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Browsing by Musical Genre - Jazz
Jazz Geoff Lapp Trio Stained Glass CD  (Montreal, Canada)
  Al Henderson Urban Landscape CD
  Al Henderson Fathers and Sons CD
  Al Henderson Dinosaur Dig CD
  Allistair Elliott Urban Nights CD
  Amanda Tosoff Still Life CD
  Amanda Tosoff Quartet Wait And See CD
  Amir W/ Pourmehdi, Houman Koushkani Quest CD
  Andre And His Band White Signal CD
  Andrew Trio Hutchinson Music Box CD
  Andy Hydra Laster Polyogue CD
  Andy Laster Interpretations of Lessness CD
  Andy Milne Dreams and False Alarms SACDx2
  Aros Train Song SACD
  Babkas Fratelli CD
  Babkas Ants to the Moon CD
  Barry Elmes Different Voices CDx2
  Barry Elmes East and West CD
  Barry Elmes The Five Minute Warning CD
  Ben Trio Monder Flux CD
  Benoit 5 Delbecq Pursuit CD
  Benoit And Francois Houle Delbecq Dice Thrown SACD
  Benoit Delbecq Nancali CD
  Benoit Delbecq Nemesis SACD
  Benoit Delbecq Nu SACD
  Benoit Unit Delbecq Phonetics SACD
  Bickert And Wallace Murley Live at the Senator CD
  Bill / Swainson, Neil / Clarke, Terry Mays Bick's Bag CD
  Bill Frisell Richter 858 SACD
  Blink. the epidemic of ideas CD
  Brad And The Commuters Shepik The Loan CD
  Brad And The Commuters Shepik The Well CD
  Brad Trio Shepik Places You Go SACD
  Brian Quartet Lynch Fuchsia CD
  Bruno Hubert Trio Live @ The Cellar CD
  Chad Quartet Makela Flicker CD
  Chantal Chamberland Serendipity Street CD
  Chantal Chamberland This Is Our Time CD
  Chris Andrew Not So Fast CD
  Chris Gestrin After the city has gone: quiet SACDx2
  Chris Gestrin Stillpoint SACD
  Chris Speed Deviantics CD
  Chris Speed Yeah No CD
  Chris Speed Emit CD
  Chris Tarry Sorry To Be Strange CD
  Chris Tarry Almost Certainly Dreaming CD
  Coat Trio Cooke Up Down Down Up CD
  D.e.w. East Introducing D.E.W. East CD
  D.e.w. East Meets Nick Brignola CD
  Dave Douglas The Tiny Bell Trio CD
  Dave Renter Everywhere I Go CD
  David And Murley,mike Liebman Day and Night CD
  Dean Mcneill Prairie Fire: Large Jazz Ensemble CD
  Duane Andrews Crocus CD
  Duane Andrews Raindrops CD
  Dylan Van Der Schyff The Definition of a Toy SACD
  Ellery Eskelin Jazz Trash CD
  Epstein / Shepik / Kilmer Lingua Franca SACD
  Francois 5 Houle In the Vernacular CD
  Fraser Macpherson Trio Live at Puccini's 1977 CD
  Fred Jazz Orchestra Stride Forward Motion CD
  Gabriel Mark [aka Gabriel] Hasselbach Cool Down CDx2
  Gebhard Ullmann Ta lam CD
  George Brooks Lasting Impressions CD
  Gestrin / Van Der Schyff / Monder The Distance SACD
  Gordon / Peacock, Gary / Motian, Paul Grdina Think Like The Waves SACD
  Hans And Douglas Dave Bennink Serpentine CD
  Hilmar Jensson Ditty Blei SACD
  Hilmar Jensson Tyft CD
  Human Feel Speak to It CD
  Hutchinson Andrew Trio Lost But Not Forgotten CD
  Ian Hendrickson-smith Blues in the Basement CD
  James Group Carney Green-Wood SACDx2
  James Group Danderfer Run With It CD
  Jane Fair Chances Are CD
  Jeff Coffin Mu'tet Mutopia CD
  Jennifer Quartet Scott Live at the Cellar CD
  Jeremy Manasia Witchery CD
  Jerry And Badlands Granelli Enter CD
  Jerry And Badlands Granelli Crowd Theory CD
  Jerry Granelli The V16 Project SACD
  Jerry Granelli Sandhills Reunion SACD
  Jerry V16 Granelli The Sonic Temple SACDx2
  Jim Galloway Echoes of Swing CD
  Jodi Proznick Foundations CD
  Joel Trio Haynes Transitions (with Seamus Blake) CD
  Joel Trio Haynes The Time Is Now CD
  Johanna Sillanpaa One Wish CD
  Johanna Sillanpaa Good Life CD
  Jorrit And Talking Pictures Dijkstra Humming CD
  Junk Genius Ghost of Electricity CD
  Karin Plato Downward Dancing CD
  Karin Plato There's Beauty in the Rain CD
  Karin Plato Blue Again CD
  Karin Plato The State of Bliss CD
  Kartet The Bay Window SACD
  Kris Truth Be Told CD
  Linton Trio Garner Quiet Nights CD
  Mark Eisenman Apparition CD
  Mark Eisenman Sweet and Lovely CD
  Mark Nodwell (co)incidents CD
  Marty And Goldberg, Ben Ehrlich Light at the Crossroads CD
  Michael Sextet Blake Amor de Cosmos SACD
  Mike And Braid, David Murley Mnemosyne's March CD
  Mike And Occhipinti,david Murley Duologue CD
  Mike Murley Extra Time CD
  Mike Murley Departure CD
  Mike Murley Conversation Piece CD
  Mike Quartet Featuring Harold Mabern Dirubbo New York Accent: Live at the Kitano CD
  Mike Rud Live From Lotusland CD
  Miles Black Trio Some Enchanted Evening CD
  Misha Quartet Mengelberg Four In One SACD
  Muhledy Muhledy CD
  Night Crawlers Presenting CD
  Oliver And Coon, Bill Gannon Two Much Guitar CD
  Oliver Quartet Gannon That's What CD
  Pat Quartet Collins In The Moment CD
  Patrick And Octurn Zimmereli The Book of Hours CD
  Patrick Ensemble Zimmereli Explosion CD
  Patrick Ensemble Zimmereli Expansion CD
  Patrick Zimmerli Phoenix SACD
  Paul And Sankaran, Trichy Plimley Ivory Ganesh Meets Dr Drums CD
  Paul Plimley Everything in Stages CD
  Pj / Ryga, Campbell Quintet Perry Joined at the Hip CD
  Poolplayers Way Below The Surface SACD
  Quatour Du Nord Quatuor du Nord CD
  Quinsin Nachoff Magic Numbers SACD
  Rabnett 5 Dan's Party CD
  Ralf Buschmeyer EST 1968 CD
  Richard Whiteman All Or Nothing At All CD
  Richard Whiteman Solo Piano CD
  Richard Whiteman Avenue Rhodes CD
  Rob Honor System Reddy Post CD
  Robin And Horvitz, Wayne Holcomb Solos SACD
  Ryan Blotnick Music Needs You CD
  Sean Noonan Brewed By Noon Stories To Tell SACD
  Sean Noonan's Brewed By Noon Boxing Dreams CD
  Sharon Quintet Minemoto Side A CD
  Sillan And Young Better Thing CD
  Sinistrio Sinistrio CD
  Sisters Euclid Featuring Kevin Breit Run Neil Run CD
  Sonny Greenwich Fragments of a Memory CD
  Southside Johnny Grapefruit Moon: The Songs of Tom Waits CD
  Steve Hunter Muskoka Solace CD
  Teresa And Riley, Doug Doyle Summerfly CD
  The Franco Proietti Morph-tet Morphology CD
  The October Trio Day In CD
  The October Trio + Brad Turner Looks Like It's Going To Snow CD
  The Uptown Quintet Live In New York CD
  Theo And Monder, Ben Bleckmann At Night SACD
  Theo And Monder, Ben Bleckmann No Boat CD
  Theo Bleckmann Origami CD
  Tilden Trio With Fathead Newman Webb Cellar Groove CD
  Time Warp The Time Warp Collection CDx2
  Time Warp There and Back CD
  Time Warp Warp IX CD
  Time Warp Plays the Music of Duke Ellington CD
  Tom And Don Vickery Double Take CD
  Tony Malaby Apparitions SACD
  Tony Malaby Cello Trio Warblepeck SACD
  Tyler Hornby Shadows of a Brighter Day CD
  Ugetsu Live at the Cellar CD
  Wayne Gravitas Quartet Horvitz Way Out East SACD
  Wayne Horvitz Sweeter Than the Day SACD
  Wayne Horvitz Forever CD
  Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet One Dance Alone SACD

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