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Browsing by Musical Genre - Folk
Folk Kate Maki Confusion Unlimted CD  (Sudbury, Canada)
  Kate Maki The Sun Will Find Us CD  (Sudbury, Canada)
  Adrian Legg Fingers and Thumbs CD
  Adrian Legg Waiting for a Dancer CD
  Adrien Sala High Water Everywhere CD
  Anais Mitchell The Brightness CD
  Ann Reed Talk to Me CD
  Bert Jansch Sketches CD
  Bill Staines One More River CD
  Bill Staines The Happy Wanderer CD
  Bill Staines Going to the West CD
  Bill Staines Looking For the Wind CD
  Bill Staines Bridges CD
  Bill Staines Old Dogs CD
  Bill Staines The Second Million Miles CD
  Bill Staines October's Hill CD
  Bill Staines Journey Home CD
  Caitlin Hanford Bluer Skies CD
  Catie Curtis Sweet Life CD
  Chenille Sisters The Big Picture and Other Songs for Kids CD
  Chenille Sisters The Chenille Sisters CD
  Chenille Sisters At Home with the Chenille Sisters CD
  Chenille Sisters 1 CD
  Chenille Sisters Mama CD
  Chenille Sisters Haute Chenille: A Retrospective CD
  Chenille Sisters True to Life CD
  Chenille Sisters Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight CD
  Christine Graves Wreckless Daughter CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Christine Graves Stray CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Chuck Brodsky Last of the Old Time CD
  Chuck Brodsky Radio CD
  Chuck Brodsky Letters in the Dirt CD
  Claudia And Rogers, Sally Schmidt While We Live CD
  Claudia Schmidt Essential Tension CD
  Claudia Schmidt It Looks Fine from Here CD
  Claudia Schmidt Wings of Wonder CD
  Claudia Schmidt Big Earful CD
  Cliff Eberhardt 12 Songs of Good and Evil CD
  Cliff Eberhardt Borders CD
  Cliff Eberhardt The High Above and the Down Below CD
  Cliff Eberhardt School For Love CD
  Connie Kaldor Small Cafe CD
  Connie Kaldor Vinyl Songbook CD
  Connie Kaldor Out of the Blue CD
  Connie Kaldor Love is a Truck CD
  Connie Kaldor Sky With Nothing to Get in the Way CD
  Connie Kaldor Wood River CD
  Conrad Pelletier Tresors Du Quebec En Musique CD
  Darol Anger Heritage CD
  Dave Moore Jukejoints and Cantinas CD
  Dave Moore Breaking Down To Three CD
  Dave Moore Over My Shoulder CD
  David Rogers The Chase CD
  Dean Magraw Broken Silence CD
  Dean Magraw Seventh One CD
  Eliza Gilkyson Land of Milk and Honey CD
  Eliza Gilkyson Hard Times in Babylon CD
  Eliza Gilkyson Lost and Found CD
  Eliza Gilkyson Paradise Hotel CD
  Eliza Gilkyson Your Town Tonight CD
  Figgy Duff Retrospective CD
  Finest Kind Silks and Spices CD
  Fred Eaglesmith Dusty CD
  Freyda Epstein Midnight at Cabell Hall CD
  Garnet Rogers All That Is CD
  Greg Brown In the Dark with You CD
  Greg Brown Songs of Innocence and of Experience CD
  Greg Brown One More Goodnight Kiss CD
  Greg Brown One Big Town CD
  Greg Brown Dream Cafe CD
  Greg Brown 44 and 66 CD
  Greg Brown The Iowa Waltz CD
  Greg Brown Down in There CD
  Greg Brown The Evening Call CD
  Greg Brown In The Hills of California CDx2
  Greg Brown If I Had Known: Essential Recordings 1980 CD + DVD
  Greg Brown Bathtub Blues CD
  Greg Brown Milk of the Moon CD
  Greg Brown The Poet Game CD
  Greg Brown The Live One CD
  Greg Brown Covenant CD
  Greg Brown Further In CD
  Greg Brown One Night CD
  Greg Brown Slant 6 Mind CD
  Ian Tamblyn Through The Years CD
  Ian Tamblyn Magnetic North CD
  Ian Tamblyn Raincoast CD
  Ian Tamblyn Over My Head CD
  Ian Tamblyn Antarctica CD
  Ian Tamblyn The Middle Distance CD
  Ian Tamblyn Voice In The Wilderness CD
  Ian Tamblyn Superior: Spirit And Light CD
  Ian Tamblyn Machine Works CD
  Ian Tamblyn Angel's Share CD
  Ian Tamblyn The Body Needs To Travel CD
  Jah And The Invaders Of The Heart Wobble English Roots Music CD
  James Keelaghan A Recent Future CD
  James Keelaghan My Skies CD
  James Keelaghan Small Rebellions CD
  Jayme Stone The Utmost CD
  Jim And His Band Hunter Uphill Slide CD
  Jim Bryson Where The Bungalows Roam CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Jim Hunter Fingernail Moon CD
  Jimmy Lafave Blue Nightfall CD
  Jimmy Lafave Cimarron Manifesto CD
  Joel Fafard Three Hens Escape Oblivion CD
  John Gorka After Yesterday CD
  John Gorka I Know CD
  John Gorka The Company You Keep CD
  John Gorka Old Futures Gone CD
  John Gorka Writing in the Margins CD
  John Mccutcheon The Greatest Story Never Told CD
  Jorma Kaukonen Stars in my Crown CD
  Julie Perrault Clay CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Les Menetriers D'antan Violons En Fete! CD
  Les Menetriers D'antan Vol. 3 CD
  Les Menetriers D'antan Fetent Noel CD
  Les Menetriers D'antan Tresors Du Quebec En Musique CD
  Linda And The Cultural Heritage Choir Tillery Say Yo' Business CD
  Los Diablos Its a long and loney time until the train CD  (Boston, United States)
  Los Diablos The Sheik of Araby CD  (Boston, United States)
  Loudon Wainwright Iii Last Man on Earth CD
  Lucy Kaplansky Ten Year Night CD
  Lucy Kaplansky Flesh and Bone CD
  Lucy Kaplansky Every Single Day CD
  Lucy Kaplansky The Red Thread CD
  Lucy Kaplansky The Tide CD
  Lucy Kaplansky Over The Hills CD
  Maria Dunn The Peddlar CD
  Mark Berube & The Patriotic Few What The Boat Gave The River CD
  Martin And Jessica Ruby Simpson Band of Angels CD
  Martin Simpson Cool and Unusual CD
  Martin Simpson Live CD
  Martin Simpson Righteousness and Humidity CD
  Mary Gauthier Drag Queens In Limousines CD
  Mary Gauthier Genesis (The Early Years) CD
  Mary Gauthier Dixie Kitchen CD
  Mary Gauthier Filth & Fire CD
  Maura O'connell & The Duhks W/ Tim O'brien And Joh Wells For Zoë CD
  Mayor Matt And The Little Buddies Allen The Life and Times of Christian Banks CD
  Meg Hutchinson Come Up Full CD
  Megan Jerome Trio Unlonely CD  (Ottawa, Canada)
  Neal & Leandra Hearts and Hammers CD
  Neal And Leandra Stranger To My Kin CD
  Neal And Leandra Accidental Dreams CD
  Neal And Leandra Old Love CD
  Outlaw Social A Seven Song EP CD
  Outlaw Social Dry Bones CD
  Peter And Blake, Norman Ostroushko Meeting on Southern Soil CD
  Peter And Mcgraw, Dean Ostroushko Duo CD
  Peter Ostroushko Coming Down From Red Lodge CD
  Peter Ostroushko Sacred Heart CD
  Peter Ostroushko Pilgrims on the Heart Road CD
  Peter Ostroushko Postcards CD
  Peter Ostroushko Buddies of Song CD
  Peter Ostroushko Heart of the Heartland CD
  Peter Ostroushko Blue Mesa CD
  Peter Ostroushko Minnesota: A History of the Land CD
  Pied Pumkin Plucking DeVine CD
  Pied Pumkin Pumkids CD
  Pied Pumkin Pied Alive CD
  Poor Angus Poor Angus CD
  Quartette In The Beauty Of The Day CD
  Quartette Work Of The Heart CD
  Quartette Quartette CD
  Quartette I See A Star CD
  Quartette O Canada CD
  Quartette It's Christmas CD
  Ramblin' Jack / Koerner, Spider John / Phillips, U Legends of Folk CD
  Ramblin' Jack Elliott South Coast CD
  Robert Payant Les Chanteux CD
  Robin & Linda Williams Buena Vista CD
  Robin And Linda Williams The First Christmas Gift CD
  Robin And Linda Williams Radio Songs CD
  Robin And Linda Williams Deeper Waters CD
  Rosalie And Phillips, Utah Sorrels The Long Memory CD
  Rosalie Sorrels No Closing Chord: Songs of Malvina Reynolds CD
  Rosalie Sorrels Strangers In Another Country: The Songs Of Bruce " CD
  Rosalie Sorrels My Last Go CD
  Sally Rogers We'll Pass Them On CD
  Samantha Robichaud A New Stage CD
  Scott Cameron Smith Easy Street CD
  Sillan & Young [johanna Sillanpaa & Aaron Young] Under My Feet CD
  Spider John / Ray, Dave / Glover, Tony Koerner Lots More Blues CD
  Spider John / Ray, Dave / Glover, Tony Koerner The Return of Koerner CD
  Spider John / Ray, Dave/ Glover, Tony Koerner Blues CD
  Spider John And Murphy, Willie Koerner Running CD
  Spider John Koerner Raised by Humans CD
  Spider John Koerner Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Been CD
  Spider John Koerner StarGeezer CD
  Stan Rogers Turnaround CD
  Stan Rogers Fogarty's Cove CD
  Stan Rogers Between the Breaks CD
  Stan Rogers Northwest Passage CD
  Stan Rogers From Fresh Water CD
  Stan Rogers Home in Halifax CD
  Stan Rogers Poetic Justice CD
  Stan Rogers From Coffee House to Concert Hall CD
  Storyhill Storyhill CD
  Suzzy & Maggie Roche Why the Long Face CD
  Suzzy And Maggie Roche Zero Church CD
  Sweet Honey In The Rock Sacred Ground CD
  Sweet Honey In The Rock All for Freedom CD
  Sweet Honey In The Rock Singing for Freedom DVD
  Sweet Honey In The Rock Still on the Journey: 20th Anniversary CD
  Sweet Honey In The Rock In This land CD
  Sweet Honey In The Rock Raise Your Voice CD
  Sweet Honey In The Rock I Got Shoes CD
  Sweet Honey In The Rock The Women Gather CD
  Sylvia Tyson River Road And Other Stories CD
  T. Nile At My Table CD
  Tannis Slimmon Lucky Blue CD
  Terry Tufts 2 Nights Solo: Live @ Rasputinīs CD  (Fitzroy Harbour, Canada)
  The Gruff A Trail Of Missing Thoughts CD
  The Gruff The Gruff CD
  The Pines Sparrows in the Bell CD
  The Silver Wizard Crawling To Light CD
  The Wailin' Jennys, Loudon Wainwright Iii, Garnet Red House 25 CDx3
  Tim Radford Home From Home CD
  Trova Trova CD
  Trova Healing Zone CD
  Ulrich/henderson/forbes UHF II CD
  Utah & Ani Difranco Phillips Fellow Workers CD
  Utah & Ani Difranco Phillips The Past Didn't Go Anywhere CD
  Utah Phillips The Moscow Hold CD
  Utah Phillips Loafer's Glory CD
  Veronica Charnley Deeper Still CD  (Ottawa, Canada)

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