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Kiran Ahluwalia Beyond Boundaries CD World 
Kiran Ahluwalia Kashish Attraction CD World 
Katie B. Christmas Day CD Single Pop/Rock  (Ottawa, Canada)
Kenny Brown Stingray CD Blues / R&B 
Karan And Friends Casey Seal Maiden CD Children's 
Kevin Connelly Son Of The Sun CD Pop/Rock 
Kiki Corona Corona Canta A Corona CD World: Latin 
Kat Danser Somethin' Familiar CD Blues 
Keb / Various Artists Darge And Dr. Bob Jones Soul Spectrum CD Funk 
Keb / Various Artists Darge Legendary Deep Funk Vol III CD Funk 
Keb / Various Artists Darge Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk CD Funk 
Keb / Various Artists Darge Jazz Spectrum: Real Jazz For Real People CD Funk 
Keb / Various Artists Darge Legendary Deep Funk II CD Funk 
Kieran (four Tet) & Steve Reid Hebden NYC CD Electronic 
Kieran (four Tet) & Steve Reid Hebden NYC CD Electronic 
Kevin House Gutter Pastoral CD Pop/Rock 
Keziah Jones Blufunk Is A Fact CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
Kaos Hello Stranger CD Electronic 
Karcius Episodes CD Rock 
Kartet The Bay Window SACD Jazz 
Kary Light CD Pop/Rock 
Katie Leigh You Say. DVD Rock - Acoustic  (Ottawa, Canada)
Keepsake Black Dress In A B Movie CD Punk 
Karo Keith Karo Keith CDEP Rock 
Kellarissa [larissa Loyva From P:ano & The Choir P Flamingo CD Rock 
Kemistry & Storm DJ CD Electronic 
Kepler This Heart Is Painted On CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement  (Ottawa, Canada)
Kicking Woman Singers Pikuni Style CD First Nations 
Kicking Woman Singers Our Way of Life CD First Nations 
Kid Koala Carpal Tunnel Syndrome CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement  (Montreal, Canada)
Kid Koala Some Of My Best Friends Are DJ's CD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement  (Montreal, Canada)
Kid Koala Deeper Shade of Green (Kid Koala, Mark Robertson) CD EP Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement  (Montreal, Canada)
Kid Koala Live from Short Attention Span Audio Theater CD + DVD Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement  (Montreal, Canada)
Kid Loco DJ CD Electronic 
Killing Joke Outside The Gate CD Pop/Rock 
Killing Joke Wilful Days CD Pop/Rock 
Killing Joke Brighter Than A Thousand Suns CD Pop/Rock 
Killing Joke Laugh? I Nearly Bought One! CD Pop/Rock 
Killing Joke Fire Dances CD Pop/Rock 
Killing Joke Night Time CD Pop/Rock 
Killing Joke Revelations CD Pop/Rock 
Killing Joke What's This For...! CD Pop/Rock 
Killing Joke Killing Joke CD Pop/Rock 
King Britt Adventures In Lo CD Dance 
King Cobb Steelie Destroy All Codes CD Pop/Rock 
King Creosote Kenny And Beth's Musakal Boat Rides CD Pop/Rock 
King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson King [Original Master CD Pop/Rock 
King Crimson Three Of A Perfrect Pair CD Pop/Rock 
King Crimson Neal and Jack and Me (Live 1982 DVD Pop/Rock 
King Crimson Islands [30th Anniversary Edition] CD Pop/Rock 
King Crimson 21st Century Guide To King Crimson (Vol. Two 1981- CDx4 Pop/Rock 
King Crimson Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With CD Pop/Rock 
King Crimson The Power To Believe CD Pop/Rock 
King Crimson Lizard CD Pop/Rock 
King Gheedorah (mf Doom) Take Me To Your Leader CD Hip-Hop 
King Kung Smashin´ Glass/Breakin´ Hearts CD Alternative  (Ottawa, Canada)
Kinski / Acid Mothers Temple Kinski / Acid Mothers Temple [Collaborative EP] CDEP Punk 
Kinski Airs Above Your Station CD Pop/Rock 
Kevin Kling Collected Stories 1986 4CD + DVD Comedy 
Kevin Kling A Fool's Paradise CD Comedy 
Kmfdm Symbols CD Rock 
Kmfdm Adios CD Rock 
Kmfdm Nihil CD Rock 
Kmfdm EXTRA Volume 1 CDx2 Rock 
Kmfdm Extra CDx2 Rock 
Kmfdm Xtort CD Rock 
Knockout Searching For Solid Ground CD Punk 
Kodiak La Mécanique CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
Kodiak Pour Y Voir Clair CD Francophone: Hip Hop 
Korea Korea CD Pop/Rock 
Krewcial 25/8 CD Jazz/Blues/R&B 
Kris Truth Be Told CD Jazz 
Kruder & Dorfmeister DJ CD Electronic 
Kevin Locke Dream Catcher CD First Nations 
Kevin Locke Keepers of the Dream CD First Nations 
Kate Mackenzie Age of Innocence CD Country 
Kate Mackenzie Let Them Talk CD Country 
Kevin Mockingbird Sacred Fire CD First Nations 
Krista Muir Accidental Railway CD Rock 
Karin Plato The State of Bliss CD Jazz 
Karin Plato Downward Dancing CD Jazz 
Karin Plato There's Beauty in the Rain CD Jazz 
Karin Plato Blue Again CD Jazz 
Kelley Polar Love Songs Of The Hanging Gardens CD Electronic 
Kimberly Rew Essex Hideaway CD Pop/Rock 
Kevin Saunderson X CD Electronic 
Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Live Vol. 2 CD Pop/Rock 
Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Essential 1972 CD Pop/Rock 
Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Timewind CD Pop/Rock 
Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Dresden Performance CD Pop/Rock 
Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Live Vol. 1 CD Pop/Rock 
Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Dome Event CD Pop/Rock 
Klaus [tangerine Dream] Schulze Beyond Recall CD Pop/Rock 
Kate St. John Indescribable Night CD Pop/Rock 
Kelley Stoltz Sun Comes Through, The CDEP Rock  (Los Angeles, United States)
Ken Stringfellow Soft Command CD Pop/Rock 
Kurt Swinghammer Vostok 6 CD Rock 
Kenny "blues Boss" Wayne Can't Stop Now CD Blues 
Kenny Wayne Let It Loose CD Blues 
Kenny Wayne 88th and Jump Street CD Blues 
Katharine Whalen Dirty Little Secret CD Rock 
Kim Wilson Smokin' Joint CD Blues 
Kim Wilson Lookin' for Trouble CD Blues 
Kerri Woelke Where We Were CD Country 

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