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Andre Chrys Vancouver, Canada
Andrew & the Pirates Vincent Ottawa, Canada
The Pass Line Los Angeles, United States
Tom Paul McMurray, United States
AGENDA The Rock Band Montreal, Canada
Anti Name Rockland, Canada
BedNoise Porto, Portugal
Bellmont Ottawa, Canada
bend Seattle, United States
Bent-Til-Broken Urbana, United States
Big Dixon Spartanburg, United States
Bill Brett Seattle, United States
Broken Romeo Tucson, United States
Burst Toronto, Canada
Cary Grace England, United Kingdom
Circle of Willis Chickamauga, United States
Cocaine Diamond Ring Austin, United States
Culpepper Tarpon Springs, United States
Daemoon Tarrytown, United States
Danny Michel Ottawa, Canada
Darwin’s Engine Red Deer, Canada
Dega Chennai, India
Deniro Melbourne, Australia
Dislife Uppsala, Sweden
Divinity Burst Ottawa, Canada
DSK Vancouver, Canada
Eliza Neals Ferndale, United States
Engulf Houston, United States
EuroCloud9 Chicago, United States
Everender Ottawa, Canada
Everybody Used To Call Me Joe Linkoping, Sweden
Fallen Poolesville, United States
Fastest Turbo Fire Engine Minneapolis, United States
Flashing Lights Toronto, Canada
Freddie Young Bronx, United States
Fuji Heavy Brighton, United Kingdom
GordonGartrell Ottawa, Canada
Hard 2 Please Norcross, United States
Harrison Ottawa, Canada
HotSocky New York, United States
Ignition Ottawa, Canada
Jack Driver Kansas city, United States
Jay Hansen Project NY, United States
Jim Bryson Ottawa, Canada
John Wicks and the Records Los Angeles, United States
Jon Robert Quinn Sacramento, United States
Junior Varsity Flea Circus Buffalo, United States
Keith Trimm Fairbury , United States
Ken Pinkstaff Apple Valley, United States
Liquid Motor Commission Detroit, United States
Misguided Acrobat Calgary, Canada
Mumbleweed Ottawa, Canada
Mysteriam Chicago, United States
Naomi Carmack Edmonton, Canada
New York Grudge Grand Rapids, United States
Notlimah Jessup, United States
Paradise Montreal, Canada
ratzass-2 Detriot, United States
Record Hop Denton, United States
Rèdrock Montreal, Canada
Scott Mclean Pittsburgh, United States
Scratch Ottawa, Canada
ShRooM JaW Wingham, Canada
Siffvilnius Corpus Collosus, Iceland
Simon Vallee Toronto/New York, United States
Sober Otis Johnson City, United States
Sons Of Freedom Vancouver, Canada
Soul Harvest Ottawa, Canada
Steven Maxwell mesa, United States
Stop? Modena, Italy
Subtle Kaos Amarillo, United States
The Adopted Ottawa, Canada
The Beerleaders San Antonio, United States
The Chocolate Bunnies from Hell Winnipeg, Canada
The Cripple Creek Fairies Mullet, Canada
The Grate Profets Nepean, Canada
The Mistake Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Canary Islands, Spain
The Mudpouts Ottawa, Canada
The Prayer Cologne, Germany
The Rhythmic Revolution South River, United States
The Weekend Toronto, Canada
Thirteen Ottawa, Canada
thisDAYnow manasquan, United States
Toque Ottawa, Canada
Tourist Vancouver, Canada
Upbringing Vernon, Canada
Velvet College Park, United States
WEBSLiNGER Los Angeles, United States
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