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Alternative The Acorn (Ottawa, Canada) 
  The Analog Girl (Singapore, Singapore) 
  The Constantines (Guelph, Canada) 
  The Deefons (Kirkland Lake, Canada) 
  Warren Jackson Hearne (Denton, United States) 
  [sistra] (Khabarovsk, Russian Federation) 
  1000 Dead Rock Stars (LONDON, Canada) 
  4th Order (Stillwater, United States) 
  Abandoned Brain (Mobile, United States) 
  Acousticah (Sudbury, Canada) 
  AGENDA The Rock Band (Montreal, Canada) 
  A-Jo (Edmonton, Canada) 
  An Albatross 
  Animals of Evolution (Casa Grande, United States) 
  Archer Micro Space Patrol (Aylmer, Canada) 
  At Risk Teen (LOS ANGELES, United States) 
  Atlantic (Atlanta, United States) 
  Attila Kovacs (Holstebro, Denmark) 
  avandguard (seattle, United States) 
  Azwel (dix hills, United States) 
  bend (Seattle, United States) 
  Bernard Taylor (Belledune, Canada) 
  Bethany Yarrow (Brooklyn, United States) 
  BROOMFILLER (Toronto, Canada) 
  Bullmoose (Montreal, Canada) 
  Catoan (Belfast, United Kingdom) 
  Cha Cha Cohen (Sydney, Australia) 
  Chris Page (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Chrome Hearts (Waterloo-Stratford-Alliston, Canada) 
  Cinema Reject (Minneapolis, United States) 
  Coal (Vancouver, Canada) 
  Crap (Greensboro, United States) 
  DaCapo (Hobart, Australia) 
  Darkmiracle (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) 
  Death by Visitation of God (London, United Kingdom) 
  Death Cab For Cutie 
  Defender (Sandy, United States) 
  Ditch (Toronto, Canada) 
  Dopamine (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Dr. Squish (Ottawa, Canada) 
  droom (Vancouver, Canada) 
  dropping poppies (Windsor, Canada) 
  Duotang (Winnipeg, Canada) 
  earrl (Toronto, Canada) 
  Ebony Run (Toronto, Canada) 
  Emperor Guillotine (venice, United States) 
  factor eight (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Follow the Leader (Plano, United States) 
  FRANTIC (Montreal, Canada) 
  Freudhammer (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Furnaceface (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Giant Squid March On Washington (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Girls Under Glass (Hamburg, Germany) 
  Good 2 Go (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Heifervescent (Southport, United Kingdom) 
  Hemingway (Nashville, United States) 
  Highroad No. 28 (Sydney, Australia) 
  HotSocky (New York, United States) 
  House Of Freaks (Richmond, United States) 
  Howe Gelb (Tucson, United States) 
  Ink(greece) (alexandroupolis, Greece) 
  Jane Siberry (Toronto, Canada) 
  Jason Sweet (Ft Lauderdale, United States) 
  Jeremy Gloff (Tampa, United States) 
  Joe Mama (Orangeville, Canada) 
  joe-f (glasgow, United Kingdom) 
  John Allaire (Ottawa, Canada) 
  John Trower (St Louis, United States) 
  Jonzer Jackson (Tempe, United States) 
  Julia´s Window (Seinäjoki, Finland) 
  Kchari (Atlanta, United States) 
  King Kung (Ottawa, Canada) 
  L.stadt (lodz, Poland) 
  Laguna (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Last Flight out (Auckland, New Zealand) 
  Liquid Element (Bemidji, United States) 
  Loman (Raleigh, United States) 
  LongRoad (Rutherford, United States) 
  Lucky Town (Virginia Beach, United States) 
  Lucy Lunchmouth (Seattle, United States) 
  Magoo (London, United Kingdom) 
  Mark Hewer (Windsor, Canada) 
  Maximillian (Vancouver, Canada) 
  Merlin (Aylmer, Canada) 
  Michael Mangia (Los Angeles, United States) 
  Minefield (Toronto, Canada) 
  Missed Chance (Sylvania, United States) 
  MONDAY (Hamilton, Canada) 
  Mumbleweed (Ottawa, Canada) 
  NAM:LIVE! (Montreal, Canada) 
  Nectar (Ottawa, Canada) 
  nineteenseventyeight (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Odiorne (Buffalo, United States) 
  pacific (Manchester, United Kingdom) 
  Paperjack (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Psyris (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Punchbuggy (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Recoilers (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Royal City (Toronto, Canada) 
  Sandmouth (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Sarah Fimm (New York City, United States) 
  ShRooM JaW (Wingham, Canada) 
  SnailhuntR (fayetteville, United States) 
  Sony Toaster Oven (Brookfield, WI, United States) 
  space avocado (highland park, United States) 
  Stalemate (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Steve Durand (Cantley, Canada) 
  Steve Westfield (northampton, United States) 
  Steve Wildesmith (Ottawa, Canada) 
  STIFFFF KITTIES (Orlando, United States) 
  Stop? (Modena, Italy) 
  Suckle (London, United Kingdom) 
  Tara Rice (Fergus, Canada) 
  The Adopted (Ottawa, Canada) 
  The Amazing Catfish (Moncton, Canada) 
  THE BASSTERDS (Mississauga, Canada) 
  The Dominators (Los Angeles, United States) 
  The Front Porch Perverts (Brisbane, Australia) 
  The Grackles (Ottawa, Canada) 
  The Mistake (Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Canary Islands, Spain) 
  The Monkey Mind (Asheville, United States) 
  The Mother Parkas (Ottawa, Canada) 
  The Mwm (Chicago, United States) 
  The Postal Service (Seattle, United States) 
  The Royal We (Minneapolis, United States) 
  The Southern Electrics (London, United Kingdom) 
  The Sweater Girls (St. Catharines, Canada) 
  the sycamores (Halifax, Canada) 
  The Tiny (Stockholm, Sweden) 
  The Woken (Ottawa, Canada) 
  The Zen Genies (SYDNEY, Australia) 
  things fall apart (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Thingtak (Reykjavík, Iceland) 
  Thulcandra Project (Boone, United Kingdom) 
  treebeard (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Two Stars for Stella (Mitchell, United States) 
  Two-star Hotel 
  valvedrifter (Norman, United States) 
  Various Artists - "Ottawa City Speedway" (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Various Artists - "Plug" (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Various Artists - Never Been To Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Vasoline Dogs (Ottawa, Canada) 
  WAAWE (Tabor, Czech Republic) 
  Werbo (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Wilco (Chicago, United States) 
  Wounded by Honesty (Valencia, United States) 
  Xcarnation (Vacaville, United States) 
  Zak Peters (Toronto, Canada) 

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