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Eric Bibb An Evening with Eric Bibb CD Blues 
Eric Bibb Home to Me CD Blues 
Eric Bibb Painting Signs CD Blues 
Elena Burke En Persona CD World: Latin 
Enrico Crivellaro Key To My Kingdom CD Blues 
Earth Earth 2 CD Pop/Rock 
Earth Pentastar CD Pop/Rock 
Eccodek More Africa In Us CD Worldbeat 
Eccodek Voices Have Eyes CD Worldbeat 
Eccodek Shivaboom CD Worldbeat 
Edge Of Dawn Anything That Gets You Through The Night CD Electronic 
Edge Of Dawn Borderline Black Heart CDEP Electronic 
Eisbregher Eiszeit CD Industrial 
Electric Six Flashy CD Rock 
Electrocute I Love My Daddy CDEP Pop/Rock 
Elevator A Taste Of Complete Perspective CD Pop/Rock 
Elk Soldier The Elk Way CD First Nations 
Elk Soldier A Soldier's Dream CD First Nations 
El-p With The Blue Series Continuum High Water CD Hip-Hop 
El-p Collecting The Kid (Ltd. Edition) CD Hip-Hop 
endgame here is where tomorrow starts CD Punk / Hardcore  (Ottawa, Canada)
Entrance (Guy Blakeslee) Wandering Stranger CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement  (Baltimore , United States)
Epstein / Shepik / Kilmer Lingua Franca SACD Jazz 
Eric's Trip The Eric's Trip Show CD Pop/Rock 
Eric's Trip Purple Blue CD Pop/Rock 
Eric's Trip Forever Again CD Pop/Rock 
Ellery Eskelin Jazz Trash CD Jazz 
Eternia It's Called Life CD Hip-Hop 
Everender Ten Minute Monster CD Pop/Rock  (Ottawa, Canada)
Evil Stig [feat. Joan Jett] Evil Stig CD Rock 
Excessive Force Conquer Your World CD Rock 
Excessive Force Gentle Death CD Rock 
Exponential Collapsing Culture CD Electronic  (San Antonio, United States)
Extra Virgin Nude Combinations CD Pop/Rock 
Edgar (tangerine Dream] Froese Stuntman CD Electronic 
Edgar (tangerine Dream] Froese Aqua CD Electronic 
Eliza Gilkyson Paradise Hotel CD Folk 
Eliza Gilkyson Land of Milk and Honey CD Folk 
Eliza Gilkyson Lost and Found CD Folk 
Eliza Gilkyson Hard Times in Babylon CD Folk 
Eliza Gilkyson Your Town Tonight CD Folk 
Eralio Gill The Art of the Paraguayan Harp CD World 
Enrique Orquesta Jorrim Todo Chachacha CD World: Latin 
Eg Kight It's Hot In Here CD Blues 
Ernesto Lecuona Lecuona Toca Lecuona # 2 CD World: Latin 
Ernesto Lecuona Lecuona Toca Lecuona CD World: Latin 
Eilidh Mackenzie The Raiment of the Tale CD Celtic 
Eric Matthews The Lateness Of The Hour CD Pop/Rock 
Eric Matthews Its Heavy In Here CD Pop/Rock 
Eddie Maxx Land Of The Red Sun CD Pop/Rock 
Eaton, Clipman, And Nawang Nakai In a Distant Place CD First Nations 
Ed Lee Natay Natay CD First Nations 
El Nene Cuiado con el perro CD World: Latin 
E. Y El Cuarteto Patria Ochoa Son De Oriente CD World: Latin 
E. Y El Cuarteto Patria Ochoa Chanchaneando ( Segundo Compay CD World: Latin 
Eliades Ochoa Y El Curteto Patria CD World: Latin 
E. Orquesta Aragon Con Burke Concierto En El Lincoln Center CD World: Latin 
Erlend Oye DJ CD Electronic 
Elio Y Su Charangon Reve Papa Elegua CD World: Latin 
Elio Y Su Charangon Reve Tributo Al Maestro CD World: Latin 
Edward Soundtrack - Original - Shearmur Passengers CD Soundtracks 
Eddie Turner Rise CD Blues 
Eddie Turner The Turner Diaries CD Blues 
Elmo Williams Takes One To Know One CD Blues / R&B 
Earl Zinger Speaker Stack Commendments CD Dance 
Earl Zinger Put Your Phazers On Stun Throw Your Health Food Sk CD Dance 

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