassador CD Reggae 
  Ursula Rucker Supa Sista [Limited] CD Hip-Hop 
  Ursula Rucker Supa Sista CD Hip-Hop 
  Ursula Rucker Silver Or Lead CD Hip-Hop 
  Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Homage to Mother Teresa CD World 
  Ustad Sultan Khan Sarangi CD World 
  Utah & Ani Difranco Phillips The Past Didn't Go Anywhere CD Folk 
  Utah & Ani Difranco Phillips Fellow Workers CD Folk 
  Utah Phillips The Moscow Hold CD Folk 
  Utah Phillips Loafer's Glory CD Folk 
  Vailhaven becs d'oiseaux CDEP Rock 
  Vailhaven Pop Violence CD Rock 
  Valdes Merceditas & Los Tambor Cantos Afrocubanos CD World: Latin 
  Valery Gore Avalanche To Wandering Bear CD Rock 
  Van Der Graaf Generator Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other CD Pop/Rock 
  Van Der Graaf Generator Vital CD Pop/Rock 
  Van Der Graaf Generator Godbluff CD Pop/Rock 
  Van Der Graaf Generator Pawnhearts CD Pop/Rock 
  Van Der Graaf Generator World Record CD Pop/Rock 
  Van Der Graaf Generator Quiet Zone, The Pleasure Dome CD Pop/Rock 
  Van Der Graaf Generator H To He Who Am The Only One CD Pop/Rock 
  Various Arists Calypsoul 70 CD Reggae 
  Various Aritsts Curtis W. Pitts CD Hip-Hop 
  Various Aritsts Sound 01: Big Dada Sampler CD Hip-Hop 
  Various Aritsts SOLESIDE'S GREATEST BUMPS CDx2 Hip-Hop 
  Various Aritsts Sub Pop 200 CD Hip-Hop 
  Various Aritsts Warp: Routine CD Hip-Hop 
  Various Aritsts Afternoon Delight CD Hip-Hop 
  Various Aritsts John Peel Sub Pop Sessions CD Hip-Hop 
  Various Aritsts Hype!: Surviving The Northwest Rock Explosion  CD Hip-Hop 
  Various Aritsts Sweet Mother Free Activation CD Hip-Hop 
  Various Aritsts Punk Goes Metal CD Hip-Hop 
  Various Aritsts Garden Place: Songs By Our Friends CD Hip-Hop 
  Various Aritsts Punk Goes Acoustic (TAKE OUT) CDx2 Hip-Hop 
  Various Aritsts Grunge Years CD Hip-Hop 
  Various Artists / Jose Antonio Mendez Musica Del King CD World: Latin 
  Vaselines The Way Of CD Pop/Rock 
  Vsen Keyed Up CD World: Nordic 
  Veal Hot Loser CD Pop/Rock 
  Veal Embattled Hearts CD Pop/Rock 
  Velma Cyclique CD Pop/Rock 
  Velocity Girl Gilded Stars CD Pop/Rock 
  Velocity Girl Copacetic CD Pop/Rock 
  Velocity Girl Simpatico CD Pop/Rock 
  Velocity Girl Sorry Again CDEP Pop/Rock 
  Velvet Acid Christ Between The Eyes Vol. 3 CD Industrial 
  Velvet Acid Christ Between The Eyes Vol. 2 CD Industrial 
  Velvet Acid Christ Decypher CDS Industrial 
  Velvet Acid Christ Between The Eyes Vol. I CD Industrial 
  Velvet Acid Christ Between The Eyes Vol. 4 CD Industrial 
  Velvet Acid Christ Pretty Toy CDEP Industrial 
  Velvet Acid Christ Dial 8 CDS Industrial 
  Velvet Acid Christ With Funker Vogt Remix Wars Strike 4 CDEP Industrial 
  Venom Live In London DVD Pop/Rock 
  Verbena Souls For Sale CD Rock 
  Verdell Primeaux Stories Told CD First Nations 
  Versus Two Cents Plus Tax CD Pop/Rock 
  Versus Secret Swingers CD Pop/Rock 
  Vienna Teng Waking Hour CD Pop/Rock 
  Vienna Teng Warm Strangers CD Pop/Rock 
  Vikter Duplaix Singles (Prelude To The Future CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Vikter Duplaix DJ-KiCKS CD  Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Villa Ignacio ""bola De Nieve"" Yo Soy La Cancion Misma CD World: Latin 
  Vincent Gallo So Sad CD Pop/Rock 
  Vincent Gallo When CD Pop/Rock 
  Vincent Gallo When CD Pop/Rock 
  Vincent Gallo Recordings Of Music For Film CD  Pop/Rock 
  Virgin-whore Complex Succumb CD Pop/Rock 
  Vnv Nation Pastperfect Limited Edition 2DVD/CD-Rom DVDx2 Industrial 
  Vocal Catarsis Imprevisto CD World: Latin 
  Volumizer Gaga For Gigi CD Punk 
  Vue Find Your Home CD Pop/Rock 
  Vulgaires Machins Presque Sold Out CD+DVD Francophone: Rock 
  Vulgar Deli Kill Rock'n'Roll CD Francophone: Rock 
  Wagon Christ SORRY I MAKE YOU LUSH  CD Electronic 
  Wagon Christ Musipal CD Electronic 
  Wagon Christ RECEIVER  CD Electronic 
  Wahancanka Remember Me Grandfather CD First Nations 
  Waldo Leyva Definitivamente CD World: Latin 
  Walkabouts Where The Deep Water CD Pop/Rock 
  Wanda Jackson Heartache CD Country 
  Warscout Red Christmas: A Round Dance Celebration CD Holiday 
  Warscout Scouts CD Holiday 
  Watermelon Slim And The Workers The Wheel Man CD Blues 
  Watermelon Slim And The Workers Watermelon Slim and the Workers CD Blues 
  Wayne Gravitas Quartet Horvitz Way Out East SACD Jazz 
  Wayne Horvitz Sweeter Than the Day SACD Jazz 
  Wayne Horvitz Forever CD Jazz 
  Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet One Dance Alone SACD Jazz 
  Wayne Mcghie & The Sounds Of Joy Wayne McGhie & The Sounds of Joy CD Funk 
  Webster Max Diamonds Diamonds CD Pop/Rock 
  Webster Max Live Magnetic Air CD Pop/Rock 
  Wendy Carlos Switched CD Classical: Bach 
  White Cowbell Oklahoma Cencerro Blanco CD Pop/Rock 
  Whitekaps Endless Bummer CD Punk 
  Whitekaps Blown In The Usa CD Punk 
  Wild Beasts Limbo CD Rock 
  Wild Child Butler Lickin' Gravy CD Blues 
  Wildbirds & Peacedrums Iris (5 Song 12'' EP) 12" EP Rock 
  Wildbirds & Peacedrums Retina (5 Song 12'' EP) 12" EP Rock 
  Will Clipman Pathfinder CD First Nations (of Black Eyed Peas) Lost Change CD  Hip-Hop 
  Willem Maker Stars Fell On CD Rock 
  William Horncloud Rabbit Dance Songs of the Lakota CD First Nations 
  William International Et Issmo De Vasco Sortie D'urgence CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
  William Mccallum Hailey's Song CD Celtic 
  Willie 'big Eyes' Smith Bluesin' It CD Blues 
  Willy Mason Where The Humans Eat CD Pop/Rock 
  Wimme Instinct CD World: Nordic 
  Wintersleep Untitled 2005 CD Pop/Rock 
  Wireless The Anthem Years CD Pop/Rock 
  Without Rezervation Are You Ready for W.O.R.? CD First Nations 
  Wolf Eyes Burned Mind CD Pop/Rock 
  Wolfunkind Cykofonk CDx2 Francophone: Rock 
  Woodbine Woodbine CD Pop/Rock 
  Wrathchild Live In London DVD Music DVD 
  Wumpscut Bone Peeler CD Industrial 
  Wumpscut Bloodchild CD Industrial 
  Wumpscut Goth Census CDEP Industrial 
  Wumpscut Jesus Antichristus & Die Liebe CDEP Industrial 
  Wumpscut Blondi CDS Industrial 
  Wynn Stewart & Jan Howard The Very Best Of CD Country 
  Wynne Paris Emptiness And Ecstasy CD World: Asia 
  X Marks The Pedwalk Drawback CD Industrial 
  X Marks The Pedwalk Freaks + CD Industrial 
  X Marks The Pedwalk Retrospective '88-'99 CD Industrial 
  Xavier Quijas Yxayotl Singing Earth CD First Nations 
  Xavier Rudd Solace CD Pop/Rock 
  Xlarge Running Out Of Time CD Punk 
  Y Su Trabuco Manolito Directo Al Corazon CD World: Latin 
  Yelworc Trinity CD Electronic 
  Yes An Evening Of Yes Music Plus CDx2 Pop/Rock 
  Yo Majesty Futuristically Speaking... Never Be Afraid CD Hip Hop 
  Yohimbe Brothers (feat. Vernon Raid And Dj Logic) The Tao Of Yo CD Hip-Hop 
  Young And Sexy Stand Up For Your Mother CD Pop/Rock 
  Young And Sexy Life Through One Speaker CD Pop/Rock 
  Young Bird Memories CD First Nations 
  Young Bird And Northern Cree Double Platinum CD First Nations 
  Young Grey Horse Thunder Across the Plainz CD First Nations 
  Young Grey Horse Generations CD First Nations 
  Zakir / Shankar / T.h. Vinayakram Hussain Eternal Light CD World 
  Zakir Hussain Zakir Hussain and the Rhythm Experience CD World 
  Zakir Hussain Selects CD World 
  Zakir Hussain Tabla Duet CD World 
  Zapato Negro Zapato Negro CD Latin 
  Zen Guerrilla Shadows On The Sun CD Pop/Rock 
  Zoobombs Bomb You Live CD Pop/Rock 
  Zoobombs Welcome Back Zoobombs CD Pop/Rock 
  Zooloo Blues Band Let's Get Hot! CD Blues 
  Zuco 103 After The Carnaval CD World: Brazil 
Australia - Melbourne Apell Beaver Street & Beyond CD Electronic 
Australia - Sydney Cha Cha Cohen Spook On The High Lawn CDS Alternative 
  Cha Cha Cohen Freon Shortwave CDS Alternative 
  Cha Cha Cohen All Artists Are Criminals CD Alternative 
  Cha Cha Cohen Cha Cha Cohen CD Alternative 
Canada - Aylmer Archer Micro Space Patrol Self-Titled CD Alternative 
  Merlin A Noise Supreme Cassette Alternative 
  Merlin Cool Chicks and Other Babes (ma) Cassette Alternative 
Canada - Burlington Out of Options Scattered CD Punk / Hardcore 
  The Next Best Thing Working Machine CD Ska/Reggae 
Canada - Cantley Steve Durand Capsule Living CD Alternative 
Canada - Edmonton Captain Tractor East Of Edson CD Pop/Rock 
  Captain Tractor Land CD Pop/Rock 
  Captain Tractor Hoserista CD Pop/Rock 
  Captain Tractor Celebrity Traffic Jam CD Pop/Rock 
  Captain Tractor Bought The Farm CD Pop/Rock 
  Mike McDonald Band Is This Thing On? CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  Psyche Legacy CD Electronic 
  Psyche The 11th Hour CD Electronic 
Canada - Eganville Julie Larocque Beyond CD Ambient 
Canada - Fitzroy Harbour Terry Tufts 2 Nights Solo: Live @ Rasputins CD Folk 
Canada - Guelph The Constantines The Constantines CD Alternative 
  The Constantines SHINE A LIGHT CD Alternative 
  The Constantines THE MODERN SINNER NERVOUS MAN CD EP Alternative 
Canada - Midland Scott Cooper Popfizz CD Pop/Rock 
Canada - Montreal Geoff Lapp Trio Stained Glass CD Jazz 
  Arseniq33 Courtepointes CD Pop/Rock 
  Bullfrog Deeper Shade of Green (Kid Koala, Mark Robertson) CD EP Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Flotilla Disaster Poetry CD Pop/Rock 
  Kid Koala Some Of My Best Friends Are DJ's CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Kid Koala Live from Short Attention Span Audio Theater CD + DVD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Kid Koala Deeper Shade of Green (Kid Koala, Mark Robertson) CD EP Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Kid Koala Carpal Tunnel Syndrome CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  NAM:LIVE! NAM:LIVE! CD Alternative 
  Rosebuddy Settle for Silver CD Pop/Rock 
  SHOOTING RUBYS Mood Swings and Cravings CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
Canada - Montreal, Vancouver and Oxford (UK) mark crozer Shining Down On Me CD Pop/Rock 
  mark crozer Unnatural World CD Pop/Rock 
Canada - Nepean The Grate Profets Red House Blues CD Pop/Rock 
Canada - Ottawa Andrew & the Pirates Vincent I Love the Modern Way CD Pop/Rock 
  The Acorn The Pink Ghosts CD Alternative 
  The Grey Open Credit CD Punk / Hardcore 
  30 Second Motion Picture Cant Kill Time Vinyl 12 Punk 
  Alabaster Jar AJar CD Ambient 
  Alex Houghton Happybody CD Instrumental 
  Andrew Vincent To Thine CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Andrew Vincent A Short Trip With The Pirates CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Big Meteor Wild River CD Rock - Acoustic 
  Black Boot Trio Blood CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  Black Boot Trio Eternal Return CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  Black Boot Trio a Pony Ride CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  Blake Walters Downtown Baby CD Pop/Rock 
  Chris Page Decide to Stay and Swim CD Alternative 
  Chris Page A Date with a Smoke Machine CD Alternative 
  Chris Page A Date With A Smoke Machine LP Alternative 
  Christine Graves Wreckless Daughter CD Folk 
  Christine Graves Stray CD Folk 
  Danny Michel In The Belly of A Whale CD Pop/Rock 
  Danny Michel Fibsville CD Pop/Rock 
  Danny Michel Clear CD Pop/Rock 
  Divinity Burst Tranced CD Pop/Rock 
  endgame here is where tomorrow starts CD Punk / Hardcore 
  Everender Ten Minute Monster CD Pop/Rock 
  Good 2 Go Dance or Die CD Alternative 
  Greenfield Main Hunting Tips for Everyone CD Country 
  Greenfield Main Barnburners & Heartchurners CD Country 
  Hennessey Life On AM Radio CD Pop/Rock 
  Hennessey Dig It Up CD Pop/Rock 
  Janice Hall Suspended CD EP Pop/Rock 
  Janice Hall Collectors Item CD Pop/Rock 
  Ji'BeenaRoc Something To Do On Sunday CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Ji'BeenaRoc Gravitational Pull Will Conquer The World... CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Jim Bryson Where The Bungalows Roam CD Folk 
  Jimmy George Same #$%! Different Day CD Celtic 
  Julie Perrault Clay CD Folk 
  Katie B. Christmas Day CD Single Pop/Rock 
  Katie Leigh You Say. DVD Rock - Acoustic 
  Kepler This Heart Is Painted On CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  King Kung Smashin Glass/Breakin Hearts CD Alternative 
  Laguna Burgundy T-Shirt With Boy, Stripes, Star T-Shirt Alternative 
  Laguna Looking Forward To Trying Your Stupid Idea CD Alternative 
  Megan Jerome Trio Unlonely CD Folk 
  Mike Yates 13 Stories CD Pop/Rock 
  Mumbleweed Dial M For CD Alternative 
  Mumbleweed EP CD EP Alternative 
  Mumbleweed The Process of Weeding Out CD Alternative 
  Mumbleweed Self-Titled CD Alternative 
  nineteenseventyeight Quit This Human Race CD Alternative 
  Ninety Pounds of Ugly Richmond Motel Room #3 CD Country 
  Okara Months Like Years Vinyl 12 Punk / Hardcore 
  Palm Squad Fonetiks/PUC (EP) Vinyl 12 Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Paperjack The Effort Ill Never Get Back CD Alternative 
  Phantom Shifters Given Half a Chance We'll Wreck It For Everybody CD Punk 
  Polaris! Self-Titled CD Surf 
  Recoilers For Decoration Only CD Alternative 
  Recoilers 2 Years End CD Alternative 
  Rhume Snack of Choice CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Seppuku the awesome houses of earths innocents CD Experimental 
  Slo' Tom Liquor's My Lover CD Country 
  Sugarbush The Last Temptation of Spike CD Pop/Rock 
  The Adopted Fruition CD EP Alternative 
  The Adopted Singed DVD Alternative 
  The Bible All-Stars The Bible All-Stars CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Kingmakers Live at SUN Studio CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Kingmakers Tupelo To Memphis CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Lowbellies The Lowbellies CD Rock - Acoustic 
  The Sawdogs Nowhere Near CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  Three Penny Opera ...countless trips from here to there CD Punk / Hardcore 
  Three Penny Opera ...countless trips from here to there Vinyl 12 Punk / Hardcore 
  Toque Seersucker Wheelpants CD Pop/Rock 
  treebeard Someone Lost the Map of France CD Alternative 
  treebeard Suburban Frontier CD Alternative 
  treebeard The Effect is the Key CD Alternative 
  treebeard Pacemaker CD Alternative 
  treebeard Duotone Vinyl 7 Alternative 
  Various Artists - "I Am Shorter..." I Am Shorter Than You Are Taller Than I CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Various Artists - "Plug" Plug! CD Alternative 
  Various Artists - Never Been To Ottawa Ive Never Been To Ottawa CD Alternative 
  Veronica Charnley Deeper Still CD Folk 
Canada - Ottawa/Almonte The Transit its lights out for downtown CD EP Punk / Hardcore 
Canada - Ottawa/Montreal TOPSYTURVY Yvrutyspot CD Industrial 
Canada - Picton Jerry Foster Bars & Bedrooms CD Country 
Canada - Port Coquitlam Sams Falling Simplify CD Alternative 
Canada - St. Catharines The Sweater Girls Jingle Lingo CD Alternative 
Canada - Sudbury Kate Maki Confusion Unlimted CD Folk 
  Kate Maki The Sun Will Find Us CD Folk 
Canada - Toronto Emm Gryner Asianblue CD Pop/Rock 
  Emm Gryner Songs Of Love And Death CD Pop/Rock 
  Lee Aaron Live In London DVD Pop/Rock 
  Alun Piggins Awaken The Snakes CD Pop/Rock 
  Alun Piggins Balladesque CD Pop/Rock 
  Clayton Denwood Sunset on the Highway CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  Ditch Half-Snapped? CD Alternative 
  Ditch The Sounds of Liverpigs Dancing CD Alternative 
  Flashing Lights Where the Change Is CD Pop/Rock 
  Greg Hobbs Confused & Bleeding CD Rock - Acoustic 
  Greg Hobbs Drake Motel CD Rock - Acoustic 
  Paul Reddick and the Sidemen Rattlebag CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Rita Chiarelli Breakfast At Midnight CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
  Royal City ALONE AT THE MICROPHONE CD Alternative 
  Royal City Little Heart's Ease CD Alternative 
  Royal Wood A Good Enough Day (Special Edition) CD Pop/Rock 
  Steaming Toolie Deliciously Saucy CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Steaming Toolie Transform Form Freely CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement 
  Steven Dall Once More Before the Sun Comes Up CD Pop/Rock 
  Steven Dall One Fool At A Time CD Pop/Rock 
  Steven Dall Moonlight Lodge CD Pop/Rock 
  Steven Dall Welcome to Pleasantville CD Pop/Rock 
  Steven Dall Pacific Radio CD Pop/Rock 
  The New Deal LIVE:NYC O5.31.02 / 06.01.02 CD Electronic 
  The Sadies PRECIOUS MOMENTS CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Sadies Favourite Colours CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Sadies PURE DIAMOND GOLD CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Sadies Stories Often Told CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Sadies Stories Often Told CD Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Sadies Darker Circles (Gatefold Jacket) LP Rock - Roots/Country 
  The Weekend Beatbox My Heartbeat CD Pop/Rock 
  The Weekend Teaser + Bonus Level CD Pop/Rock 
  The Weekend Teaser CDEP Pop/Rock 
Canada - Vancouver Coal Beautiful Afterburn CD Alternative 
  No Plan B. Entertainment Instant Classics. Volume One CD R&B 
  Sparkmarker Products & Accessories CD Punk / Hardcore 
  The New Pornographers Mass Romantic CD Pop/Rock 
  The New Pornographers The Electric Version CD Pop/Rock 
  The New Pornographers Electric Version CD Pop/Rock 
Canada - Vernon Upbringing Held CD Pop/Rock 
Canada - Victoria Carolyn Mark Terrible Hostess CD  Pop/Rock 
  Carolyn Mark The Pros & Cons Of Collaboration CD Pop/Rock 
  Carolyn Mark Party Girl CD Pop/Rock 
Canada - Winnipeg Duotang Bright Side, The CD Alternative 
  Duotang Smash The Ships And Raise The Beams CD Alternative 
  Duotang Cons And The Pros, The  CD Alternative 
Czech Republic - Tabor WAAWE Timestorm Was The Signal CD Alternative 
France - Paris TTC BATARDS SENSIBLES  CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
  TTC Ceci N'est Pas Un Disque CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
Germany - Berlin Funkstrung Vice Versa CD  Electronic 
  Funkstrung Isolated. Funkstrung Triple Media BOOK + DVD Electronic 
  Funkstrung Disconnected CD Electronic 
  Funkstrung Isolated. Funkstrung Triple Media BOOK + DVD Electronic 
  Funkstrung Appetite For Disctruction CD Electronic 
  Pete Rock Soul Survivor II CD Hip-Hop 
  Pete Rock Surviving Elements: From Soul Survivor II Sessions CD Hip-Hop 
  Pete Rock