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 • BIG WHITE LIMOUSINE Listen to this song
BIG WHITE LIMOUSINE: a guitar rock instrumental with a driving beat and the feel of the open road.
 • COSMIC CARAVAN Listen to this song
COSMIC CARAVAN: a guitar rock instrumental inspired by a group of travelers passing through the cosmos creating a temporal disturbance in the time space continuum.
 • UFO Listen to this song
UFO: a guitar rock instrumental that is derived from a mysterious spacecraft visiting this planet.
 • IN THE GLOW OF THE MOON Listen to this song
IN THE GLOW OF THE MOON: a vocal rock song about a mystical experience on a moonlit night proceeded by an intense guitar jam at the end of the song.
 • I NEED YOUR LOVE Listen to this song
I NEED YOUR LOVE: a pop/rock song with great vocals, a driving beat, and a keyboard introduction that sounds like an old classic movie.
 • ONE SWEET DREAM Listen to this song
ONE SWEET DREAM: a guitar rock instrumental inspired by a childhood fantasy.
 • PONTYISH Listen to this song
PONTYISH: a guitar rock instrumental with a touch of jazz fusion and blues influence.
 • LITTLE GIRL Listen to this song
LITTLE GIRL: a vocal rock song with a psychedelic influence that has a very interesting musical climax at the end of the song.

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