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Francisco Aguabella Ochimini CD Latin Jazz 
Franco C. Di Marco Sensual Relaxation CD New Age 
Fats Domino The Best Of…1963 CD Pop/Rock 
Fats Domino Sweet Patootie CD Pop/Rock 
Fred Eaglesmith Dusty CD Folk 
Frank (flynn) Emilio Interpreta A Ignacio Cervantes CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
Freyda Epstein Midnight at Cabell Hall CD Folk 
Faith And The Muse Vera Causa CD Industrial 
Falconhawk Here's Your Ghost CD Rock 
Falconhawk Hotmouth CD Rock 
Famous Jane Yellow CD Pop/Rock 
Fancey Fancey CD Pop/Rock 
Fantastic Plastic Machine M CDEP Electronic 
Farm Accident Vane CD Country 
Fastbacks New Mansions In Sound CD Pop/Rock 
Fastbacks Answer The Phone Dummy CD Pop/Rock 
Fathead Building Full of Blues CD Blues 
Fathead First Class Riff CD Blues 
Fathead Where's Your Head At? CD Blues 
Fathead Blues Weather CD Blues 
Faust Faust IV CD Pop/Rock 
Fehlfarben Knietief Im Dispo CD Pop/Rock 
Feiner & Anywhen The Opiates CD Rock 
Felix Da Housecat Kittenz And Thee Glitz CD Electronic 
Fembots Calling Out CD Rock 
Frank Fernandez Tierra Brava CD World: Latin 
Fiamma Fumana Home CD World: Italy 
Fiddlers Five Fiddlers Five CD Celtic 
Figgy Duff Retrospective CD Folk 
Finesse And Runway Finesse and Runway CD Electronic 
Finest Kind And John D. Huston Feasts and Spirits CD Holiday 
Finest Kind Silks and Spices CD Folk 
Fingathing AND THE BIG RED NEBULA BAND CDx2 Electronic 
Fink Fresh Produce CD Electronic 
Fires Were Shot Solace CD Pop/Rock 
Fist Reign Of Terror CD Pop/Rock 
Fist Round One CD Pop/Rock 
Fist Loud Loud Loud CD Pop/Rock 
Five Deez Slow Children Playing CD Hip-Hop 
Five Deez Kinkynasti CD Hip-Hop 
Five Style 5ive Style CD Pop/Rock 
Fixmer / Mccarthy Between The Devil CD Industrial 
Flanger Outerspace CD Electronic 
Flanger Templates CD Electronic 
Flanger Midnight Sound CD Electronic 
Flashing Lights Where the Change Is CD Pop/Rock  (Toronto, Canada)
Flesh Field Strain CD Industrial 
Flevans Make New Friends CD Jazz/Blues/R&B  (Brighton, United Kingdom)
Flotilla Disaster Poetry CD Pop/Rock  (Montreal, Canada)
Fog Fog CD Pop/Rock 
Fog HUMMER CD Pop/Rock 
Fog Pneumonia CDS Pop/Rock 
Four Tet Pause CD Electronic 
Four Tet Everything Ecstatic CD Electronic 
Freddie Foxxx Konexion CD Hip-Hop 
Franklin building in A and E CD Punk / Hardcore  (Philadelphia, United States)
Franklin building in A and E Vinyl 12 Punk / Hardcore  (Philadelphia, United States)
Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand CD Pop/Rock 
Fraser Macpherson Trio Live at Puccini's 1977 CD Jazz 
Frausdots Neal and Jack and Me (Live 1982 DVD Electronic 
Frausdots Couture, Couture, Couture CD Electronic 
Friends Of Dean Martinez The Shadow Of Your Smile CD Pop/Rock 
Friends Of Dean Martinez Retrograde CD Pop/Rock 
Frigg Economy Class CD World: Nordic 
Frigg Frigg CD World: Nordic 
Fripp & Eno No Pussyfooting CDx2 Ambient 
Fripp & Eno Evening Star CD Ambient 
Front 242 Headhunter 2000 CD Industrial 
Front 242 Catch the Men DVD Industrial 
Front 242 Re:Boot CD Industrial 
Front Line Assembly Re-Wind CDx2 Industrial 
Front Line Assembly Vanished CDEP Industrial 
Front Line Assembly Flavour of the Weak CD Industrial 
Front Line Assembly Live Wired CD Industrial 
Front Line Assembly Everything Must Perish CDEP Industrial 
Front Line Assembly Maniacal CDS Industrial 
Front Line Assembly Hard Wired CD Industrial 
Front Line Assembly Improvised.Electroinic.Device CD Industrial 
Front Line Assembly Shifting Through The Lens CDEP Industrial 
Front Line Assembly Civilization CD Industrial 
Fruit Bats Mouthfuls CD Pop/Rock 
Funker Vogt Killing Time Again CDx2 Industrial 
Funker Vogt T CDx2 Industrial 
Funki Porcini Hed Phone Sex CD Electronic 
Funki Porcini LOVE, PUSSYCATS & CARWRECKS CD Electronic 
Funki Porcini FAST ASLEEP CD+DVD Electronic 
Funki Porcini ROCKIT SOUL CD Electronic 
Funkstörung / Various Artists MAS: Confusion CD Electronic 
Funkstörung Vice Versa CD Electronic  (Berlin, Germany)
Funkstörung Disconnected CD Electronic  (Berlin, Germany)
Funkstörung Appetite For Disctruction CD Electronic  (Berlin, Germany)
Funkstörung Isolated. Funkstörung Triple Media BOOK + DVD Electronic  (Berlin, Germany)
Funkstörung Isolated. Funkstörung Triple Media BOOK + DVD Electronic  (Berlin, Germany)
Future Pilot Aka Tiny Waves CD Pop/Rock 
Featuring Bahamadia Herbaliser MISSING SUITCASE B/W WHEN I SHINE CD Hip-Hop 
Francois 5 Houle In the Vernacular CD Jazz 
Fruteland Jackson Blues 2.0 CD Blues 
Fruteland Jackson Tell Me What You Say CD Blues 
Fruteland Jackson I Claim Nothing But The Blues CD Blues 
Furry Lewis Good Morning Judge CD Blues / R&B 
Flora Macneil Songs of Flora MacNeil (Orain Floraidh) CD Celtic 
Flora Macneil Craobh Nan Ubhal CD Celtic 
Fred Mcdowell Mama Says I'm Crazy CD Blues / R&B 
Faustino Oramas El Guayabero CD World: Latin 
Ford Pier Pier CD Pop/Rock 
Fred Jazz Orchestra Stride Forward Motion CD Jazz 
Finis Tasby What My Blues Are All About CD Blues 
Fembots, Ox, Two-minute Miracles, United Steelwork (weewerk) is 6!" CD Rock 

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