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Punk Blink 182 (San Diego, United States) 
Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement Bullfrog (Montreal, Canada) 
Celtic Jimmy George (Ottawa, Canada) 
Metal Hot Piss (Peterborough, Canada) 
Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement Kid Koala (Montreal, Canada) 
Alternative Furnaceface (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Punchbuggy (Ottawa, Canada) 
Electronic Amon Tobin (Brighton, United Kingdom) 
Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement Blu Rum 13 (Washington, United States) 
Hip-Hop DJ Danger Mouse (London, United Kingdom) 
Punk / Hardcore Okara (Ottawa, Canada) 
Rock The Chocolate Bunnies from Hell (Winnipeg, Canada) 
Pop/Rock Daisy Ella Mojo Crew (Ottawa, Canada) 
Folk Jim Bryson (Ottawa, Canada) 
Pop/Rock Janice Hall (Ottawa, Canada) 
Alternative 1000 Dead Rock Stars (LONDON, Canada) 
  Mumbleweed (Ottawa, Canada) 
Pop/Rock Alun Piggins (Toronto, Canada) 
Alternative Various Artists - Never Been To Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada) 
Punk / Hardcore Three Penny Opera (Ottawa, Canada) 
Alternative King Kung (Ottawa, Canada) 
Country Greenfield Main (Ottawa, Canada) 
Pop/Rock Steven Dall (Toronto, Canada) 
Alternative Werbo (Ottawa, Canada) 
Folk Christine Graves (Ottawa, Canada) 
Pop/Rock Danny Michel (Ottawa, Canada) 
Country Slo' Tom (Ottawa, Canada) 
Alternative The Sweater Girls (St. Catharines, Canada) 
  treebeard (Ottawa, Canada) 
Rock Arctic Monkeys 
Folk Veronica Charnley (Ottawa, Canada) 
Rock - Roots/Country Fiftymen (Ottawa, Canada) 
Pop/Rock Bob Ketchum (Mountain Home, United States) 
Industrial TOPSYTURVY (Ottawa/Montreal, Canada) 
Alternative The Adopted (Ottawa, Canada) 
Pop/Rock Circle of Willis (Chickamauga, United States) 
  The New Pornographers (Vancouver, Canada) 
Industrial MDM (Martyr Diabolos Martyr) (St. Catharines, Canada) 
Rock - Roots/Country Black Boot Trio (Ottawa, Canada) 
Ambient Alabaster Jar (Ottawa, Canada) 
Alternative Various Artists - "Ottawa City Speedway" (Ottawa, Canada) 
  Jane Siberry (Toronto, Canada) 
Punk / Hardcore The Transit (Ottawa/Almonte, Canada) 
Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement Andrew Vincent (Ottawa, Canada) 
Pop/Rock Hennessey (Ottawa, Canada) 
Rock - Roots/Country Clayton Denwood (Toronto, Canada) 
Alternative Laguna (Ottawa, Canada) 
Rock - Acoustic Ben Cooper (Ottawa, Canada) 
Punk / Hardcore Various Artists - Vans Warped Tour 2003 (Various, United States) 
Alternative Merlin (Aylmer, Canada) 

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