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Glen Ahhaitty True Lies From The Road CD First Nations 
Gerardo Alfonso Ilustrado Caballero De Paris CD World: Latin 
Gene Autry The Complete Columbia Christmas Recordings CD Holiday 
Gene Autry Cowboy Hymns & Songs Of Inspiration CD Holiday 
Gary U.s. Bonds Back in 20 CD Rock 
Gene Bowen Vermilion Sea CD Electronic 
George Brooks Lasting Impressions CD Jazz 
Greg Brown The Live One CD Folk 
Greg Brown One More Goodnight Kiss CD Folk 
Greg Brown Further In CD Folk 
Greg Brown The Evening Call CD Folk 
Greg Brown In The Hills of California CDx2 Folk 
Greg Brown If I Had Known: Essential Recordings 1980 CD + DVD Folk 
Greg Brown Covenant CD Folk 
Greg Brown Down in There CD Folk 
Greg Brown One Night CD Folk 
Greg Brown Milk of the Moon CD Folk 
Greg Brown The Poet Game CD Folk 
Greg Brown Slant 6 Mind CD Folk 
Greg Brown Bathtub Blues CD Folk 
Greg Brown Songs of Innocence and of Experience CD Folk 
Greg Brown In the Dark with You CD Folk 
Greg Brown 44 and 66 CD Folk 
Greg Brown The Iowa Waltz CD Folk 
Greg Brown One Big Town CD Folk 
Greg Brown Dream Cafe CD Folk 
Guy Davis Butt Naked Free CD Blues 
Guy Davis Stomp Down Rider CD Blues 
Guy Davis You Don't Know My Mind CD Blues 
Guy Davis Give In Kind CD Blues 
Guy Davis Chocolate to the Bone CD Blues 
Guy Davis Legacy CD Blues 
Guy Davis Skunkmello CD Blues 
Guy Davis Call Down the Thunder CD Blues 
Girija Devi Vocal CD World 
Gord Disley Shots Fired CD Comedy 
Gamelan Madu Sari New Nectar CD World 
Gamma Permanament CD Hip-Hop 
Gentleman Reg Darby & Joan CD Pop/Rock 
Gestrin / Van Der Schyff / Monder The Distance SACD Jazz 
Ghost Cauldron Invent Modest Fires CD Electronic 
Ghostkeeper …And The Children Of The Great Northern Muskeg CD Rock 
Giant Sand ProVISIONS CD Rock 
Girl In A Coma Both Before I'm Gone CD Rock 
Girls Under Glass Zyklus CD Alternative  (Hamburg, Germany)
Gladiators Dreadlocks The Time Is Now CD Reggae 
Glamour Puss Wire and Wood CD Blues 
Glamour Puss Bluesman's Prayer CD Blues 
Glasseater Glasseater CD Punk 
Glue Gun Scene Is Not For Sale CD Punk 
Gluecifer Get The Horn CD Pop/Rock 
Gluecifer Tender Is The Savage CD Pop/Rock 
Godheadsilo Share The Fantasy CD Pop/Rock 
Godheadsilo Skyward In Triumph CD Pop/Rock 
Gong Expresso 2 CD Pop/Rock 
Gong Gazeuse! CD Pop/Rock 
Gong Live Etc. CD Pop/Rock 
Gong Radio Gnome Invisible Pt.2 CD Pop/Rock 
Gong Shamal CD Pop/Rock 
Gong You CD Pop/Rock 
Gong Wingful Of Eyes CD Pop/Rock 
Gonzalez / Fernandez / Alvarez Celina Gonzalez CD World: Latin 
Good 2 Go Dance or Die CD Alternative  (Ottawa, Canada)
Gourishankar Close Grip CD Rock 
Grandpa Boy Dead Man Shake CD Blues / R&B 
Gravenhurst Flashlight Seasons CD Electronic 
Gravenhurst Black Holes In The Sand CDEP Electronic 
Gravenhurst Fires In Distant Buildings CD Electronic 
Gordon / Peacock, Gary / Motian, Paul Grdina Think Like The Waves SACD Jazz 
Great Lake Swimmers Great Lake Swimmers CD Pop/Rock 
Great Lake Swimmers Bodies And Minds CD Pop/Rock 
Green Magnet School Blood Music CD Pop/Rock 
Green River Dry As A Bone CD Pop/Rock 
Greenfield Main Hunting Tips for Everyone CD Country  (Ottawa, Canada)
Greenfield Main Barnburners & Heartchurners CD Country  (Ottawa, Canada)
Grendel Prescription: Medicide CD Industrial 
Greyboy Several Shades Of Gray CD Electronic 
Greyboy 15 Years Of West Coast Cool CD Electronic 
Greyboy Soul Mosaic CD Electronic 
Grifters Full Blown Possession CD Pop/Rock 
Grupo De Experimentacion Sonor Del Icaic Grupo De Experimentatacion Sonor del ICAIC Vol. II CD World: Latin 
Grupo De Experimentacion Sonor Del Icaic Grupo De Experimentatacion Sonor del ICAIC Vol. II CD World: Latin 
Grupo De Experimentacion Sonor Del Icaic Grupo De Experimentatacion Sonor del ICAIC Vol. I CD World: Latin 
Grupo De Experimentacion Sonor Del Icaic Grupo De Experimentatacion Sonor del ICAIC Vol. IV CD World: Latin 
Grupo Moncada Lo Bailaste Manana CD World: Latin 
Grupo Moncada El Mundo Al Reves CD World: Latin 
Grupo Raison Record De Un Ano CD World: Latin 
Grupo Sierra Maestra Viaje A La Semilla CD World: Latin 
Gu-achi Fiddlers Old Time O'odham Fiddle Music CD First Nations 
Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir Tibetan Chants For World Peace CD World: Tibet 
Gabriel Mark [aka Gabriel] Hasselbach Cool Down CDx2 Jazz 
Greg Hawks & The Tremblers Fool's Paradise CD Country 
Gemma Hayes Hollow Of Morning CD Rock 
Greg Hobbs Confused & Bleeding CD Rock - Acoustic  (Toronto, Canada)
Greg Hobbs Drake Motel CD Rock - Acoustic  (Toronto, Canada)
Gregory Isaacs Mr. Love CD Reggae 
Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward CD Reggae 
Gregory Isaacs Once Ago CD Reggae 
Gregory Issacs Cool Ruler CD Reggae 
Geoffrey Keezer Falling Up CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
Gladys Knight & The Pips Greatest Hits 1973 CD R&B 
Gordon Mcgilvery All in the Family CD First Nations 
Gordon Mooney O'er The Border CD Celtic 
Graham Parker Your Country CD Pop/Rock 
Gilles / Various Artists Peterson Searching for Soul: Rare and Classic Soul, Funk an CD Funk 
Gerald Sr Primeaux Voice of a Dakota CD First Nations 
Gary Primich Ridin' The Darkhorse CD Blues 
Garnet Rogers All That Is CD Folk 
Gebhard Ullmann Ta lam CD Jazz 
Geraint Watkins Dial W For Watkins CD Pop/Rock 
Gary Wilson You Think You Really Know Me CD Pop/Rock 

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