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Browsing by Musical Genre - Celtic
Celtic Alan Reid The Sunlit Eye CD
  Alasdair White An Clar Geal CD
  Alison And Heymann, Ann Kinnaird The Harper's Land CD
  Alison And Primrose, Christine Kinnaird The Quiet Tradition CD
  Alison Battlefield Band And Kinnaird Music in Trust Vol. 1 CD
  Alison Battlefield Band And Kinnaird Music in Trust Vol. 2 CD
  Alison Kinnaird The Silver String CD
  Alison Kinnaird The Scottish Harp CD
  Alison Kinnaird The Harp Key CD
  Ann Heymann Queen Of Harps CD
  Arthur Cormack Ruith Na Gaoith CD
  Arthur Cormack Nuair Bha Mi Og CD
  Battlefield Band At The Front CD
  Battlefield Band The Road of Tears CD
  Battlefield Band Time and Tide CD
  Battlefield Band Home Ground CD
  Battlefield Band Celtic Hotel CD
  Battlefield Band Leaving Friday Harbor CD
  Battlefield Band Rain CD
  Battlefield Band Dookin' CD
  Battlefield Band Threads CD
  Battlefield Band Out For The Night CD
  Battlefield Band Battlefield Band CD
  Battlefield Band Stand Easy and Preview CD
  Battlefield Band Quiet Days CD
  Battlefield Band New Spring CD
  Battlefield Band Anthem For The Common Man CD
  Battlefield Band There's A Buzz CD
  Battlefield Band Home Is Where The Van Is CD
  Battlefield Band Across The Borders CD
  Battlefield Band Happy Daze CD
  Billy Mccomiskey Outside The Box CD
  Brian Mcneill The Busker and The Devil's Only Daughter CD
  Christine Primrose Without Seeking CD
  Christine Primrose S Tu Nam Chuimhne CD
  Christine Primrose Aite Mo Ghaoil CD
  Dr Angus Macdonald A' Sireadh Spors CD
  Eilidh Mackenzie The Raiment of the Tale CD
  Fiddlers Five Fiddlers Five CD
  Flora Macneil Songs of Flora MacNeil (Orain Floraidh) CD
  Flora Macneil Craobh Nan Ubhal CD
  Gordon Mooney O'er The Border CD
  Heritage Tell Tae Me CD
  Iain Macfadyen Ceol Mor Ceol Beag CD
  Jimmy George Same #$%! Different Day CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Mac-talla Mairidh Gaol Is Ceol CD
  Maire Ni Chathasaigh The New Strung Harp CD
  Mike Whellans Swingtime Johnny Red CD
  Parcel O' Rogues Parcel O' Rogues CD
  Pat Kilbride Nightingale Lane CD
  Pat Kilbride Rock & More Roses CD
  Rowallan Consort Notes of Noy CD
  Seamus Tansey Easter Snow CD
  The Old Sod Band Grass Roots CD
  William Mccallum Hailey's Song CD

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