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 • Great Prophets Listen to this song
Your thought might be wild like a beast But there's still not much to invest 'cause great prophets must come from the East to make their great profits and turn upside-down the West!
 • Garlic Listen to this song
Getting wired, Getting fired, Getting old and tired, Crawling where Is the cemetery Just to get retired! I know anything I am don't mean a thing! I know anything I know don't mean a thing! I know anything I think don't mean a thing!
 • Shame Listen to this song
No one in the world should be Ashamed for me Neither communists and fascists, Nor capitalists and Russians, Nor any one around the Globe. I'm not sure about the Pope. If they're not ashamed - should be For themselves and not for me!
 • Ladies Listen to this song
The best time I have ever spent I spent among the ladies
 • What about it? Listen to this song
If some body met somebody when the night was high, and somebody let somebody tell a known lie, if somebody kissed somebody and somebody did, if somebody is just a body...What about it?
 • Does it really matter? Listen to this song
I only sing and nothing more. My songs for sure are not better Those famous songs I've heard before. But does it really matter?
 • Chernobyl Days (2005) Listen to this song
A personal view of the days during Chernobyl explosion in Kyiv
 • Dream Provocation #7 (2005) Listen to this song
Ukrainian language rap sarcastically commenting on the present political situation in Ukraine
 • Chernobyl Days (single) Listen to this song
his song is neither a social condemnation nor an emotional requiem. Even though, it does feature a mournful part in the end. It is just a personal diary of what was happening in Kiev, the City, in the spring and summer of 1986.
 • Leningrad Listen to this song
Lyrics by Osip Mandelstam, the classic Russian/Soviet poet of the Silver Age

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