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Browsing by Musical Genre - First Nations
First Nations A. Paul Ortega Two Worlds CD
  Algin Scabby Robe Along The Way CD
  Alice Gomez Obsidian Butterfly CD
  Anthony Wakeman Points of Origin CD
  Anthony Wakeman Butterfly Dreams CD
  Black Lodge Black Lodge Pow Wow Songs at Fort Duchesne CD
  Black Lodge Weasel Tail's Dream: The Tradition Continues CD
  Black Lodge It's Been A Long Time Comin' CD
  Black Lodge More Kid's Pow Wow Songs CD
  Black Lodge Watch This Dancer! CD
  Black Lodge Singers Kid's Pow Wow Songs CD
  Black Lodge Singers Round Dance Tonight! CD
  Black Lodge Singers Pow Wow Songs Recorded Live in America CD
  Black Lodge Singers Tribute to the Elders CD
  Blackfoot Confederacy Setting the Record Straight CD
  Blackfoot Confederacy Hear The Beat CD
  Blackfoot Confederacy Confederacy Style CD
  Blackstone Contest Songs Recorded Live at Fort Duchesne CD
  Blackstone Round Dance Singin' with the Logan Alexis Singers CD
  Blackstone Pictures of You CD
  Blackstone Back in the Day CD
  Blackstone Singers Pow Wow Songs CD
  Blue Stone The Blue Stone Project CD
  Burning Sky Spirits in the Wind CD
  Cheevers And Yazzie, Kevin Toppah First Light CD
  Chief Jimmy Bruneau School Drummers Drum and Dance Music of the Dogrib CD
  Clark Tenakhongva Po'li CD
  Clinton Denny Prayers for my Father CD
  David Nighteagle Torn From The Heart: The Journey CD
  Davis Mitchell Country Road CD
  Delphine Tsinajinnie Mother's Word CD
  Eaton, Clipman, And Nawang Nakai In a Distant Place CD
  Ed Lee Natay Natay CD
  Elk Soldier The Elk Way CD
  Elk Soldier A Soldier's Dream CD
  Gerald Sr Primeaux Voice of a Dakota CD
  Glen Ahhaitty True Lies From The Road CD
  Gordon Mcgilvery All in the Family CD
  Gu-achi Fiddlers Old Time O'odham Fiddle Music CD
  High Noon Songs for our People CD
  High Noon Have Drum CD
  High Noon The Way It All Began CD
  Hovia Edwards Morning Star CD
  Jay Begaye The Colorful World CD
  Joanne (with Peter Kater) Shenandoah Life Blood CD
  Joanne And Laughing, Lawrence Shenandoah Orenda: Native American Songs of Life CD
  Joanne And Ortega, Paul Shenandoah Loving Ways CD
  Joanne Shenandoah Peace and Power CD
  Joanne Shenandoah Covenant CD
  Joanne Shenandoah Peacemaker's Journey CD
  Joanne Shenandoah Matriarch CD
  Joanne Shenandoah Skywoman CD
  Joanne Shenandoah All Spirits Sing CD
  Joanne Shenandoah Once in a Red Moon CD
  Joanne Shenandoah Joanne Shenandoah CD
  Johnny Mike My Spirit Soars CD
  Johnny Whitehorse Johnny Whitehorse CD
  Johnny Whitehorse Totemic Flute Chants CD
  Judy Trejo Stick Game Songs CD
  Kevin Locke Keepers of the Dream CD
  Kevin Locke Dream Catcher CD
  Kevin Mockingbird Sacred Fire CD
  Kicking Woman Singers Pikuni Style CD
  Kicking Woman Singers Our Way of Life CD
  Lawrence Laughing Now Our Minds Are One CD
  Louie Gonnie Elements CD
  Louie Gonnie Sacred Mountains CD
  Mary Youngblood Feed The Fire CD
  Mary Youngblood Dance With The Wind CD
  Mary Youngblood The Offering CD
  Mary Youngblood Heart of the World CD
  Mary Youngblood Beneath the Raven Moon CD
  Mike, Yxayotl, Frailey And Butler Primeaux The Color of Morning CD
  Northern Cree Nikamo CD
  Northern Cree Here to Stay CD
  Northern Cree Rockin' The Rez CD
  Northern Cree Second Song Dancer's Choice CD
  Northern Cree Round Dance Songs Recorded Live CD
  Northern Cree Rezonate CD
  Northern Cree Sweethearts' Shuffle CD
  Northern Cree Stay Red CD
  Northern Cree Dancin' 'Til Sunrise Vol. 7 CD
  Northern Cree Still Rezin' CD
  Northern Cree And Friends Honoring Singers and Songmakers CD
  Northern Cree And Friends Honoring Singers and Songmakers CD
  Northern Cree And Friends Slide and Sway CD
  Northern Cree And Friends Long Winter Nights CD
  Northern Cree And Friends Calling All Dancers CD
  Northern Cree Singers In Our Drum We Trust CD
  Northern Cree Singers It's Time to Round Dance CD
  Northern Cree Singers Dance Hard! CD
  Northern Cree Singers Northern Cree Pow Wow Songs at Fort Duchesne CD
  Northern Cree Singers Showtime CD
  Northern Cree Singers Honor the Eagle Feather CD
  Paul And Guy Sr., Paul Guy Jr. My Father's Chapel CD
  Peter Kater Xmas Ecstasy CD
  Peter Kater Faces of the Sun CD
  Peter Kater 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama CD
  Peter Kater Red Moon CD
  Peter With R. Carlos Nakai Kater How the West Was Lost CD
  Peter With R. Carlos Nakai Kater How the West Was Lost Vol. 2 CD
  Pima Express Time Waits for No One CD
  Pipestone Good Ol' Fashioned NDN Lovin' CD
  Primeaux And Mike Hours Before Dawn CD
  Primeaux And Mike Walk in Beauty CD
  Primeaux And Mike Peyote Songs of the Native American Church CD
  Primeaux And Mike Gathering of Voices CD
  Primeaux And Mike Bless the People CD
  Primeaux And Mike Live in Harmony CD
  Pyawasit / Pyawasit / Silas Jr. / Webster Wild Rice: Songs from the Menominee Nation CD
  Quilt Man Three Sisters CD
  R. Carlos And Bar-david, Udi Nakai Voyagers CD
  R. Carlos And Eaton, William Nakai Ancestral Voices CD
  R. Carlos And Eaton, William Nakai Feather CD
  R. Carlos And Eaton, William Nakai Carry the Gift CD
  R. Carlos And Kater, Peter Nakai Improvisations In Concert CD
  R. Carlos And Kater, Peter Nakai Through Windows and Walls CD
  R. Carlos And Kater, Peter Nakai Natives CD
  R. Carlos And Kater, Peter Nakai Honorable Sky CD
  R. Carlos And Kater, Peter Nakai Song for Humanity CD
  R. Carlos And Kater, Peter Nakai Migration CD
  R. Carlos And The Black Lodge Singers Nakai Two World Concerto CD
  R. Carlos Nakai Quartet Ancient Future CD
  R. Carlos Nakai Quartet People of Peace CD
  R. Carlos, With Sarde, Eaton And Wood Nakai Reconnections CD
  Radmilla Cody Spirit of a Woman CD
  Radmilla Cody Precious Friends: Songs for Children CD
  Radmilla Cody Seed of Life CD
  Randy With Clipman, Will Wood My Heart and Soul CD
  Randy Wood Round Dance Blues CD
  Randy Wood There Are No Goodbyes CD
  Randy Wood Round Dance the Night Away CD
  Randy Wood Our Love Will Never Die CD
  Red Bull Gather the People CD
  Red Tail Chasing Hawks Eagle Dances with the Wind CD
  Red Tail Chasing Hawks Brother Hawks CD
  Redhouse Family Urban Indian CD
  Robedeaux And Stoner Mcclellan For Our Loved Ones CD
  Robedeaux And Stoner Mcclellan Prayers For Life: Peyote Songs of the Native Ameri CD
  Robert Mirabal Music from A Painted Cave CD
  Robert Mirabal Song Carrier CD
  Robert Mirabal Warrior Magician CD
  Robert Mirabal Indians Indians CD
  Robert Mirabal Taos Tales CD
  Robert Tree And Clipman, Will Cody Heart of the Wind CD
  Robert Tree And Xavier Quijas Yxayotl Cody Crossroads CD
  Robert Tree Cody White Buffalo CD
  Sharon Burch Colors of my Heart CD
  Sharon Burch Touch the Sweet Earth CD
  Shelley Morningsong Out of the Ashes CD
  Shenandoah And Robert Sisters CD
  Siksika Nation Owl Dance of the Siksika nation CD
  Siksika Ramblers Just for Old Time's Sake CD
  Skychasers Full Moon Session CD
  Southern Cree Thunder and Lightening CD
  Tha Tribe Blue Scout CD
  Tha Tribe Mad Hops and Crazy Stops CD
  Tha Tribe Emery CD
  Thee Express Express Yourself CD
  Thunder Hill The Clash of the Titans CD
  Tito With Mary Youngblood Larosa Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor CD
  Todi Neesh Zhee Singers Dancers of Mother Earth CD
  Todi Neesh Zhee Singers For All Eternity CD
  Toppah And Landry Smith Harmony Nights CD
  Verdell Primeaux Stories Told CD
  Wahancanka Remember Me Grandfather CD
  Will Clipman Pathfinder CD
  William Horncloud Rabbit Dance Songs of the Lakota CD
  Without Rezervation Are You Ready for W.O.R.? CD
  Xavier Quijas Yxayotl Singing Earth CD
  Young Bird Memories CD
  Young Bird And Northern Cree Double Platinum CD
  Young Grey Horse Thunder Across the Plainz CD
  Young Grey Horse Generations CD

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